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  1. repaymens on this loan have been figured out using rule of 78, seeing as i am repaying the loan early should i get a rebate for some of the interest i have already paid?
  2. can anyone tell me if this loan is covered by the consumer credit early settelment act 2004 as i am considering clearing the outstanding balance, however after requesting the settelment figure that barclays quoted me over the phone to be sent to me by letter they said they cannot do this as their interest rates change daily?
  3. Anyone heard of Philips as the matter regarding the still unproved debt between myself and Npower has now been passed onto them. Ive recieved a letter from this company today and they are threatning to send someone to my premises to "execute further recovery procedures" unless i pay the money within 7 days.
  4. Hello!!!! Thank you for showing interest. What im after is a refund for the second part of the course, the part covered by the CDL, WHICH I NEVER STARTED. After reading through all my enrolment details I have noted that my actual end of study date was supposed to be JUNE 2008, when I complained about the mix up of dates computeach offered an extension to complete the whole course to DECEMBER 2008. THEY wrote to me in their reply of May 2007 saying "it was importent i progress with my studies........" The course was designed to be based on study time required by the student. The Fir
  5. Thanks for your help people, much appreciated
  6. Hi. Ive recieved a letter this morning from Scotcall Debt Collecting Services this morning which says that bcw have passed on the debt to them and failure to pay within 7 days will result in a doorstep call. Are these people Baillifs?
  7. I enrolled on a home based study course with computeach back in May 2005, for which the total cost was £4700. The course was split into 2 parts. £940 of this which I paid myself covered the first part and the remaining £3760 to cover the second part was covered by a career development loan through barclays. The course was for 2 years due to finish 05/07. I was progessing well through the course when I recieved a letter in January 2007 which said my normal study time had expired and in order to continue I had to make an initial payment of £90 followed by £90 every 3 months until my course
  8. I will write a letter to see whats of the full statement of account. Can I write a letter to Npower asking them to send me a tenner so I can resend all documentation regarding my residence at the property in question?
  9. What is the best way to make complaints to the authorities mentioned, by writing or in person? What info will be in a full statement of account? How will this help me? Thanks
  10. Mr.Ton. The reason why I am replying to the letters I am recieving from BCW is that I am aware I owe Npower from 12-08 up until 26-09. I was waiting for a final bill to arrive at my new residence but never arrived. There fault, estate agents fault, whose fault I dont know. although I owe them money it is no where near the amount I am being pursued for. i figured it out to be around £50, based on charges per unit stated in the quarterly npower bill I paid whilst at the property. Ive offered a full and final payment which theve not ackowledged. If you or anyone can suggest a letter to write now
  11. Hello all! Firstly thank you Mr.Ton and clemma for your advice, much appreciated. I sent out letters to both the DCAs, still waiting for a reply from Advantis, have recieved a reply from BCW this morning. I sent BCW 2 seperate letters. The first one being a reply to there DEBT INVESTIGATOR VISIT in which I stated the above points in clemmas reply, also that I will communicate with them writing only. The second stated that I reject there full and final offer and offered them a full and final offer of £24.39. I stated in the letter that this offer was for electricity costs for
  12. Hi. I have got a problem regarding utility bills of a property i was at last year. I will explain the whole story and hopefuly one of you good people can guide me as to what to do next. Last year 05/08 i moved into a rented property through a estate agent called Cygnet Property Management, who are a part of Midlands Heart Group, on a 6 month Assured Shorthold Tenency Agreement which would need to be renewed in 11/08. I wanted to renew my tenency and remain at the property for a longer period of time, so phoned up Cygnet towards the begining of september to see if this was possi
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