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  1. My sentiments exactly - she is scared to tell her boss though, so I can only comment but it is up to her to do the right thing!
  2. Latest is she has spoken to her union and they have informed her to let her manager come round to her house to have this meeting! How is this right when she is signed off sick for stress at work - this will only make matters worse!
  3. Thanks again for the great advice. However, going down the grievance road will no doubt make the existing problem worse surely? She is unable to go to her supervisor so does she need to go the HR department and speak to them or write a formal letter?
  4. I am claiming JSA and coming up to having a review meeting - I have been offered a job but I haven't been told a start date as it likely to be in April. Will this affect my JSA as I am still looking for work in the meantime but I reckon this is my best option for getting back into work?
  5. Thanks elpulpo. That's what I advised her. I can't believe they are texting her about a so called 'formal' meeting. They are being unprofessional - Its a large multinational company so they should know better. What do you envisage she do when she returns to work, does she have a case for grievance/constructive dismissal? She does not feel like returning to work at the moment.
  6. Hi All, I am writing on here for my cousin whose is currently off work with stress. I am unsure what to advise her as it is a complex situation! She works for a well known company who I believe are treating her unfairly and I can't believe some of the rubbish I am hearing! Basically, her manager has been texting her to ask her to attend a welfare meeting at work while she is signed off sick - she has also been asked to ring in twice a week to update her on how she is feeling, is this neccessary? Furthermore, when asked to drop in her sick note they wanted her to document any hos
  7. Hi, I signed a short hold tenancy agreement and moved in May 2009, I extended this after a 6 month period for another 4 months to take me up to March 2010. As the property is managed by an agent, I have to liaise with them when I am due to vacate the property. However, this day falls on a Sunday when they are not open to do the check out. Therefore, I expect they will ask for us to move out the previous day (Sat) or even the Friday. Can they do this? If so, are we eligible to claim the proportion of rent paid for the one or two days we're not in the property but have paid for?
  8. You need to find out which TDS your deposit is protected with as it is a legal requirement by your agent/LL to provide you with the details within 14 days of receiving your deposit. There are 3 possibilities: TDS (The tenancy deposit scheme), DPS (The deposit protection service) and Mydeposits. See if you can find any paperwork, if not try speak to your agency to ask for this information and whether it was protected in the first place as this may help your case. Hopefully someone can help you onwards from here as I am not sure the best step to take as this puts a cat among the pigeo
  9. Which tenancy deposit scheme (TDS) is your deposit protected with?
  10. When you moved out was that the end of the agreed tenancy? If so, you have a contractual agreement with the agents and therefore you should have paid the rent as/when required. As you had no option to op out of the tenancy agreement you are required to pay this amount back - however, as you are owed your deposit back, I would minus this from your rent still owed which totals £305 and offer to pay this amount in installments to the agent and settle out of court. I think that is your only option, otherwise you will be lumbered with other costs if it were to go to court and potentially
  11. Are they requesting payment of £555 in total just for the outstanding rent payment. As you fix the problems in your room, are they satisfied with this and not charging you repairs etc?
  12. That seems unusual - I lived in a student flat with three others and had locks on our doors. Do you know these people you lived with? If there your housemates why would they do that to you. Arent they meant to be your friends? Plus, you mentioned the damage to the cupboards etc. do they belong to you or the property's?
  13. How come your bedroom had been wrecked & who by - did you not have a lock on your door?
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