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  1. It seems my son is in a similar position to your daughter re NatWest CIFAS First Party Fraud entry see post below http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?336580-NatWest-amp-CIFAS-First-Party-Fraud-Entry-Please-Help We are following the CIFAS complaints procedure and are about to send letter of complaint to NatWest. We are also prepared to lodge complaint of unfair treatment to the county court if this is not satisfactorily resolved.
  2. Yes been to the CIFAS website, sent SAR request to them and they hve responded. This is how we found out about the CIFAS First Party Fraud entry that NatWest filed against my son.
  3. My son opened an account with NatWest a couple of years ago when he was 16 and was mainly using it for his weekend wages. Last May he realised that his debit card was missing and called the bank to report it when he was told that his account has been closed. They would not give him any reason and did not notify him of this in writing. He thought nothing of this at the time and thought the account closure was related to the loss of his debit card; also there were no funds in his account at the time. He started uni last September and tried opening a student account with HSBC. The account w
  4. Subbing with interest All the very best with this Herbie
  5. Spoke to the FOS and they said that claim should be against HBOS that sold it. Just sent claim to HBOS today.
  6. AA not sure I understand what you mean. I would like to keep this thread for the MBNA PPI claim. It seems MBNA are passing the buck to HBOS as they originally sold the PPI. Please see attached response from them in #1 and please advice. thanks.
  7. Thanks AA. I will have individual threads for each.
  8. I took out a loan with BOS (now HBOS) in 2003 with single premium PPI. The loan was sold to MBNA 2/3 years ago. I have a copy of the CCA and tried reclaiming PPI from MBNA. Please see attached response and advice what to do next. Do I pursue things with FOS or reclaim PPI from HBOS. Thanks in advance for assisting. MBNA PPI Response1.pdf
  9. Thanks AA. Do I also request CCA as well as that will take 12+2 days?
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