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  1. Hi do you have an update how your getting on with them?
  2. Hi i had a loan with toothfairy couldnt pay bacj. Passed to ndr who dsaid would add 350 in charges. I said the charges are illegal and please take me to court. They backed down and i made an arrangement to pay. Before the first payment on arrangement was due i constantly recieved threatenig emails and txts saying no contact made so baillifs coming to take goods worth 9 times value of debt etc. I just replied well if this is how u act sending pathetic empty threats i look forward to getting anyone removed from my doorstep without court order and i will gladly now let it go to court due to the threats. Yesterday recieved a letter from marshall hoares baillifs saying they now legally own the debt making all kind threats etc but a quick check at companies house online shows that they are infact toothfairy finance and changed name in febuary . So when ndr/toothfairy phoned yesterday i just said sorry i have letter saying marshall hoares legally own the debt so cant discuss it. While he was lost for words just said bye and hung up. Have emailed toothfairy that unless they stop threats and come to sensible agreement like original loan and one months interest spread over a reasonable time i will gladly go to court. Sorry for rambling on just a warning that marshall hoares baillifs are toothfairy finance.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to reply i will write to them for copy of the default notice..or is it notice of default? Cheers
  4. Hi i checked my equifax credit file and mem have put a default dated 01.08.10. I had a loan with them end of last year which was passed to their dca. No default notice recieved. I had an arrangement which i kept to but for no reason they sold it on. In. april i got letter from mcenzie hall about the debt and i sent letter requesting proof they own the debt but never heard anything. What is my next step regarding default? Thanks
  5. Thanks for quick reply will send that off even though i do know what the debt is. But i should play dumb right?
  6. Hi i had a payday loan with mem paydayuk which i defaulted on, i was in a payment arrangement of £30 a month with keyes whitlock which i kept to. Mem decided to sell it to MH without notifying me. The first i heard was an email from MH and then a letter today threatening "despite repated efforts to contact" they havent recieved a response and threatening meritforce doorstep visitors. Anyway im not worried about their crap and as i said first letter from them but what do i need to do now? Should mem have sent me a deed of assignment or should MH have done this. And what would you advise i do? Thanks
  7. Hi was wondering if anyone else had this happen to them? i had a apyment arrangemetn in place with keyes whitlock never missed a payment and find they have now sold or transferred the debt to scumbags mackenzie hall.I was paying £30 a month to keyes since december.I only knew when i got email from MH saying to contact them so i did and they said it was about MEM account which is payday uk so phoned them and confirmed and they said they are doing it with lot of accounts. Cheers.
  8. Hi could you please pm me hat was said etc. Thanks
  9. Thanks for that i think i will just email him now.
  10. Cheers just worried what the final balance they say i will owe once they decide to pass to dca, it was £960 on 24th december when it was due.
  11. Yes they just keep sending standard email with latest balance not mentioning any of my emails or messages to them.
  12. Hi how long do wonga take to pass to dca as they keep ignoring all correspondance i send and keep adding interest. Thanks
  13. I am in the same situation they are totally ignoring all email and secure messages through their website.I am not going to pay them any more than originly borrowed due to their ignorance and crap aptitude.
  14. Hi can anyone advise the phone number for the data controller at egg? I have sent a few letters for them asking to correct the default date on my credit files and even though they have recieved the letters i am getting no response from them. Thanks
  15. Thanks for replies. they have promisd will only take what agreed and gave it in writing, so i will use my spare bank account and make sure there is only enough in it for agreed payments. Trevor
  16. same for me spent ages getting equifax and experian sorted and never thought about call credit, and its a mess, showing defaults with different comapnies for same thing etc and wrong dates on them.
  17. Hi was it just callcredit they were on? Just checked my callcredit file for first time and it is a mess with these payday loan companies.
  18. Hi im at minute trying to get payday uk to accept a 3month payment deal, they say they cant set up arrangement without my debit card details, ive said will only pay by standing order, they say cant do and gave me their bank details to pay full amount by cash which i dont have. Should i just make the payments i offered to their bank account anyway by standing order?I have told them again only standing order waitng on reply. Thanks
  19. Hi i defaulted on a few payday loans a few months ago, now in repayment plans, as yet nothing put to credit files thankfully, has anyone had any infor put on their credit files from these companies or their Dca? Thanks in advance.
  20. Well i have cancelled my bank card said it was stolen, so new on way, will cancel direct debits 2 days before due to come out. I'm just worried about getting bad info on my credit file as all the defaults i have will drop off end of this year. But hopefully no info will be recorded on files if i stick to arrangement with dca when goes to them. Cheers
  21. thanks for help, i will keep posted on how i get on .
  22. Thanks for quick reply , anyone know who quickquid use and what they are like?
  23. Was wondering if anyone knew if poundstillpayday and payday uk both use clarity ase their dca. And also who do quickquid use? Thanks in advance.
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