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  1. Good luck I hope it all works out. PS Lowell hasn't entered their own default as well have they? IE you have two defaults registed for one debt?
  2. Hello, Recently I was in a similar situation with Intelligent Finance. Instead of defaulting the account, they kept marking it as a late payment for two years on my Credit File. I would recommend getting a copy of your Credit File to see if Egg has done the same or marked an arrangement to pay. I made a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office stating that I did not think that the data would be correct under principal 4 of the Data Protection Act. My opinion was that the account should have been defaulted after six months rather than two years as it would mean negative data on my Credit File for a total of Eight Years. The Information Commissioner stated in their letter that they would expect an account to be defaulted between 3 and 6 months. In the end the Information Commissioner instructed Intelligent Finance to Remove the Default as more than six years had passed since it could have first been registered. If this hadn't been removed then I would have still had the default on my Credit File now.
  3. It is important to note that the Scores the Credit Reference Agencies Provide are only an indication. When a lender performs a credit check they will build their own score based on the information on your file along with their own risk assesment and prior experience. In terms of your files, if Equifax is showing missed payments rather than say an arrangement to pay flag then I would look to get this corrected. Equifax will have most likely contacted the person responsible for the data and this can take a little time. I am assuming you are using their dispute service online? If so I have used it previously and it can take a little while for things to happen. Just out of interest is there any other adverse data on the Equifax File that might not be on the Experian File?
  4. I too am considering taking on Barclays. I received a Reserve, used it a couple of times and got the charges. Originally, the charges were debited the day after the offence. So in effect, the £150 reserve I had - turned into a £128 reserve. Only recently are the charges debited 14 days after your next statement. Also, my thoughts are this, Lets say under the new rules I go £100 overdrawn for 3 weeks (No way would I do this). I would be hit with £66 of charges made up of £22 per 5 working days period. Now if I took out a pay day loan (I am not supporting this by the way), it may cost around £25 for a month. Extortionate in my opinion for a Pay Day Loan and well I cannot put into Words my thoughts on the Personal Reserve. Guess what my overdraft is? Go on? Yes £10 and a £150 personal reserve. I used to be with Woolwich (remeber them?) and had a £50 buffer. Once my account moved to Barclays I got a megre £5. I asked instead of a reserve if Barclays could give me a £100 overdraft. They said no. Shocker! I have since changed Banks and have the overdraft now, although I don't use it! There is another way! PS not hijacking thread, just subbing and moaning
  5. Hello, Just a quick update, I today have received confirmation that the account is to be removed from my files. Thanks
  6. Hi, I noticed that my Scores are worse this year than they were last year. This is with lots of the negative data from last year not being on my file this year. It could be any number of reasons. Length of time at address, have you recently moved? Do you have any credit cards? If so are you only paying the minimum payment? Close to the Credit Limit? Have you got many recent credit searches on your file? There are endless possibilities. Best not to worry about it as the scores generated by these services aren't always necessarily the same as what a Bank my score you on. For example length of time in Job would form part of your score with a bank but not so with a Credit Report Checking service.
  7. I have been doing some tidying up of my Credit Files and saw an old Singlepoint (Now Vodafone) account which has Arrangement to Pay Flags on it. The account was settled in June 2004 so will remain until next year. It will be the last bad piece of data on my file. Now my question is, if Vodafone had sold this account to Wescot, and I have the notice of assignment letter to prove this, am I not right in thinking that Vodafone no longer have the right to process data about me? This particular account was an absolute nightmare, multiple Debt Collection Agencies chasing me, CCJ issued from one Debt Collection Agency when I was paying Wescot who actually owned the debt. The CCJ was set aside as I was paying the correct DCA and I received all the costs relating to the CCJ back. I have started the ball Rolling so to speak but would appreciate some input. Thanks
  8. Hello, First of all everyone makes mistakes. I thought I was the only one but realised that there was lots of people in my situation. I too did a similar thing and got into 23k of debt. I lost my job and burried my head in the sand. You will get to the other side though and come out much better for the experience.
  9. Hello, I think it was Experian, there was no record of any Search on my Equifax report and still isn't. I think the main thing is to be honest and explain the circumstances for any negative data. I think that this helped me but cannot be sure. Good Luck! Thanks
  10. This will be going out in the post tomorrow: - Harassment by telephone FORMAL COMPLAINT UNDER THE CONSUMER CREDIT ACT 2006 COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE Account Number: NOT APPLICABLE I am writing in relation to the telephone calls that I have received from Reliable Collections, which I deem to be personally harassing. I have verbally requested that these stop. I have now explained on numerous occasions that I have recently taken on the telephone number Reliable Collections hold. This number no longer belongs to the person Reliable Collections are chasing for an outstanding debt. I am of the view that your harassment of me by telephone puts you in breach of Section 40 of the Administration of Justice Act 1970, and the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. If you continue to harass me by telephone, you will also be in breach of the Communications Act (2003) s.127 and I will report you to OFCOM, Trading Standards and The Office of Fair Trading, meaning that Reliable Collections could be liable to a substantial fine. Please treat this as a formal complaint, and send me a copy of Reliable Collections company complaints procedure. Yours faithfully, Poochball
  11. Personally I enjoy the ride so I am going to take the road of harrassment. Plus I will have to ring a lot of companies just to get my number changed. I only recently moved house too. Boy is our new house fun, not only a few weeks ago we had baliffs round for the previous tenants. lol. I will have a scout round on the site for some information then and keep everyone posted.
  12. Hello, Strange query, we recently got a new number from Virgin Media or so we thought. It turns out it is an old number and the previous owner has lots of debts. Although I do have debts, these ones are nothing to do with me I am glad to say. I only have two and both are nearly paid and up to date. The end result is me answering calls to Debt Collection Agencies. These agencies refuse to beleive that this person does not exist as we have recently taken on the number and they keep on contacting us. Other than me changing the number, what action should I take? Report the companies to the Police for harrassment? The OFT? Should I just change the number and let them get away with it? My only worry is some other poor soul will end up with the calls. Thanks
  13. I think they normally do but luckily in my case hadn't. Before Wescott had the debt it was with Scotcall. Oh the memories.
  14. I would definately SAR Natwest as advised above. Then I would make sure that I check, double check and triple check that all the money you have paid has been allocated to the debt. I too had Wescot collecting a Natwest debt. They passed the account on to another DCA. For about a year I was paying Wescot and the money was sitting in their suspense account. They didn't even have the decency to tell me. I was quite angry but I did get all the money back. My debt ended up being sent to Rockwell who suprisingly are all right given they are a DCA.
  15. I would pay the two payments as unfortunately these things always seem to catch up with you at the worst time. An example for me was a debt to Orange where I did not hear anything for four years. Then, out of the blue I received a letter demanding full payment or I would be defaulted. This happened just before I was moving house. I had plenty of opportunities to pay the debt but kept thinking, "they aren't interested in collecting the money". Then they did take an interest. Doh!
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