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  1. Hi, my husband had 2 cards with Egg and unfortunately they issued default notices even though we had set up a DMP through CCCS.
  2. Hi Ida Thanks very much I'll definitely get those sorted over the weekend. I have some credit card debts too but they have been understanding and not really hassled me at all. Should I look into the CCA requests with them too or would that be detrimental to the DMP? Also what should I be looking for in the CCA's? Thanks for your time x
  3. No yet but have been told by Natwest customer services that their solicitors Shakespeare Putsman are pursuing court proceedings
  4. If I attended court, would that maybe help not to go to a judgement?
  5. Hi Ida, £11000 ish for unsecured loan and £3800 ish for joint account overdraft. Been paying so far £185 towards £11000 debt and £85 towards joint account through DMP. Figures above are CCCS's re total outstanding but Natwest have higher ones as they have never stopped piling on the interest. Thanks for replying x
  6. Hi, I'm a bit naive when it comes to CCJ's but read various things on here and the net. After complaining to Natwest several times that they never acknowledged that they weren't happy with our DMP to us we left the CCCS to it and they passed it to Shakespeare Putsman who have declined the offer of £192 that has been paid to the Natwest for the last 8 months with no missed payment and are going to pursue a CCJ. Apparently after I spoke to the CCCS Natwest wrote back to them in October last year saying they didn't accept the offer of payment and so although when I started receving calls
  7. I rang the customer care people at Natwest today to see what the situation was and they denied ever having a payment plan offered although this was the collections dept and Triton. I told them I'd been sending stuff since last September but they have no details! I rang the CCCS who told me that Natwest had replied to the original DMP but rejected it. So I'm really cross. I've never had anything from them to say that they weren't happy with the proposal or even a proposal form. Now I'm waiting for the solicitors to reply (the customer care woman said that she's had confirmation from them t
  8. Hi. Thanks for the replies. The solicitor that wrote me the letter was Shakespeare Putsman and I've googled it and found threads on here where people have had a charging order on their property even though they had DMPs and had been repaying consistently! I must admit after reading some of the experiences it's scared the life out of me, there's no way that I could understand and compete with a barrister on all the technical details if I was faced with it in court. The CCCS sent a copy of the DMP to Shakespeare Putsman and I've written a letter of complaint to the NAtwest as they ha
  9. Sorry is the link to a letter? I just get the main site, thanks
  10. Thanks Scott. How will this affect my DMP with them?
  11. Thanks Wheelergeezer. I've got a copy of all the letters but should have sent them recorded and will do from now on. It'll be interesting to see what the customer services reply with this time! What do you think about the bank charges and how would that affect everything? Thanks
  12. Hi. Unfortunately we found ourselves unable to cope with our debt last year and contacted the CCCS who we set up a debt managment plan. All of our creditors acknowledged accept Natwest however they have received regular payments since Novmeber 2008. As they didn't contact us I presumed everything was OK. A couple of months ago we received letters threatning court action but no acknowledgment of the debt management plan and so I wrote to them with all the details again but had nothing back. Things escalated when Triton got involved but they refused to admit they'd had any letters or payments!
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