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  1. nope and they agreed with me £1600 to do the job and in this letter they just put figure of £2200 which is wrong they only came 2 days turing up @ 11 and leaving @ 3pm all of the hours on the letter are lies they only put 10 plaster boards on in 2 days within 8 hours which i was being reasonable and told oke there was 2 of them £150 for the main guy and the helper £100 for 8 hours you spend £250 plus £50 as a good faith keep £300 and return me £200 As you see from the letter they Put the £1600 to £2200 to justify their time spent and also asking me that i owe them more
  2. and i went and bought the frame from wicks and got someone else to fit it for me .
  3. I had builder coming in to do extension work Cut long story to short we agreed on price they came and worked 8 hours in 2 days and one of them asked me for some payment i paid £500 and they didn't come for 2 days turned up on 3rd day and made an excuse that they cant find the required doorframe i called them they promised to come after a week as one is sick and other one on holiday When the week finished i ask them what are you guys up to they start making excuses like they needed a skip so they could clear rubbish in the garden i told them that's not the priority, do the interior work and by the the time you finish i would have ordered the skip as it take upto a week to order They went funny they are not coming until i get the skip which made me angry and told them not to come i asked them to give me my money back and i refused to let them take their tools they have left at my property It escalated to them accusing me of robbing them of their own tools they turned up at my property they called the police police told them they will not get involved which they did not like After that incident they saw me at one of the guys building, i didn't know they were working in there they saw me and got physical and snached my phone i reported this to the police they asked me to leave the site and see them in the police station for an interview which i did i was told by police they will not get involved in this as it is civil matter but the police officer said that he will call the builders and warn them that physical behavior is not acceptable if they acted like again the police will get involved . After this i have received the letter below from the builder which i ignored them . Today i have police visiting me asking for the tools and telling me that i cant keep their tools as it is theft of tools which really got me angry i said ok fine you get my money back from them and take the tools they said this is a civil matter well then if you take tools and wont give them back to them that is the leverage i got on to them to get my money back so you are more welcome to take them but take they wont take responsibility for the money back they then said are you happy for us to hold the tools until you guys resolve the matter i said fine as long you promise not to give them back its fine they looked at the tools and kind of backed down holding on the tools saying there is too many they admitted they only came because they were told by the builder that i sold the tool i said look they all here they're no good to me they then took pictures of the tools to show them and ask me not sell them as that is not legal and will get back to me and they left . What is the best way i can deal with them now thanks letter prior to court action.pdf
  4. Hi i have back in 2013 installed everlasting boiler. now i am doing a extension to the house and i need the boiler flue to be extended to the roof of the new extension my builder asked me to get information on the make and model of the boiler so he can order the extension parts for the flue when i called everlasting boiler they refuse to give me info as they told me i cant get anyone else touch the boiler as they own the boiler if i need someone else to do the work on the boiler i need to buy the boiler right out which seems odd they started mentioning the agreement i signed honestly when i signed the agreement the salesman never brought it to my attention it was all sales talk how much i pay its affordable that was it sign here i desperately needed the boiler as my old one was a wreck and was very hard to insure cheap as well for the time being it was good deal i am stuck with them as i cant get them in quickly as they will come and do the survey at their convenience my whole extension project is stuck because of them .i have talked to them on the phone logged the complain via and the response was below can someone guide what should i do i know they are going to be rip me off with the work through everlasting engineer if thru my builder i wont have to pay extra its part of the extension to do the changes to the flue pipe any help would be appreciated . my email to them : I am not happy with service as i am doing extension i cant extend boiler flue pipe as i was told only a shade greener are the only one allowed to do it and i have to wait 8 days for someone to come out and do survey and God knows how many more days before the quote come through and the work carried out its not fair that i have to pay whatever price you quote and i can get it done much cheaper from somewhere else and i was told on the phone its in the my agreement i trusted your sales man who visited my house and signed the agreement it was never in my mind that i am going to have extention but i regret to trust your salesman not pointing out this part of agreement that you want let me get work carried out from anyone else . my extension roof is on hold because of this boiler flue pipe i am not happy as it costing me money and time just to wait for your engineer i only called to find the make and model so i can get it done from private certified engineer but i was put in this misery of that i cant get it done only apart from you guys regardless the price . Now here is what i am going to do i am going to wait and get the quote from you guys and then i will call certified private to estimate the quote and then i am hoping that your quote is not ridiculously high and if it is then i am going to take this to court my self to claim the time and the money that i am losing for the holdup that you are causing me for not letting me repair it from private engineer and proof it with the expensive quote price that you only got this agreement term of not getting work done from anywhere else just to rip people off. their response : Good afternoon Mr Ahmed, Thank you for your email. After reading through your email and reading through all documentation and notes on your account, we are following company procedure. In your agreement, under schedule 2, 1.2, it states “the customer shall immediately notify the company on discovering any damages to the equipment. No third party shall be permitted to undertake any repairs or make any modifications to the equipment whatsoever, without the prior written consent of the company” which means your flue cannot be extended or modified by anyone other than us. Also stated in your agreement under schedule 1, 6 , “if within the term the customer requires, for its convenience, that the equipment be relocated with the property, then the company will carry out a free survey to check the new locations suitability and will then provide a written transparent quote to do the work at cost price, only accounting for the cost of labour and parts.” This is in regards to sending out an engineer on the 18/03/2016 to do a QC inspection and give you a quote to carry out your work on the flue. I understand your frustration Mr Ahmed but we are following the rules and regulations set out in your agreement, which I have attached for you to read through. Kindest regards, Everlasting Boilers LLP My response back to them : Well thanks for reply i have clearly stated in my complaint that if your price is ripoff i will take further action and will book private certified engineer to carry the work with all the legal certificate provided for the work that is carried safe by registered engineer by legal authorities .and also if you read line 6 the cash price is £3793.21 for the equipment and £4722.49 for the maintenance and service for the term of th agreement . Worst case scenario if you are not willing to cooperate i am quite happy to terminate contract £4722.49 for the maintenance and service for the term of th agreement . and will continue to pay £3793.21 for the equipment which should be less then £3793.21 because i have been paying for 3 years and will buy services from someone else for repairs .and i will not pay lumpsum as i don't have cash that the reason i went for monthly payment so i will offer monthly payment for the sum for equipment until its cleared off and be very happy yo go to court and set monthly payments for that Thanks Agreement.pdf
  5. just received call from the Barclays and the guy told me that he is crediting another £10 as he thinks that if he goes with actual figure of interest is charged on the £20 unpaid charges from 23/11/2011 are in region of £5 .so anyone please help me how to calculate the interest or any tool that will help me understand thanks
  6. Hi thanks for reply I called and asked them to remove the charges and the lady told me that it is part of the contract agreement to be charged for £20 after long argument she gave up and decided to refund the payment and I also asked that all the interest to be adjusted as this unpaid charges were added to the whole loan and she have requested some department to get in touch within 48 hours to adjust the interest. Now I have secured the whole amount and I am going to pay it off and done with it but if i pay whole in one go they adding another £81 on the outstanding balance that is like nearly 3 months’ worth interest so I just remembered that the salesman’s tip to avoid settlement charges was to pay lump sum and leave outstanding loan balance for final direct debit payment to cover the last owed amount to the loan I am wondering if salesman tip is going to work anyone please let me know that salesman tip is going to work or they still going to add those charge on last payment left thanks
  7. Hi guys barclays finance have send me all the paperwork they hold on my wifes account for this finance now i am surprised that the application form she signed it is not even filled properly here i am attaching the copy of it as you will see only the Name Gender Signature and date is only filled in this form now please someone tell me that this is not right how can they lend the money when the actual form is not completed at all Thanks
  8. SO what should i do . send SAR to CApquest or leave it
  9. Hi just got call now from Capquest and they told me that i owe money to lloyds so i said i dont owe them anything this account was in dispute and now expired she told me no the last payment was made was in 6th 2009 and it was for £1 . i told her i never made this payment she said she will find out and further . I asked her to look what was other payment i made and the answer was she dont know only payment she can see is 6th of 2009 . i told her this is lie the payment is fake so you can make me pay you the expired account she said no she will keep calling me until i pay the money i said well good luck with that and dont forget to send me the 6th of 2009 payment details . Any idea what are they playing at
  10. hi guys sorry i got the contract i know its been long time since last i posted but i got busy and totally forgot about this matter now i am on it
  11. my response to the council Dear **** , I appreciate your effort for replying to my request but honestly this is not what i was hoping for i already know this information. I paid £10 for SAR and you failed to supply me one and also asked what checked did Newlyn do on me as acting on your behalf and you failing to provide me that so kindly please try to send me SAR of any data hold on me which includes all correspondence between you and newlyn on my behalf incase if you are not familiar what SAR is i am providing a link which will help you to understand what SAR is and by all mean do pass it to your staff to learn about SAR . http://www.ico.org.uk/for_organisations/data_protection/~/media/documents/library/Data_Protection/Detailed_specialist_guides/subject-access-code-of-practice.PDF Kind Regards
  12. email response for SAR funny enough i paid £10 to get a reply in email how classic is that Dear Mr ****** Thank you for your request for further information (actually a data access request) regarding your council tax debt for 2012/13, which has been passed to me to reply to as the manager responsible for all local taxation matters. I will answer in the order that you pose your questions: 1. The information passed to Newlyn Plc, the council's appointed bailiffs, was the details of the liability ordered granted by Huntingdon Magistrates on 24 July 2012 i.e. your name, address and amount of the order including summons costs of £70. 2. There were no checks made on you by the bailiff company, as we had provided the necessary information by passing the liability order information (see 1 above) 3. As you acknowledge the Local Government Ombudsman independently investigated and verified that the council's enforcement action was correct in law. As you had paid the original debt including £70 summons costs direct to the council and refused to co-operate with the bailiff company, the business decision was ultimately taken not to pursue the statutory enforcement fees further. 4. The £70 summons costs are approved by the magistrates forming part of the debt covered by the liability order (but in law are payable upon the issue of the summons itself) and is payable by the debtor to the billing authority (Huntingdonshire District Council in this case) to ensure the cost of the enforcement action does not fall on the taxpayers who pay as legally required. Yours sincerely ******** Local Taxation Manager
  13. i am reading regarding this issue i believe its your post widley covered on this topic on one of the other legal forums website correct me if i am wrong
  14. How can they justify charging £80 when the court never deal with summon issued by Huntingdon council because when you go on the date given you are told by usher to go to the council office and sort out with them there is no attending in front of judge because summon wasn't issued by court its issued by council which make me ask the question is it Legal for huntingdon council to charge £80 and issue the summons . I went yesterday and paid them £10 for SAR let see if they are going to provide me with documents of all the communication that happen between newlyn and council or they going to hold back any information
  15. latest update on this issue Mr xxxxxxxxxxx [email protected] 11 November 2013 Dear Mr xxxxxxxxxxxxx, Re: Freedom of Information Act and Environmental Information Regulations – FOI and EIR Request No. 3093 I am writing in respect of your recent enquiry for information held by the Authority under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act / Environmental Information Regulations. We have dealt with your request under the Freedom of Information Act / Environmental Information Regulations. You requested: “Last year my council account (xxxxxxxx) was passed to the bailiff company under freedom of information act, I like to know what information was passed to the bailiff and also like to know what kind of checks and information carried on me by bailiffs Also like to know why suddenly bailiff and the council decided to back off this case as both council and bailiff were in agreement that I was wrong and their procedure was 100% legal . Also like see any payment proof that my summons money is acutely paid to the court as I strongly believe that council only issue summons to make extra money of tax payers thanks Your request for information has now been considered and I am not obliged to supply the information you have requested under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. This letter acts as a Refusal Notice under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information Act. The exemption applied is S40 Personal information. (1)Any information to which a request for information relates is exempt information if it constitutes personal data of which the applicant is the data subject. As the information you are asking for is about you, your request has been forwarded to Legal to be dealt with as a request under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act. Under the Data Protection Act, the council has 40 calendar days in which to respond to a request for personal information from the date of receipt. Further details relating to your request will be sent to you under separate cover. I apologise that your request will not be met at this time but if you have any further information needs in the future then please contact me. If you have a complaint about the handling of your enquiry then please contact Freedom of Information Officer in the first instance quoting “FOI Request No. 3093” at one of the following addresses: E-mail: [email protected] Letter: FOI Requests Pathfinder House St Mary’s Street Huntingdon PE29 3TN Fax: 01480 388464
  16. Hi I checked my credit file and the welcome finance default not showing any more and it is not also showing me anywhere in closed or settled accounts any idea what's going on or anyone else have same issue or may WFS gave up ???????
  17. Hi I checked my credit report and I see Lloyd's tsb names has disappeared from the the file but see a Capquest Investments LTD name defaulting me for Lloyd's TSB loan any idea what is going on but never heard from them anything yet
  18. Hi guy please give this link below foe e petition to everyone you know post on social sites as much you can thanks http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/55745
  19. it is annoying i got all the evidence of council and newlyn of fraud and cant get anything done :mad2:
  20. here is the 2 bailiffs name that was provided by council to me again one registered and newlyn did not mention it in their letter Dear Mr *****, I apologise for the delay in responding to you. The names of the bailiffs that attended your property are [EDIT] I**** D***** Assistant Local Taxation Manager Huntingdonshire District Council
  21. hi guys back again need your opinion i didnt gave up i kept hassling Newlyn to give me bailiffs names . I have complained CIVEA they asked me to write final letter stating Formal Complaint at the top and then after that response CIVEA will take the case on board now i got the letter listed below as in response from newlyn i called the county listed on the letter they dont have these names on their list any help guys to take this further .You guys must be wondering why i haven't i dropped the case as they have waived the charges well i am doing it for the other people that may have or will suffer in future by these [problem]mers .Thanks [EDIT]
  22. hi guys a letter from TSB came through today any thoughts please
  23. So if I reply back where do I stand on SB.D
  24. all i can see in my credit file that account up to date in july 2007 so that was last payment and after that i totally ignored them as i knew there was lots of mistakes on this contract so i believe as i july 2007 to july 2013 is 6 years so i am hopping for SB'd as dx said unless their is something i am missing .
  25. ok so i am going to ignore them how long more before it goes to SB'd last payment was made july 2007
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