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  1. Hi everyone, hope this is the right place to post such a topic. My mother in-law passed away 13 May 2010, she has 5 children living 1 of whom is my partner. She is still married but have been seperated for 9 years, no contact at all in those years. No will was made. Now I know intestacy rules state he is entitled, but I have a few questions. We know he would not be interested in anything or interested in sorting out financial matters. Is there a form or letter we could draft for him to sign, disolving him of any claim, so as that my partner and her 4 siblings can
  2. I have just had a prepayment electricity meter installed via warrant. As I have a debt, they have placed this debt no the machine and set the weekly repayments to £20. I have called them and asked them to reduce it but say they can only do this if i am in receipt of benefits, which i am not, nor am i working. My partner is working but on Min Wage, our annual income as a family of 4 is around £9000 per year. The electricity and gas are in my name and my name alone. As they are unable to reduce the weekly payment, and we cant afford this as we have a Commital Warrant for
  3. I don't think it matters does it, you could sign Queen Lizzy 2 if you want and it would still me your signiture, its YOUR MARK just as an X is your mark, so anything penned by your hand is your signiture, or am I barking up the wrong pencil!!!!
  4. Thanks for your reply. Stupidly enough I did not keep copies of the receipts. They have never stated they will pay for the bottled water, but have said if i send the receipts in they will look at the situation and make a decision. As for the Example letter you provided (thanks) could you point out which bit sof that letter would not be pertinant to my case, for example the bit about signed agreement, is that not required in my case. Thanks
  5. Can the nice folks of CAG guide me through the next stages and what I should do next. This morning i received a CC Claim Form from the Northampton County Court Bulk Centre. The Particulars of claims are as follows. The claiment's claim, of which full full particulars have been provided to the defendent, is for charges owed by the defendent to the plaintiff in respect of Measured Water Services to the meter situated at:- **** ====My Address==== **** and the claiment claims: 1) 242.81 2) FEES & COSTS The thing is there was an ongoing dispute with York
  6. Thank you for your replies. So, Ok my friend is liable, fair enough. What now then, Do I advise him to fill out the New keeper section of the Log book with West Yorkshire Polices details, as they are now the keeper of the wehicle. Does he go into the police station and ask an employee of West Yorkshire Police to sign the New Keeper section of the logbook?
  7. My freind, on the 22 September 2009 revieved via post an Enforcement Letter from DVLA stating that the vehicle, a RED VAUXHALL CORSA registration mark P6** **Y. did not have a valid vehicle excise licence or SORN in force form 01/07/2009 (the tax ran out on 30/06/2009). The are demanding he pays a fine of £80. Thing is, the vehicle was seized (and a seizure notice is in hand) on 07/06/2009 at 09:20hrs. So, from 07/06/2009, did West Yorkshire Police (via the seizure) become the owners of the vehicle. If so, are they liable for the £80 fine, as they failed to re-tax or declar
  8. Must start by saying that I am not too sure where to post this. My question is, Do companies need a court order to repossess rented goods (Washing Machine and Dryer) from a Washing Machine rental company. This is what has happened to my sister today. My nephew, off school, answered the door today to the boss of the rental company, who asked whether his mother was in (she was not, she was at work) when he replied NO, the boss, (called Tony), just replied, well I am taking the washer and dryer back, entered the house, walking straight passed my nephew and proceeded to disconnec
  9. Hello Everyone, just looking for some advise on my next step please. I sent a cca request along with £1 po to Moorcroft in relation to a Studio Cards & Gifts Account. Today (Withing 12 + 2) they sent me a reply. Cant scan today but will transcribe. Letter From Moorcroft dated 22 July 2009 Mr xxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx Dear thepalace1 RE: Moorcroft Ref: xxxxxxxxxxxx Client Ref: xxxxxxxx Thank you for your letter. At this stage we are currently unable to provide a copy of the agreement as we have been in contac
  10. Issuing the same letter to others as well this afternoon
  11. Hi everyone, are ther any Caggers with a little more knowledge than me, who could spare a few moments. I issued the following letter to Provident Personal Credit Last week: Provident Personal Credit 153 Sunbidge Road Bradford West Yorkshire BD1 2NU 1st Day of July 2009 Dear Sir or Madam, Account Ref __________________ Please be advised that I will only communicate with you in writing. I have noted your repeated attempts to contact me by telephone and doorstep calling over the past few months and these have been duly logged by time and date. Further
  12. Many Thanks, CCA Posted Today, will keep updating when I receive anything else
  13. Thanks everyone for the replies, I am now stuck not knowing if i should post this cca request. I never ever received anything other than statements from Studio Cards, no Pre-Contract, no Confirmation of Verbal anything.
  14. Hi SAM, thanks for the welcome. I have been reading this forum for a few days now. I am getting a huge adrenalin rush by trying to fight back with these Debt Collection people. IS THAT WRONG??? I has one the other day from RED, for a £1000+ debt to HSBC in 1999, After reading these forums and subsiquently infroming RED that this debt is surely Statute Bared, the agreed and closed my file, also sending written confirmation that it is now closed. The feeling I got after that was jubilation.
  15. Just a thought. When I started using Studio cards, I never signed anything. I placed a first order with them over the phone for 2 childrens bikes, total £110.00. My credit limit i was told was £100 so i would need to make payment of £10, for the order to go through. Which i did. The first and last order ever to studio, so how i ove £313.85 is anybodies guess. So why would they need my signiture to compare with Studios files. Sound fishy too me, like they would almost be delighted to get my signiture for there unconditional use. Not making any allegations here though
  16. Thanks cerberusalert, thanks PGH, Will send of the request with £1 today, Do I need to send it Moorcroft or Studio Cards?
  17. Good afternoon everyone, am very new here, been reading the threads for a few days now. I have just received a letter from Moorcroft Debt Revocery Limited. The Letter is as follows: Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited ~ Pre-Court Division (IN RED) NOTICE OF INTENDED LITIGATION Dated 10/07/2009 To prevent the above action please send payment before 17/07/09 or Telephone 0161 475 2876 immediately. Current Balance: £313.85 Solicitors Costs For Issue of Claim Form: £50.00 Court Fees for Issue of Claim Dorm: £40.00 Solicitors Costs For Issuing Judgement (by De
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