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  1. Ok, so, I received my credit file from all the 3 main CRA's, Default from Express Gifts as follows Never signed an agreement with them, never gave them my express permission to give my data to the CRA's. I sent of a CCA request along with £1 on 03/02/2011, 25 days ago. No reply, postal order presumably cashed (although will need to check this), not even a sniff of a reply, no letter saying we have received the request, no letter stating they don't have to comply, Nothing, nito, niente (ok you get the jist) Whats my next step now, should I report them to different
  2. I get what your saying, and thank you for your advice, but How could a court fail to uphold the meaning of the Data Protection Act, and state just because I had the money/goods? you have a default, when I never agreed to them sharing the data, if I don't agree to the sharing they cannot share, unlike CCj's, IVa and Backruptcies, which they have a right to share (the cra that is) without my permission, the others, as agreed by one CRA's themselves in an email to another cagger (I will find the post, can't at the moment) stating they have to comply with the DPA and if no consent, then no da
  3. I have started thread 1 regarding Lowell Portfolio, they have 2 defaults against me this thread is regarding default 1 of 2 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?296453-thepalace1-v-s-Lowel-Portfolio-Default-1-of-2&p=3317330#post3317330
  4. As advised by car2403 on this thread, post number 4 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?296249-Help-with-County-Court-Claim-Form&p=3315557&highlight=#post3315557 I am starting out to remove defaults from my credit file, where the companies placing defaults, had either;- a) No signed valid agreement in force b) a dodgy DN or c) No prior express consent to process my data this thread is concerned with all 3 points above Lowell have 2 defaults on my file, so this thread will be involved with default number 1. Said default was place
  5. Thanks car, infact last night I was thinking along those lines exactly, and have decided to focus on the companies originally placing the default on the file, I will certainly take you up on your offer and check out your threads, I will do a little work creating a file on each company (off to Tesco to buy several ring binders) and sort everything out then I will hit one at a time with individual threads, thanks very much
  6. What a shame this thread just died, I was up all night reading this with interest, what a shame
  7. Hi thanks for advice to all, also my friend is quite good at keeping documents, and has every document ever received by the company, there is no Default Notice in his bundle, and never recalls receiving one. Is this another angle he can go down, as they obviously never gave him the statutory time frame to put right the default.
  8. Hi, I have been conversing with Equifax over the last month regarding 6 defaults inaccurately placed on my credit file. I have opened investigation with equifax, they have sent of to the companies to clarify that the data is correct, and on every occasion the reply (WITHOUT PROOF) from each company is ''The Data is correct please leave on file'' I asked equifax for proof of the signed agreement they should have received from the companies, default notices they should have received and proof I consented to having my data shared/processed. I read somewhere that the CRA's need
  9. Looking over this agreement there seems to be a rather huge amount of the agreement going to PPI, shocking
  10. (Although this is on behalf of a friend, I will speak in terms like My and I as if it was my agreement) Hi all again, such a great site I'm addicted, donation on way as soon as i get paid. I sent a cca request to Welcome finance on 10the February 2011 and received a completed request back on 17th February with the following CCA, could someone please take a quick look and see if it is enforceable, it's a pre-2007 agreement. Page 1 http://www.removalking.co.uk/internal/cca/Page1.html Page 2 http://www.removalking.co.uk/internal/cca/Page2.html Any help most welcomed,
  11. Sorry just read your post, I will scan in the cheque later for you to look at
  12. More Updates, I have today received a letter from the office of the Acting Managing Director Mr Tse here is the letter http://www.removalking.co.uk/internal/tse/front.html http://www.removalking.co.uk/internal/tse/back.html Does anybody there know whats heppening, I haven't and will not be cashing the cheque
  13. Hello all, hoping somebody can offer on going assistance regards my current struggle against the CRA's and Express Gifts. I requested all 3 CRA's to remove my default against Express Gifts (Studio) as I never gave them permission to process or share my data with the CRA's. The CRA's all said they cannot do anything even though I never gave permission, I certainly never signed a credit agreement with Express gifts. I sent a CCA s 78 request and received some stuff today http://img34.imageshack.us/i/edited1.gif/ http://img341.imageshack.us/i/editied3.gif/ http://img34.ima
  14. Bit of an update.. I posted off a letter on Wednesday, and emailed a copy to the email on the last letter i received from them, re-iterating the point regarding the Interpretation act, and saying I would be prepared to stand up in court and swear to such. I also included an invoice for the monies I was out of pocket, for sending all the letters ( stamps, envelopes, ink, paper, traveling to post office) totaling £11.39, just to see how they liked receiving bills, sort of in jest only. Aany way, Saturday I received my post, in the post was an evelope stamped from Newcastle Upon T
  15. Hi, me again! Another quick question about the Data Protection Act. Can I request the DVLA stop sharing my data under the Data Protection Act? I know I cant stop them sharing data in a lawful way ( for example the POLICE ) but can I stop them from sharing them with Private Companies like Private Car Park Enforcement. So I accidently park for 2 minutes more than allowed in the CO-OP car park, and the company responsible for the enforcement send off to dvla my reg and receive my data back. Can I stop this????
  16. Hi liquidauctions, nothing specific in its self, just a query about why the CRA don't delete data when requested, and what ACTS they can successfully rely upon in their defence, Is there anything that states anywhere that they can hold onto and keep processing my data, if I remove my consent.
  17. Thanks for that, but in theory, they should remove your data if requested (apart from ccj's etc etc) or they are contravening the DPA. Is that correct. Why can't I just go my local county court and issue proceedings against them to have it removed, Is there any other Act or legislation stating they can hold onto this data. If they are a data controller, and I request as data subject, that my details held with them are deleted, how would I not win if I went to court to order them, I can see nothing, unless there is some other law allowing them to keep hold of it. I would be wi
  18. Just a quick question (if indeed the answer is quick I don't know) If, as is stated, that the Credit reference agencies are bound by the Data Protection Act 1998, then why is it not as simple to just request they remove data they hold against you! Simply question, now for some answers if you could oblige. Mnay thanks....
  19. Bit baffled here, can anybody guide me around the cag library. I constantly see links in threads to things for example Template letters, like this link http://www.consumerforums.com/resources/templates-library/48-bank-templates/110--data-protection-act-1998-subject-access-request yet when i go to the page i cant find anything on it relating to subject access request, Where are the files located?
  20. I could not get it any larger, so provided a link at the bottom of the post to the FULL SIZE images on my server http://www.removalking.co.uk/internal/dvla.html
  21. Thanks for the link, I had already read through that thread, and re-read again after your post. I can't seem to find within that thread any specific info on what my next step should be. Should I just wait for my day in court, what do you think?
  22. Hello, I have been sending letters to DVLA regarding a LLP i received on a car I sold 2 weeks prior to the tax running out. I duely sent of the completed V5C and presumed everything was fine, ad I did not hear anything to the contrary till a few weeks ago. I sent template letters adjusted to my details from the cag. Today I received this letter, can anybody please guide me on my next steps I have uploaded the letter scanned in and the letter is here http://www.removalking.co.uk/internal/dvla.html
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