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  1. Thank you very much for your kind offer as above. Un fortunately I have had to sell the vehicle as it was a relied apon vehicle, so I had to sell it and get a replacement. But thanks soo much for your kindest offer. The majority of the bill I am told is made up of £30 per hour for the in-house auto electrician, he said the auto electrician spent X amount of hours on the vehicle, when infact I have a written document that will be signed in front of a solicitor later this week to make it a Statutory Decleration, from an X member of his staff, that states that the autop electrician
  2. He said he changed the Idle Control Valve and the Throttle Body, But on further inspection it seems highly possible that the throttle control body was never changed, and he just said it was and charged for it
  3. Yes it was running, but the inside of the car was in a thousand bits, most of dashboard out, all trims unscrewed, ecu hanging on floor from wires etc etc. We cane to an agreement that he would finish the job, put all the inside of the car back together, and complete the job but he wanted the quoted amound (£475.00) paid there and then, so after I paid he put the car back together, I collected a few days later and he said it is still broken and needs a new ECU at an aditional £300 ish, but he had quoted me £475.00 ALL IN repair, so this quote should cover anything needed to fix the car, s
  4. UPDATE from Santander Question? AM I BEING FOBBED OFF??? Here is a scanned copy of the letter I have received from Santander after initiating a Chargeback They are saying I cannot claim visa chargeback because the claim is for QUALITY OF SERVICE, but that is not the issue, the issue is I NEVER received the service, i was quoted and paid £475.00 for the vehicle to be fixed completely, the vehicle WAS NOT fixed so I never received the service paid for. http://parkingcharges.co.uk/bmsia/001.png Where do I go from here? Do I appeal to Santander? Just go straight
  5. I have left messages on forums and boards everywhere but not attracted any help... Hopefully someone on CAG can help. The car a Y reg 2001, 1.8 Automatic Nissan Almera broke down 2 weeks ago, AA towed to local garage, they replaced Idle COntrol Valve and Throttle Body costing £475, but then the garage stated it also needs a new ecu as it is burnt out (and you can smell it) The car starts and drives, but the garage have recommended I dont as it could and most probably will fry the new Idle Control Valve and New Throttle Body, So I have sourced a second hand ECU, Ignition Barre
  6. Update... I paid him £475 on visa card, 2 days later I went to the garage to collect the vehicle. He said there were now more problems, he said the ECU had fried and required a replacement at a cost od circa £300.00 Well I am fuming to say the least, the agreement we had when I first brought the car to him was for him to give me a quote to repair the vehicle and get it back on the road. After initial checks which put £240.00 on to the bill (his in-house auto-electrician to diagnose problem) he said in total with the £240 bill so far he could complete all the works required
  7. Well I paid it, on my Visa, so will send an LBA and N1 court form if needed, thanks for all your suggestions and advice
  8. That has been done twice now.. Needing to know wether I can take the car away...
  9. Hopefully I can attract some knowledge from other caggers, the story as it stands tonight is as follows. I took my car down to my local auto centre to have a problem with the car diagnosed and fixed, the local garage owner is a friend (ok not close friend, but friend/aquantence all the same). There currently is a bill of circa £700 owing from the car garage owner to Myself for works done by meself to him within the last year (Some computer networking work I DID), I also ran 2 recoveries on his recovery truck, and also for some labouring work, he owes me around £700.. The work he
  10. Hi, we received a County Court claim form from the Bulk Centre at Northampton. The claimant is our LL. the Particulars of claim are as follows.... The defendant entered into a tenance agreement with the claimant on the xx/xx/xxxx for the property known as ########################, the rent as per the tenancy agreement is ####### per calandar moneth. THe defendant is currently in arrears of ######## which is equivalent to 4 months rent. The claimant has tried on several occasions to obtain the rent and has been unsuccessful, The tenancy agreement also allows for a late penal
  11. Just to update everyone regarding the court claim I have ongoing regarding the £999.00 part exchange, I have today taken a call from the finance company, they will be settling out of court for the full £999.00. I am awaiting confirmation by letter before I close the claim down. Now that is sorted out, I will do my duty and commence payments as agreed originally. I am not taking any chances though, and the vehicle will continue to be blocked in until they provide an updated CCA for me to sign reflecting the added £999.00
  12. So Sorry for not getting back, thank you for replying all, thanks MARTIN for attracting interest in my thread. I still have the car, it is still blocked in on my private car park, I have not heard a whisper from the finance company. Thanks for replying Ray, as to your point regarding the bold highlighted above, the dealer and finance company are the same company. The bill of sale is not for a LOAN on my vehicle, I purchased the vehicle secured by way of bill of sale. The main worry I have is the finance company turning up to repossess the vehicle, I will call the po
  13. Thank you MARTIN for gee'ing up some interest in my thread. I am on edge sat here writing this, I keep going into the kitchen looking out the window to see If they have arrived. Can they take the car? Can they move a third party vehicle out of the way to get to it???
  14. bump... Sorry for bump, only tomorrow is getting very close......
  15. Ok, heres the background.. I purchased a vehicle in March 2011, (NOT NEW), I signed the CCA and other documents, the car is not secured by the CCA but by a Bill Of Sale. I refused to pay the first and second installments as there is a discrepancy in the part exchange, (I part exchanged my older car and was guarenteed a minimum £1000) Now, we travelled a round trip of over 100 miles to get this car, we arrived at the place at 16:55pm, by the time we left with the new car it was past 7pm, with two hungry, cold screaming kids waiting out in the car all that time, so I was
  16. Ok, I am hoping I can get some advise really, as I have got my self into a little trouble. The story so far. My gas is with Scottish & Southern, I have burried my head in the sand for over 2 years now, being unable to pay my gas bill, the gas bill now stands at £1,600 give or take a few pence. Yesterday, an engineer from British Gas, working on the authority of Scottish and Southern, removed my gas meter and regulator pipe from the gas meter box outside, capped the main gas inlet off, and posted me a letter stating I had been DISCONNECTED, and must call a certain number to b
  17. Could you nice Caggers please take a look at this bill of sale and tell me if it is within the prescribed format. http://www.4shared.com/photo/8oIkcXMi/bos.html I have a sneeky suspicion it is, but would just like clarification. Thanks in advance thepalace1
  18. Ok, so cca'd Cabot, and have received the reply as shown in these images http://snifin.co.uk/internal/igallery/Cabot007 They also sent back the £1 postal order, is there anything I should do in the meantime, or should I wait to see what they receive from the OC
  19. Ok, so have received a reply to my CCA request, apparently they sent it on 11th Feb 2011, I never received it, any way I sent a chase letter and these are what I received See images here http://snifin.co.uk/internal/igallery/Studio-11thFeb2011
  20. Which department is the correct one to report them for non compliance with the request?
  21. I have just received this reply from experian Thank you for your response. As you can see we received a response from Lowell Group below following your dispute. As the company have not provided any authorisation for Equifax to amend or remove this data, this remains unchanged. The company are not obliged to provide Equifax with documentary evidence to support the dispute response so I would recommend that if you require any other details or documentation about this account that you contact the company directly. If you'd like to pursue your complaint about this I would sug
  22. Did you receive notice of them changing/updating the T&C's?
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