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  1. The call will be itemised as it was made from a contract mobile phone, we have access to billing itemization online.. The diarrhoea was not part of the condition, It was we believe a consequence of some sort of bug. We honestly thought everything was ok, we recevied payments as far up to 07/03/2013 Thanks matt, and thanks Margaret for helping us with this.
  2. No she did not, the only letter we received was 7 March, saying We have looked at your claim following a recent change, We cannot pay you an aollowance from 30 January, this is because; You failed to attend the Work Capability Assessment Medical on 29 January 2013. As I say this letter was received 7 March, 37 days after the missed appointment.
  3. Thank you to all that have helped with advice. I have been emailing Phoenix bailiffs all morning, I have emailed original bill of sale proving vehicle belonged to me and not the reg keeper. They emailed stating, they have received and accepted the proof, and they have removed their fees from the account and passed it back to Bradford Council. Thanks again. Issue resolved,
  4. Can anyone see if the wording is ok, or if infact I am going down the correct route following a failure to attend. I really do need to get it posted off today if it is the right course of action
  5. Hi, my wife failed to attend Work Capability Assessment Medical on 29 January 2013, her ESA was continued to be paid up until last week 6 March 2013. We received a letter saying it was stopped for failing to attend. We informed ATOS prior to the appointment time that she was unable to attend due to being not well enough due to an Acute Onset of sever diarrhea. They said they would inform Jobcentre, Can you please have a look at this letter I have drafted to see if it is suitably worded do initiate an appeal against the decision to stop the benefit. Dear Sir/Madam,
  6. The debt is not denied. The debt is owed, but the debt is in the ltd company name (presumable because that is the name the vehicle is registered in) I only work part time Fri-Sat-Sun delivering chinese food, Yes the debt needs to be paid, and It will be when funds permit. But if the debt is the companies can they legally take possesion not belonging to the company! The vehicle will be parked this evening at a secure location away from my home. Can I do this legally as the paperwork I have states the vehicle has been seized.. although they have not disabled it by clamp or anything else.
  7. sgtbush, thanks for your reply, but you leave me with more questions than answers I cannot see how a vehicle belonging to a person can be taken in payment for a debt of a ltd company. That's the same situation as if they came to your house, and took your car to pay off the debt of the ltd company, your possessions have the same link to the ltd company as mine, ie no link at all. It is not my debt, it is the companies debt. The directors are not liable for the debts of the company, this is the whole reason for limited companies. There is no denying the ltd company owe the debt,
  8. This is where It is a bit confusing. The debt is in the name of a LTD company, the ltd company is registered at my address, the debt is not mine it is the companies, the car belongs to me as an individual, the car does not belong to the company, i am a shareholder of the company. The whole reason for limited companies is they are LIMITED, they cannot start selling the personal possessions of the directors of a ltd company. The vehicle is registered to the ltd company because the company tax and insure the vehicle, I use my vehicle in my work for that company on a self employed b
  9. Hi, I am pretty much in dire **** here, can I possible again ask for help urgently, this site has helped me so much in the past, I hate asking again Background Vehicle is registered in my LTD company name, but is owned by myself 100% privately. It is just registered in LTD company name for the purposes of Taxing and Registering the vehicle. Unknown to me a ticket was given to this vehicle from Bradford Council. Just had a Mr/Mrs X from Phoenix Commercial Collections at the door saying they have a warrant to remove the vehicle, If payment is not received by 15.03.2013 (tomo
  10. The debt is a £102 overdrawn bank account with Barclays, (The 2 identical defaults, one from Barclays and one from Lowells) They are all Un-Recorded searches, even though they are only visible to me is besides the point, How can someone or some entity ride rough-shot over you personal data, I think it is far to excessive....
  11. I have just received my statutory credit reports back from both Experian and Equifax On my credit file I have numerous searches, 22 in fact from Lowell Portfolio I LTD, as documented below. There is 22 searches within a 6 month period, a few times 3 times a day and 2 times a day Searched 01) 09 MAY 2012 2 times this day 02) 09 MAY 2012 2 times this day 03) 15 MAY 2012 04) 21 JUN 2012 2 times this day 05) 21 JUN 2012 2 times this day 06) 28 JUN 2012 07) 06 JUL 2012 08) 28 JUL 2012 2 times this day 09) 28 JUL 2012 2 times this day
  12. I know there are plenty of text services for £3.99 etc etc, but they have failed me in the past, the cheep'o services dont check properly for outstanding finance. I cheep'o hpi checked a car a few years ago that had >> £5000 outstanding finance on.
  13. Is there anyone with a HPI account who could do a HPI check for me. I am willing to sent a few quid via paypal or something to cover the price of a couple of pints as a thank you. Renault Laguna - Reg = NU54 OHA thanks in advance
  14. Main question at this stage is. They want the keys and house back tomorrow after less that 7 days notice. Do we have any legal standing to stay while apealing? Do they need a court order? Or will they just turn up tomorrow and be allowed to take possession. Need help quick if anyone can answer these questions
  15. Quick question for those who know the law or tenants rights! Private Tenancy, Assured Short Hold, originally 6 months but now on rolling month by month Should the landlord or landlords agent(s) provide us with a phone number for emergency repairs? They refuse to give one, and at the moment we can only contact the landlord or the agent (have contact details for both) between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) What would happen if we had a bad leak at 5:01pm on a Friday night, we would be hum-dingered as they say. Thanks in advance David
  16. Hi, am hoping I can get some pointers about my situation. My mother died on 11 July this year, she lived in a 1 bed-roomed flat via Bradford Council (incommunities now) on a secured tenancy. She had been a council tenant since 1993 (although not the same house, but, the same tenancy as she did inter-tenant swaps) she was in her last property for 7 years. My nephew, her grandson, now 17 (well 18 tomorrow 13 October) has lived with her for several years, my mum pretty much brought him up, although not legally by adoption or anything. Now on the death of my mother we applied top
  17. I also had a BOS car from Manchester Car Finance, it was not registered with HC at all, I took them to small claims court and WON, I also got to keep the vehicle as the bos vas ruled invalid, becasue Manchester Car Finance had the witness sign the BOS before I signed it, and the witness was a member of staff in there office, as far as I remembered this was another duff point as I think if i recall the witness must be impartial to the agreement, but that was not the point in the case, the point was that the witness signed before i did, and not in fromt of me. Also they said they would giv
  18. I have done as suggested. The lady at the court after explaining said that this was rather strange, and that I should write to the court with my concerns and enclose documented proof that the company does not exist and the previous named company is now DISSOLVED, she said print outs from the companies house website would do, she alos said it would more than likely go in front of the district judge. What could the DJ do?, would he more than likely just order the name changed? to His own or to another company as he is registered as Director of 12 companies, 8 of which are dissolved.
  19. I have today received the Acknowledgement of Service. I originally filed the claim in the following format (Not his actual details) Mr Andrew Other Repair Motor Service On the AOS it says The defendant's name has been corrected to read Repair Motors Service Ltd. He has taken it out of his name, and addes an s to the motor part. I have checked Companies house and the new name of Repair Motors Service Ltd is not registered. His old company name of Repair Motor Service IS registered as DISSOLVED. Is there any significance in this??? I was under th
  20. Can anyone say weather or not santander have just fobbed me off, can I complain to Santander and have them re-look at it, as according to Visa, if you have failed to receive services paid for then the bank must issue a chargeback!
  21. Yes have all old parts which show fire/sparking/over heating the switch is completely melted inside
  22. This is the situation. I commenced my short hold tennancy on June 7 2011 through an property letting agency rather than the landlord direct. Now, the Letting agency have FLAT REFUSED to provide an out of office hours contact number, the only way we have of contacting them for repairs or emergencies are during office hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Now we all know, emergencies do not stick to 9-5 Mon-Fri. On easter Monday last, there were sparks coming from the Shower pull switch in the bathroom. Obviously I had no way of contacting the agent so had to commision an
  23. I have now issued a County Court Claim for the defendant to refund the £475.00 as the contracted services were not supplied. However, I am struggling on the wording of the Particulars of Claim which I understand must be sent to the court and the defendant within a certain amount of time after the claim is issued. Could any legal minded folk help with the best way to word it and lay it out. Much appreichiated thepalace1
  24. Just found out this about the garage. My distant friend just took his 2000 W Reg Fiat Punto to him for MOT, it passed after £80 of remedial work. I contacted him and said you shouldn't have gone there he is dodgy as hell. ANy way, I said to him, Just out of interest let me put your car in for a second mot (even though it had just passed) and I would pay the £20 MOT fee (Half Price Deal at my new place i go) It came back as a BIG FAT fail... 16 hours after it passed with £80 remedial work. Now some people will say YEAH i have a guy who will push my car through an mot.
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