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  1. Hi nolegion. My mother had haemochromotosis, my sister has it but I am only a carrier. The reason they do not do the full blown Genetic Test first is because it costs hundreds and hundreds to do. Unlike the ferretin test which costs pence. Also please bear in mind, that when my mum was tested, my sister was tested and also when I was tested, the test results took over 6 weeks to come back, there are only to my knowledge 2 laboratories in the country that perform the Genetic testing for Haemochromotosis. Im my case it was 9 weeks, because my bloods were initially sent from my do
  2. My MP is George Galloway, so no help there i'm figuring. + I ring and ring every day with no answer, just in que. I wrote to them 3 weeks ago, they didn't even answer that
  3. Just a little further advice on this please. We decided not to appeal to go from WRAG to SUPPORT. We received the original appeal decision in our favour in APRIL 2014. Now its 28 July 2014 and we still have not had an increase in money, we still have not had any back-dated pay and are still having to send in sick notes. Should we have received back-pay by now? Should our money have increased? and should we have stopped sending in sick notes? over 12 weeks now since DWP changed the decision in our favour
  4. Thank you, Estellyn and antone... I think I will take a week or two (One month started Saturday) to decide and maybe seek wiser councel, maybe CAB etc etc, then decide which way to proceed.
  5. A quick run down of my case. August 2012, started claiming ESA IR. Initial WCA appointment March 2013 (Missed due to severe illness), so our ESA was stopped, we appealed citing the reasons and providing proof and the decision to stop the benefit was overturned and our benefit continued. Then it took a good 5 months (Aug 2013) until I actually had my assessment. I was awarded 0 points, the assessor made up lies in the report and said I could do stuff that I was not even asked to do etc etc etc. So we appealed this, I must have put in the worlds biggest appeal papers, about 2
  6. Ok, so I cannot get my head around what disbursements are for the purposes of vat. Could someone in the know please advice where we stand. My friend runs his own sole trader company fixing/repairing garden equiptment (Lawn mowers etc etc) He rents a commercial Unit approx 2000 sq ft. His landlord purchases Buildings insurance on the unit and charges my friend (the tenant) but also charges 20% VAT on top. Now I understand that Buildings insurance is exempt from VAT with only an IPT able to be charged. Now, the landlord pays £1011.89 for the insurance and passes thi
  7. I sent a letter to both Funeral Directors and Redwood Collections, Redwood called me and stated they will not be issuing me a breakdown because I should already have had one, I insisted I believe there are other debts that are not mine on it but he was not interested.
  8. Thanks MM, everything like that has been dealt with almost 2 years ago now (I forgot to mention my mum died July 2012) everything is accounted for/dealt with except the funeral debt..... To Andyorch, thanks for looking in on the thread...
  9. Hi mjt2013 and thanks: She is not liable in any legal standing, just morally I suppose, My parents only had me and my sister, we remain close, when my mother passed away it was our responsibility, we didn't even have to speak about the funeral expenses, we both presumed and presumed correctly that we both would pay 50/50, something that even up to this afternoon she confirmed she will pay half of everything. It was just myself who was the lead contact with funeral director, It was myself who signed forms and ultimately gave instructions, so that's why the debts are in my name.
  10. So would I write directly to funeral director or Redwood, to ask for breakdown? I must add for clarity though, that all though the account at the funeral directors is in my sole name, My sister is 50% liable for this debt, she has confirmed she will pay half, but unfortunately she is in as bad a financial situation as I am.
  11. Never received anything from the Funeral director saying they were going to assign the debt or had assigned the debt. Looking at the SD again, It says This demand is served on you by the creditor: Name: FUNERAL DIRECTORS NAME Address: THEIR ADDRESS but in Part B, The individual or individuals to whom any communications regarding this demand may be addressed is / Redwood Collections Ltd, Airport House, Purley Way, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 0XZ
  12. Thanks citizenB, should I ask them for a breakdown of the debt, or just rely on my documents?
  13. citizenB, thanks for your reply. I have not called them yet, only received it hand delivered 30 minutes ago. I have 2 assets in life, my car a 03 plate Renault worth £600, and a computer worth £200, I rent my house and am on benefits at the moment. I would have been entitled at the time to apply for a Funeral Grant from the social fund, but as said after my mums death, I buried my head in the sand and never applied.
  14. I have today received a Statutory Demand for a debt totaling just over £3,800, which comprises original debt + £399.00 debt recovery costs.. The original debt relates to a Funeral Service, the original creditor is the Funeral Directors, the stat demand is issued on behalf of them by Redwood Collections Ltd, Croydon. Now I know I owe this debt, I buried my mother 18 months ago and buried my head in the sand with grieving and depression. So now it really has come to bite me in the ****. Just before my mother passed, she was paying off the funeral of her second husband (not
  15. Not sure if anyone will know, or if this is the right forum, or even if it is right to put it on this site. Scenario. Ltd company is incorporated with assets of £15. that £15 is used to incorporate the company with companies house (the incorporation fee) Now that company is £15 in debt. The company fails to trade for the first year and thus has £0.00 turnover. How can a company be expected to file annual returns which incur a fee from companies house if the company has no money as is in debt and is not trading
  16. In fact, we qualify for over 45 ESA points on re-examination of the descriptors, and over 70% going to appeal are succesfuly, so I dont entirely agree with your point on that matter, but thank you If we win appeal, 90% of our rent arrears will be paid off
  17. Notice was given by way of section 8, Rent arrears, we had been receiving Housing Benefit through ESA claim, which was stopped due to 0 points on assessment, we are actively appealing this and hope that the HB payments will be backdated...
  18. We have received court papers for possession of our rented house, the case is due to be heard on 28 September 2013. The landlord has failed to and refused to place our deposit in a TDS. We have proof by way of signed receipt from the agent that the deposit was received, it is also in our tenancy agreement that it has been paid. Is the correct way to go about claiming deposit back and compensation by using the counterclaim section of the landlords claim for possession? or would this have to be done in our own separate claim? Is it worth me doing it? or should I involve one of the
  19. Well actually I say appeal, the decision was reversed at the "DWP Take a look at the decision again" stage, before it had gone to appeal. I worded the form as best I could, I provided print outs of my wife's online itemised phone bill proving that we told Atos that she could not make the appointment etc etc, and the empty box for Immodium Tablets.....
  20. Thanks to StarryEyes52 for your guidance, I can now report that today I learned of the success of my appeal. Thank you to all.
  21. I have received a reply, they state that unless I provide specific details relating to the data they will not search for it. Am I within my rights under the DPA to ask for ALL data, they seem to think they are not required to.. They are asking for specific information for local crimes, thing is some of the bits and pieces on my file was from my youth (minor things, I am not a huge criminal) and I don't remember dates and locations, some of the time was for Breach of Peace when jollyed' up., most of the data is from 1993 to 2000, so 20 years upto 13 years ago, I can't remember dates
  22. Thanks citizenB. They have my I.D and have accepted it, so they have about 36 days left, I know why they say it, because it is extra work having to sift through the data, well, I will see if I get a reply from them, I suppose I could ask the Information Commissioner Office for their take on it whilst I am waiting.
  23. I sent a Subject Access Request to West Yorkshire Police for data they may or may not hold on me. I sent the £10, the notice, and received a reply (which I have scanned and pdf'd) I have highlighted the section that smells to me like, 'You do all the work thepalace1' Is this against the Data Protection Act? I was under the impression that on receipt of request and acceptable I.D, they had 40 days to provide ALL data they hold about the Data Subject. I replied stating I would not be doing their job for them although I understand and accept that they are more than likely ve
  24. Promissory notes are cash.. "We have repeatedly said in this court that a bill of exchange or a promissory note is to be treated as cash. It is to be honoured unless there is some good reason to the contrary" (see per Lord Denning M.R. in Fielding & Platt Ltd v Selim Najjar [1969] 1 W.L.R. 357 at 361; [1969] 2 All E.R. 150 at 152, CA)
  25. Yes, I have just located the phone call entry on our itemised phone bill with Tmobile Date Day Time Number Type Duration 29 Jan Tue 12:35 0800 2888777 0800 Number 3:35
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