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  1. I have just looked them up on their website and the only number they give is the one that takes you to a bailiff........ I am going to take your advice and make a complaint. Also contact my council. Will let you know how it goes. Once again thank you x
  2. Hello again Hallowitch.....good to chat again! Sorry, the 17 letters were from them...... all repeats about taking goods, etc.....I have written 6 replies and 3 of them are recorded delivery. Although I had a letter today, there was no confirmation of the monies I sent last week. I explained that I was unsure of the amount to send now as had been unable to pay them for several weeks since mislaying the number, but said that this was a 'token' payment until we were able to discuss it again. Last time I spoke with you I did contact the council and they told me it was out of their hands now and I would have to deal with Equita direct. At this stage I was able to do so by phone, which is when we agreed an amount for me to pay, whic I have done so since.... I do, however, know that Equita are used by my council. Would you suggest I contact my council and tell them what has been happening?
  3. Hi, I am looking for some advice on how to reply to this letter I recieved today. I ahve a Council Tax debt that was passed over to Equita sometime ago. Although Iahve corresponded with them at great length in the past and eventually arranged regular payment with them, this was not without much difficulty and if it were not for this forum, I am not sure would have got anywhere at all........ However, during a recent move and upheavel, I 'mislaid' the direct phoneline to them, which I had been using each month to pay the agreed amount via my bank card. I wrote to them asking for this number again, but after numerous letters from myself, all they returned to me were their standard letters, threatening me with visits from bailiffs etc. Because of your site, I was able to send appropriate replies, each time asking, once again for direct contact with Equita, not a pin number putting me through to their bailiff. At no time have they answered me with other than threats. Last week I sent them yet another letter i reply to their threats of seizing my goods, reminding them that I have NEVER refused to pay, and wish to continue with our previous agreement. I also sent a postal order to them saying I had done so as had no other way to pay them until they sent me the direct phone number I requested SEVENTEEN letters earlier. Today, they have replied with a letter saying they are 'In possession of a Magistrates Liability Order, etc, etc. Also saying that I have failed to settle the outstanding amount. Pleaseeeeeee......are they just asleep, or just have no concept of how simple it would be to just send me the direct line again. Could somebody advise me what step to take next please. Regards
  4. Existing removal notices?? I will check and should I point this out to them in the letter. saying that I am already paying for these and why have they charged me again for the fees??? I am also going to ask for exact dates of 'so called visits' as I knwo there have not been any. I have every intention of paying them what I owe, but that is exactly my point.............only what I owe. Can you advise on anything else I should ask Equita in my letter?? Thank you
  5. Hi again, Ok so I have received the breakdown of charges................. However, upon close inspection it would appear that two of the original 5 'removal Notices' they sent me are related to two seperate unpaid council taxes going back 3 years that I have already made arrangements to pay and have been doing so for the last 6 months. They have even entered the regular amounts I have been paying with amount and date. Surely they can't send another removal notice for these, as they did??? On the remaining 3 they have done as I requested and told me the amounts, also adding their statutory fees of £24.50. Is this meant to be for the bailiff visit??? Because I know for a fact no bailifs have been here. I am not disputing the amounts still owing on the other three as it has been clarified with the council. I guess I will have to make an arrangement with Equita as once again the council have refused to deal with my case or take it back. I would appreciate some advise if possible.
  6. Ok, I recieved this letter from Equita today in reply to the two I sent them. Although I have an idea of what to do next, I would appreciate any imput from on here please. I write in response to your letter dated, etc ......... Pleased be advised that we currently hold five liability orders for you, all of which relate to unpaid Council Tax. Prior to our instructions you would have been issued the appropriate notices, which would have included a court summons for each debt, by the council. Details of such would need to be directed to them. You have continued to recieve bailiff noticesnas there is currently no payment plan in existence. You are further at risk of our removals team becoming involved and calling at your property, which could incur further additional costs. I would like to stress however that under co circumstances would any employee of this company act in any illegal manner, and strictly adhere to the relevant guidelines. I have arranged for seperate statements to be issued to you against each liabilty order and furthermore suspended all bailiff action until the 7 August to enable you to contact our office after receipt to put forward a suitable proposal. Now...................when I wrote I told them that although they had stated a bailiff had 'noted' my belongings, I knew for a fact this is not so, and asked them to send me of a list of said item...............there is no mention of this in the letter. Many of the questions I asked have not been answered. Does anybody have advise?????? Thank you
  7. Thank you................ That is exactly what I planned to do
  8. Hi, I had a very similar thing happen to me. Over a year ago an Equita bailiff called at my house when there was nobody in. They also posted a list through the door. On it was a friends motorhome, my daughter in laws car and among other things my sons motorbike. None of which they can take and they know it. I am sure there are lots of much more experienced people on here that will give you advise. Most of all don't panic!! It wil get sorted.
  9. Thank you.................... I think I have just about covered everything in your post from saying that I have good contact with council to telling them I expect a full reply within the said 14 days and if not I will take them to court. It gave me confidence to know that they were at least listening enough to realise I will not be messed with anymore...................will have to see how it unfolds.
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