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  1. Hi Damien, Have you tried this: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/buying-or-repairing-a-car/problems-with-a-used-car/ uteb
  2. So, the answer is NO. I should have read on............ CPR 38.6.(3) This rule does not apply to claims allocated to the small claims track.
  3. I have in mind CPR 38.6.(1), but I personalty don't judge people by the "rules".
  4. Thanks dx, I "wasted" money on a solicitor because I have lost cases in the past I should have won and I got scared. It was only recently that I could produce hard evidence this was statue barred. They had already "proved" it wasn't by their statement of account. Courts seem to generally accept the evidence of sophisticated banks/cardcos. This has been running for a long time and I was asking for help with costs for a discontinued small claim. I wish I had he foresight you have. uteb.
  5. Hi r&b, When I was on the verge of going bancrupt a friend of mine offered to pay my HMRC bill and although I was certain I could pay back, I offered him a charge over my property in case something went wrong outside of my control! It was quite simple for us. I found which Land Registry Office responsible for my property and gave them a ring. They were really helpful and it can be done on standard forms for a small payment. There is "deed" that needs to be witnessed, the loan amount and payments go on there too. You'll need the usual ID from both parties too. We both wen
  6. Hi everyone, So my good friends at Capquest have been nipping at my backside again, this time using the wrong account number, creditor, agreement and more. You would have to see it to believe it. That aside it the final account they decided upon has been proved statute barred and they have discontinued. In the meantime in an attempt to defend the ever moving claim I've paid for duplicate bank statements, made a court application and taken advice from a solicitor. A report to the FOS and FCA are probably in order, but does anyone know if a claimant in a "small" claim they are p
  7. Sad loss. Not only to his familiy and friends, but to all those he helped at CAG.
  8. Thanks Ford. The order didn't even require them to petition let alone within a time. Nothing has happened. Might be dead, might come back in a few years! I had in mind getting an order to force them to petition or drop it altogether. Maybe it's not that simple. uteb
  9. OpenOffice should work, but dowloads are opened read only. Try Save as. Many of us here have been through hell. Stay focused and with the help of people here you will find a way.
  10. Hi peeps! Must be a year plus since the SD and no petition. As far as I can tell SD's don't expire, altough I guess I might have an argument after 6 years. It bothers me a lot this is still up on the air. Any suggestions how I might force a conclusion either way? An injunction? Grateful thanks! uteb
  11. Lost the appeal too. Judge wasn't keen on the idea of peasant not paying his debts. No petition as yet. Madness.
  12. Hi peeps! My story briefly: SD from CQ Applied to set-aside and lost Appealed decision and lost Waiting for CQ to petition, but nothing as yet The would be mad to petition anyway as I have no assets, and their share of my total debt once I wake up the dormant ones for BR is about 5%! uteb.
  13. Not been on here for a while, but well done balster! I'm still trying to resolve mine. Can't say much at the moment.
  14. Hello peeps! Well, if you're reading this and you were thinking of going down the same road then stop and think. It looks like you would loose out badly and have no protection from UK regulators. Link to who calls we website with some interesting observations (hope this is allowed): http://whocallsme.com/Phone-Number.aspx/02081331548 plus MSE: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=3168094 uteb.
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