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  1. I crashed my car a couple months back and ended up selling it to a breaker for a fair amount without tax. I sent off my tax disc to get the 1 month remaining tax refunded (only about #30 but better than nothing!) and received a letter back the other day stating I wouldn't get a refund. There were three possible reasons specified, two of which I think are relevant; 1. Something about not needing it (this is relevant as I sent off my "sold to scrapyard" slip a week later, they probably spotted this before processing the refund and though naaah). 3. Name at top of letter doesn
  2. Yeah that's what I'm thinking I will let you all know
  3. Thanks for trying, I'll phone them up later and ask about charges then ask to speak with someone else.. Failing that, letter it is. I know all details on the charges so should be fairly easy...
  4. I phoned Abbey a while back and had £30 of charges returned. Since then all my charges came through and I now have been charged a total of £180 but need this :S If I phone up can I ask to speak to someone higher up to get the refund approved or do I HAVE to go through the letter approach? Matt.
  5. Ok found out this is also a charge which means I'm being charged a monthly fee, a fixed fee and then the £35 is because the direct debit amount was over £30 or something like that. The branch said nothing they can do, speak to telephone banking but I hate phoning them. Have already had a refund recently but going to try my best to get the extra £180 in charges back. Especially when I need £390 (+ spending money) for my first REAL holiday next month. Edit - For the record I found this.. Requested = Charge £0 to £9.99 = £5 £10 to £19.99 = £10 £20 to £29.99
  6. Ok I'm still a little confused on this. It happened again (finances sorted now though!). The people in the call centre repeat the same things over and over and don't have a clue what I mean when I state the charges they're looking at are different. The following appears in my bank statement (quite a few times) and they don't seem to be able to see this. Only the fee's show up, but what the hell is this?! (date, description, amount taken, current bank balance) 1. O2 try taking money which I don't have. 2. O2 refund the money and ask for it to be paid ASAP. 3. I pay it on a
  7. Phoned them.. The two charges were returned instantly but the other things he said couldnt be found and to try again in a few days :s
  8. Ok thank you. I will phone them asap and enquire.
  9. Damn, so I've got to claim it that's gonna take ages £115 which I need right now. Grr.
  10. No I didn't, I assumed that if they had the money then it wouldn't be requested from my again. So do you think O2 have my money and my O2 account is in credit?
  11. I would normally pay by DD but had to pay by card as I had no money in the account at the time.
  12. Hi, Been searching trying to find an answer but nothing relevant has come up as of yet so... I checked my bank account a few days ago to find "UNPAID DIRECT DEBIT .. NOT ENOUGH MONEY" but I don't understand it. I've had a few DD's bounce in lately but the company (O2) returned it and then I paid these on another card to make sure they had the money to cover the bills. Are these charges or have they just sent them again (in which case O2 have my money)? Matt. Edit - amounts are £35, £25, £25 and a £5 charge and £25 charge... My bank is basically empty now and
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