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  1. If they are lying, I'd certainly like to get the money back. But I'm not sure how I would go about it. (An invoice, followed by a court summons?) The woman I spoke to at the bailiff's was adamant that the £42.50 was their standard basic fee for handling a case. (I do wonder - if they can't charge such a fee, how do they ever make any money?) Cheers Elliot
  2. The bailiffs tell me that the fee of £42.50 is not related to any visits (they didn't make any), or to sending me a letter. It is their basic fee for handling a case. The council tell me that £75 is the 'summons cost', and £20 is the 'liability hearing cost'. Elliot
  3. Many thanks for the helpful response. It was probably foolish of me to pay the full amount when I got the nasty letter from the bailiffs. I suspect they are billing me for visits that they never made. I'll speak to the council and the bailiffs tomorrow and report back. Cheers Elliot
  4. Hi guys I have a couple of questions regarding late payment of council tax and liability orders. I've made a real mess of paying my council tax this year. No excuses really - I've just been rather disorganised lately. And now I'm paying for it! I'm ashamed to say that I ignored Tower Hamlets initial council tax bill back in March, and then I also ignored the reminder they sent me at the end of April. However when the court summons came through the letterbox, mid May, I paid my council tax in full (£796.90). But I didn't pay the additional 'costs' of £75, assuming that as I had paid all my council tax - a full two weeks before the scheduled court date - then the costs would be waived. Big mistake! A few days after the court date I got a liability order 'for not paying your council tax'. The bill was for £95 (I guess that's the original £75 'costs', plus £20 further costs). However I ignored it - at the time I thought it was a mistake as I had paid my council tax in full. Then there was nothing for a few weeks. I thought that Tower Hamlets had maybe realised their error and given up on chasing me. (Doh!) So this morning I get a hardcore threatening letter from some bailiffs called Rundle and Co. The letter spooked me, so I went online and gave them what they were asking - £137.50. I have no idea what it's for, but I guess £95 of it gets divvied up between the court and Tower Hamlets, and the rest of it - £42.50 - is what the bailiffs charge for sending a letter. A few questions: 1. I had it coming, didn't I? 2. They're all entitled to their money, right? 3. What kind of black marks do I now have against my name (re. credit ratings etc.)? Many thanks for any info. This has ruined my weekend, but I've probably only got myself to blame. Cheers Elliot
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