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  1. Hi, Has anyone found that there STudent Loan fell under the "unenforceable" category. DOes anyone know if Student Loans taken before April 2006 have a chance of bieng "unenforceable"? Many Thanks.
  2. Hi all, I have a couple of loans taken out prior to April 2006 but they have now been sold on to other agencies. Who do I write to for the original agreement? The original provider or the current agency?
  3. Hi, "-Lastly, most of my debts have been sold on to other company's, where do I send the request for a copy of the CCA? Lastly, most of my debts have been sold on to other company's, where do I send the request for a copy of the CCA? -Send the requests to whoever you are making payments to." My debts have been passed onto other companies but I am not making payments to anyone. Who should I send the CCA requests to? Subject Access Request A Subject Access Request is a demand which you can make to any organisation to disclose any personal information which they hold on you. The right to disclosure of data is provided by the Data Protection Act. There is no time limit. The organisation is obliged to reveal everything they have about you - which you ask for - as far back as you ask for. There are very few exceptions. It does not matter whether the data is held on microfiche, in an archive, on tape, in a cardex system, in sound recordings or in screen notes. Some companies are saying that they do not have to disclose where it would be difficult to do so - "disproportionate effort". This is untrue. Disproportionate effort refers to something else under the Act. If you are seeking bank charges information then you should ask for "all data held on you" and you should make it clear that you want everything as far back as it goes. Do not be put off by excuses. Do not accept being fobbed off. It is not in your bank's interest to make full disclosure to you. This means that it is in your interests to get it. If you have not started gathering your bank charges information yet, then you should start now. There will soon be a big rush once the OFT test case has been settled. Get all of your bank account informtion as far back as possible. At least as far back as 1995. If your bank says that they don't keep data as far back as this, don't accept it. Be persistent. They've got what you need in some form or other.
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