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  1. Hello. We are having some problems with 1st Credit Ltd at present, any advice on the following: 1. We set up a pro rata agreement with 1st Credit two months ago, to which they agreed, and have not missed a payment. They stated in their confirmation letter that they would send out an 'all-pay' card, which they have not done so. We have sent them cheques, which they have cashed, and informed them in writing that we have not received any payment card, which they have ignored. 2. On 01.07.10 we received a letter dated (28.07.10) stating that we had breached the pro rata agreement...not
  2. Thanks for the advice. We are not gonna pay 'em, so they will have to send their 'orificer' around
  3. Hello. Last June we had a 'ticket' placed on our car by Armtrac. There was a valid ticket on display in the window, which we have kept, although it had flipped over when the door was closed. I photographed the sign posting in the car park and discovered no mention with regard to penalty fees, they only make reference to clamping. Of course we did not pay it and after awhile my wife received a letter from Armtrac requesting payment. She was not driving, but is the vehicle keeper. We sent back the template letter asking them to take it up with the driver concerned, to which they requ
  4. Thanks for the help everyone. We received a letter stating that they are adding interest based upon the 'original agreement'. This was strange as we know that there is no original areement. We had a battle with Vanquis last year, even managed to get the FOS to write to them, and all they could produce was some generic terms & conditions. What we have done is a new CCA request to Cabot, stating that they are quoting an 'original agreement', and guess what? They don't have one in their possession, and they have to contact the OC to get one. Which in turn they will never be able t
  5. Hello. My wife had a debt with Vanquis. A CCA request was sent to 1st Credit, who were acting on the behalf of Vanquis, they put the account on hold. While waiting for a reply from 1st Credit, CARS DCA starting asking for money. To cut a long story short, we eventually got some 'generic terms & conditions', nothing enforceable without a court order, by complaining to the FOS. The debt has since been sold to Cabot. They have accepted a pro rata offer, but keep adding interest even though we have asked them not to. They state that they can charge interest at an equivalent rate u
  6. Have just copied the s10 form from the debt collection link. There is a lot of material that does not seem to apply, like the 'specifics', what do you actually need to leave in?
  7. Do you send the standard s10 Data Protection letter on the template thread, or does it need editing?
  8. Vanquis are still responsible even though Cabot have bought it?
  9. This topic has probably been covered before but can anyone provide a quick answer please. Cabot have just bought a debt of my wifes from Vanquis, who do we SAR with the ultimate aim of getting the charges removed?
  10. Update: Still getting calls from RW, atleast one per day. Had phonecall from TS and this is how it went: Advised by TS to change our phone number and possibly contact IC with regard to FOS possibly, in my opinion it had to be, passing on the number to RW. Informed by TS that the law has changed in the last two months, obviously referring to the test cases, in that if 'documents' are produced by a creditor then the debt could possibly be enforced. My reply was that, bear in mind that I wasn't expecting this topic to arise and have not read as much as I should have
  11. There has been some progress. I spoke to a gentleman from the local Social Services and he has taken details of the situation. He has been in contact with my stepmother about sending someone to have a look, sounds like it will take awhile to get sorted...atleast the ball is rolling.
  12. Any tips on scanning and pasting images up would be a great help. I have had problems before with this aspect, they end up to small or unreadable.
  13. Sent off complaint to TS yesterday by recorded delivery. Received a letter from RW offering the wife a 'significant discount', if she does not call them they will initiate further action...sounds familiar. Also received two phonecalls, both from the same lady (not the verbal machine gun this time), two minutes apart and on different numbers. Did not speak to her.
  14. Thanks for the quick replies. We were told before Xmas that the company were going to perform 'employee interviews', and that we would be given the questions prior to the interview so that we could formulate answers. Some of the people at work have been there for 10+ years and have never experienced this. It probably has something to do with the fact that the company has replaced alot of its staff with contractors. It has been stated, though not in writing, that the remaining staff places are safe, but who knows... I do intend to take a recording device with me to the interview.
  15. Can anyone help with this problem? My workplace has started doing 'employee interviews'. Prior to said interview each employee is given a question sheet with a space provided between each for an answer. The questions cover a wide range of employment issues, some of which don't make any sense. We have been told that the questions don't mean anything, I have asked if I can just hand in the answers to said questions in order to save time but managment state that we must speak them... At work this morning I discovered that the interviews are conducted by two members of managment, one
  16. Sent off the letters on Monday. Today in the post I received a copy of a signed agreement relating to the 'in dispute' letter that I had previously sent. Although from what I have seen and read on other posts it appears to be a copy of a scanned image, chances are that it is. I think that I will SAR them next as there are alot of charges that have been applied.
  17. Have sent back the consent form that the OFT sent to us. Also posting off virtually the same complaint to TS tomorrow. The phonecalls have started again, we are not speaking to the muppets. Keep getting the same woman, all she says is 'hello, hello, hello, hello...' sounds like a verbal machine gun
  18. I think sending the 'bemused' & 'door step' letters is a good idea, I will send them off on Monday. Thanks for the advice.
  19. Sorry, should have mentioned that I have already sent an 'in dispute' letter to Debitas on the day that I received the T&C, it didn't stop them from passing it on Could Debitas/Fredirckson not just say that the T&C comply with a s.77/78 request? From what I have read so far they don't seem to have to provide a signed copy, while Debitas state that this complies with what I requested...although I don't agree with them. Also all of our dealings with any DCA are done via recorded dilivery
  20. Back in November 2009 I requested a copy of my CCA from Debitas. Mid' December I received a letter from them stating that they are going to take immediate action, such as passing the debt on to a DCA. They made no reference to the CCA request at all. A couple of days later I received a letter that contained a leaflet of T&C and a double sided letter. On the reverse were some more T&C while on the front it just informed me of the presence of the leaflet and the T&C on the back. In between receiving the T&C I received a visit from a Debitas collector. He never confirm
  21. Thanks 'bb' we will phone Consumer Direct tomorrow. As for 'Sensibly Speaking', yes I agree that you have a right to your opinion, however, it would be wise to remember this phrase: "To acuse someone of being wrong, you have to be right all the time"
  22. Do TS handle individual cases and would you advise contacting the FOS again?
  23. Thankyou very much for the advice. Will send to TS as soon as we get a reply from the OFT.
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