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  1. Thanks for all the advice Che and SarEl. Was informed today by two of my co-workers that the manager who I (and two other employees) raised the issue with informally has been phoning everyone, not me, and telling them that we did not have an informal discussion, that he told me to write to him and request an informal discussion and that all I wanted was a grievance hearing. 1. Well not only do I have two witnesses to said conversation, I also taped it. I know that it's not admissable in court as he was unaware of the taping but it proves that he is a liar. It also proves to
  2. We have just handed in another letter stating that we have already had an informal discussion and that we want our grievance hearing. In reply to your questions Che: 1. 3yrs 7mths. 2. 8. 3. Yes. we are all losing between 2 and 5 hrs per week. 4. It's about 23% of my wage. We used to get paid £7.30 from 0300 to 0400 (Wed to Sun) specifically to cover the cost of packing magazines and newspaper supplements etc. From 0400 we get paid at a standard shift rate. This has been the case for many years. What management is doing is that they are removing said hour and pa
  3. Received a letter today from the idiot manager who myself and another employee tried to raise the grievance with informally, prior to putting in a formal grievance. He has states that he feels sorry that we didn't raise the issue informally with him in the first place , and that we should arrange an informal meeting with him and another manager to do so. He also completely ignores the fact that we are at present working under protest, and states that if the issue cannot be resolved he will resurrect the formal grievance. What I'd like to know is when did the formal grievance die
  4. Thanks once again for the advice. I have heard today that our boss has had his solicitor look at the situation, and the word going around is that the solicitor reckons the situation is a 'grey area'. Should be hearing within the next couple of days about the date of the hearing. I will post again with the outcome.
  5. Thanks for the quick response SarEl. We have just been informed that our hours and pay are being reduced, and that we are going to be doing work that we were previously paid for, for free. We discovered this two days ago in an informal memo, no consultation or anything. A couple of us tried to informally resolve the change to our contracts but the manager is a complete t**t. He can't understand why he can't just change our contracts without consulting us, and to put the metaphorical cherry on the cake, he also finds it difficult to understand why none of us have ever complained when
  6. Myself and several fellow workers are making a formal grievance as a group. Any advice as to the standard procedure that a 'group grievance' follows? For example, can they make each worker partake in an individual meeting or do they have to address the collective as a unit?
  7. It's been awhile since we last heard anything. Hopefully they have given up, 'cause they aint gettin' a penny out of us
  8. Sorry it's taken me a while to get back. Been dealing with some ongoing health issues. Anyway, it was signed in July 2006. Hope this helps.
  9. Update: Well, FIL and I went to the CAB meeting and were advised to attend the meeting with his ex-employer as it would add more weight to his case. The CAB couldn't understand why his ex-boss wanted to go to a tribunal either. The meeting went quite well, we presented the facts to her and she had no comeback at all. There was a representative from the brewery present also. I don't think they liked it when I produced detailed logs of dates, times, names and responses to phone conversations etc. This really helped. The end result is that my FIL has been promised a cheque
  10. Just compared the last letter to one that was received in December 2009, and they're virtually the same. Guess this must be the work of their threat-o-matic computer again. Oh well, another letter for the growing pile.
  11. Thanks BB for the quick reply. Would you mind explaining in what way the services of our local MP/councillors would help in the situation?
  12. Update: Wife received another letter from Robingscum's in-house solicitor Horwich Farrelly. Once again in her maiden name; stating that they have been instructed to commence court action... unless she pays in full or contacts them as to why she cannot within the next ten days. Would report it, though after the experience of post 40 we feel that TS & OFT are about as much use a choclate teapot. Any advice? Oh, I managed to get confirmation from the FOS that they do pass on contact details to the company that you are complaining about. Guess that would explain al
  13. Update: FIL's ex-employer sent him another letter, basically a re-working of the letter reffered to in post 1. There's no reference to the last letter - see post 11 - he gave her in person, with a witness present. Even though she has sacked him she sill wants to resolve the situation amicably; aslong as he agrees to drop one day, forget about being treated like a sack of s**t and receive no other payment whatsoever. It is a stupid letter, he doesn't even work for her and a meeting with her seems pointless, she is not prepared to budge in the slightest and wants him to give in to her de
  14. Update: FIL visited the solicitors for a free advice session. He was informed that he has a good case for either 'unfair dismissal' or 'constructive dismissal', the solicitor was not sure which but said that for her to look it up he would have to start paying. She advised him to contact the CAB ASAP and file an Employment Tribunal claim. He has an appointment for two weeks time. In the meantime, his former employer wants to have a meeting with him to try and resolve the situation, bear in mind that she had two chances to do this when he worked there. Personnaly I don't think th
  15. This topic makes me laugh. It always comes up when the government wants to divert attention from a topic they don't like, it happened when the MP expenses scandal raised its ugly head. Trouble is people listen to it and jump on the bandwagon, they don't seem to understand that their tax pays for alot of other stuff, how many consider that their tax contributes to stray rounds and bombs responsible for friendly fire and civilian deaths during war? The food and medical attention that convicted rapists, peadophiles etc receive in prison? The list goes on... It's just easier to brand the unemp
  16. Update: Spoke to the Brewery today. They confirmed that he is not employed by them, as we thought. The Brewery area manager has been informed by the landlady that she does not have the right SIA (non-front line) licence to employ Doorstaff on the payrole. Strange, she has employed him for over three months, and in her letters she has never mentiond this, in fact her last letter clearly states that if he agrees to her terms that he can continue to work there, the reason being, that they are not very busy on a Friday night, no mention about a licence. Phoned the local council. T
  17. Thanks for the great advice so far. The pub is owned by a local brewery and the landlady has leased it from them. When she took over the lease she tried to cut his hours, basically she took the business on without doing any research into it. She told him that they did not need him on Friday nights, he protested against this and put in a grievance. She said that he couldn't as when the business changed hands the previous landlord had given all the staff their P45's. What he actually gave them was their P60's. When he gave her the letter she dropped him completely that weekend
  18. Update: FIL gave the letter we drafted to his employer. Basically it stated that he would accept redundancy and the amount of notice, redundancy pay, unspent holiday pay he wanted. He got a letter from the employer and it contained his holiday pay and a P45, they have sacked him. He spoke to his employer on the phone about it, he was informed that they are not making him redundant, the brewery is. Strange, the pub is owned by the brewery but managed by his employer, the same person who pays his wage and everyone elses in the pub. He has got a meeting with a solicitor soon
  19. Thanks for the advice Elmo South. I will check up for him.
  20. He is employed by the pub and they deduct tax etc from his wages. There are no other door staff, and yes he does have a SIA licence. The employer usually gets someone else to cover when he is away, agency I think. How would he be able to check the requirements of the premises licence? The employer doesn't seem that clued up on the situation at all. They did little research into the pub and what they were taking on. Basically it's going down hill.
  21. Hey, thanks for the great advice. I have written a letter for him based on what 'Sidewinder' has posted. The 'Old Man' doesn't mind if they make him redundant as long as they do it right. I think he has had enough of being messed around by them. Will keep you all updated. Thanks once again I asked him about the contract and he does have a written one form the previous employer.
  22. My father-in-law works as a doorman at a pub. He has been continously for three years. Several months ago the business changed hands and as far as we are aware his contract has to remain the same under employment law. The owner has decided to cut his hours, therefore changing his conttract without his agreement. A letter was given to her stating that he does not accept this and that he is now working under protest until the problem is resolved. He also raised a grievance under the Employment Act 2002, as advised by CAB. His employer has replied: They state that the Employment
  23. Update. Well we changed our number back in March to end the call barrage from RW. All was quiet until today when we received a 'Formal Demand for Payment'. Once again they are requesting full payment within 10 days or they will take court action. They state that their 'client' has authorised them to, strange when they own the debt. So much for the OFT & TS doing anything, seems like they are free to do what they want
  24. My wifes signature was present on the t & c page, including the date which was in July 2006. I am puzzled by the fold marks on the t & c page, which is the rear of the application page. It also states 'page 3' in the bottom right hand corner. There are also some odd markings at the top & bottom of the application page...could these be scanned images? Thanks for the advice so far
  25. Thanks for the advice. The agreement is pre April 2007, can anyone provide exact details as to how the agreement I posted is 'legally unenforceable'? We removed personal details, there was no signature at all from Aqua. We are going to send a complaint to the OFT and TS, not had much luck with them in the past, but with '1st Credits' OFT track record perhaps they will do something:grin:
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