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  1. They do not identify any 'debt' dx. Only that they are acting continuing their 'clients' recent investigations No 'client' is identified and they also refer to said information being obtained via a credit reference agency. Just checked Experian and no searches have been made. Very vague I know but it's all I have to go on.
  2. Received a voice-text last week from these muppets and just received a letter. The only debts that I have outstanding are being paid pro-rata and the rest are unenforceable. And by unenforceable I mean that I have written proof stating that all debt collection activity has been ceased, accounts have been closed and that they are unenforceable. Don't even know who these scumbags are. Any advice? Appart from 'don't contact them'
  3. We managed to get the money refunded by Tuesday. Guess that is one thing that they can do on time Thank's to all who replied.
  4. Just realised that the package must be related to the second s. 77/78 request that was made on 02.07.10, over two years ago!!! We have just checked the contents against what we have already: 1. Twice before we have been sent the same information as depicted in post#1. The application printed on one side and the terms & conditions printed on the other. This has always been flawed as the terms & conditons page clearly states 'page 3', and see post#6. 2. Twice before we have received a wad of terms & conditions stating key financial information, general card condi
  5. Update: Received in the post today a very odd package from 1st Credit Ltd. The covering letter makes reference to a s. 77/78 request made by my us. It contains the same stuff as presented in 'post #1'. We have made no recent request, the last communication with them was about twelve months ago and related to pro rata, which we are paying. The covering letter does however request that we contact them with regard to repayment. It makes no sense at all. We have not made any new s. 77.78 requests and have none outstanding. Any ideas what they are up to? Also, are they sti
  6. Thank's Nagasis. Will wait until Tuesday and see what happens.
  7. We placed an online order with a shop called 'Total Wargamer': http://www.totalwargamer.co.uk. The order was placed about nine days ago and we havereceived no goods. We contacted them today, took several attempts as nobody will answer the phone, and one of the staff spouted stuff about having their credit halved etcetera. This concerned us as the order was for about £100 in Xmas presents for our sons. The staff member also stated that they do not hold card details on their system, that's why they took the money straight away on the day of order. My wife requested a refund and he sta
  8. A Gardian article with regard to the thread topic: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/nov/12/fit-for-work-tests-employment-support
  9. Please pass and post the link above on!!!
  10. Not sure if this has been posted already: http://wearespartacus.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/The-Peoples-Review-of-the-Work-Capability-Assessment.pdf Very interesting, especially if you have gone through the 'assesment'.
  11. Be wary of dealing with these a*******s!!! If you give them your email, contact number etcetera they will bombard you with threats and demands. You really want to deal with them in 'writing only', nothing else. I have spoken to these cretins on the phone and they are a bunch of lying s***s!!! Even though I recorded every conversation with them they still deny what they stated. When dealing with them send all correspondence by recorded signed for delivery. Log times, dates, names, and content of any and all contact you have with them. Horwich Farrelly are RW's in-
  12. Thank you very much 42man. Very interesting reading. We were advised by TS to warn them under the Protection from Harassment Act, so taking action is a possibility. Will definitely investigate this avenue as we have had enough of these cretins
  13. Have sent another complaint to the OFT. Going to make one to the CSA and another to TS. Received reply to complaint and Robberscum have provided a 'reconstituted copy' of the alleged agreement. The trouble is that it contains terms & conditions from post 2004 when the alleged account is pre-2004. Also, we find it hard to believe as my wife has 100% never signed a consumer credit agreement. She never opened the account, ordered any goods, paid any monthly statements, had any goods delivered to our address etcetera. Does this mean that it is still in default/
  14. We have now sent another formal complaint to RW. Within we have warned them for harassment and stated that we will be, once again, writing to the OFT and TS. We have also sent a SAR to Shop Direct Group. First, to confirm that neither my wife is not the account holder in either her maiden or married name. Second, to request any information that they have on her with regard to said account. Hopefully we will get something in writing. I think that the next step will have to be a complaint to Shop Direct Group if it all pans out. After all they, accordin
  15. We have been advised by the local TS to write a complaint to them and warn them under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. We have also informed RW in the letter that we will be making complaints, once again, to TS and the OFT. 42man. How do you press for harassment if they continue to do so when you have warned them? Yeah, sorry dx100uk. I have been really stressed lately, what with ill health and other issues, and I couldn't help myself. They are not going to get a penny.
  16. Just received another letter demanding payment. The last conversation that we had with them they stated that the balance is zero and no-one will be chasing for it. I even recorded it. First I phoned RW and recorded it: They state that the alleged account is still owed by my wife. They deny that a CCA request was made in 2009 and that it is unfilled and therefore in default. State that catalogue debts are not bound by the CCA 1974 as they are mail order. I then phoned Kays (Shopdirect) and gave them the account number that RW state on their letters
  17. Thank you all for the feedback. Mother phoned Atos this morning and they have postponed the assessment and will provide a home visit if she gets a letter from her GP. She then contacted her GP and he has agreed to write a letter for her explaining that she cannot attend the assessment and needs a home visit. Hopefully this will work out. Thank you all once again.
  18. She is going to contact Atos tomorrow. Can they refuse a home visit? I thought that you had a right to one if you cannot get to an assessment centre. As for the GP letter. That will probably set her back about £25+ which she, or us, cannot afford. Surely Atos are obliged to contact said GP?
  19. The DWP were informed when she went into hospital after having a stroke and when she came out again.
  20. Hello all. My mother had a haemorrhagic stroke on 25.09.12 and spent nearly four weeks in hospital before being discharged. Prior to her stroke she was getting ESA for her severe anxiety problems. She has just received a request to attend a WCA at the local Atos assessment centre for this coming Saturday. My questions are: 1. The assessment centre is over ten miles away. She has serious mobility problems; the furthest she has walked is about fifty yards and was done with a physiotherapist present, using a walking aid, at snails pace and with several stops. She cannot get
  21. Thank you for all the advice and concern. It's really hard to keep it all together, even when you are a bloke, when you have to see your mother like that. She had a bleed on the brain and can't use her right leg or arm. She has some slight movement in her right hand but not much. Yes it is probably a good thing that she already gets ESA but I know that she is due another WCA soon, and perhaps another battle with Atos.
  22. Hello. Not sure if this is the correct place for this post. My mother suffered a stroke on Saturday night and is currently in hospital. She receives ESA (WRAG component) and lives in an upstairs flat owned by Coastline Housing (Housing Association located in Cornwall). From what I gather her ESA will not be affected, though they have to be informed that she is in hospital. What I need help with is the following: 1. Will she loose her property after a specific time period? 2. Is there such a thing as an 'Emergency Housing List'? 3. She has spent most of he
  23. Hello everyone. I am about to put in a claim for ESA via the phone soon. I presume that the questions they ask are the same as those on the form, if so, how do you answer the following: Have you done a course of education, training or apprenticeship in the last 4 years? If you are still doing the course, tick Yes. This has confused me. I did a full-time course which finished 3yrs and 3mths ago. So in answer to the bold text on the ESA claim form form, as shown above, yes I have done a course of education in the last four years, but, I am no longer doing it as it has en
  24. Still heard nothing about a grievance hearing, going to get some legal advice this week with regard to the next step. Good ideas meekmeek. We are taking our time and the customers are not happy and it will be even worse in the summer. Every drop on each delivery route has an RDT (Recomended Delivery Time), the latest time at which the customer should receive their papers. If said RDT's are constantly failed then there is a very good chanch that our company will lose the contract. The managing director seems ok with this, and this is where it all starts to get stupid... The man
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