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  1. UPDATE: Have sent off another SAR to Provident. Hopefully it will not go missing like the last one.
  2. UPDATE: It seems that the SAR has conviently gone missing. The first time we send seomething to Provident head office, rather than the local branch, and it does not arrive. Have checked 'track & trace' and also 'Post Office Counters', with regard to checking to see if the postal order was cashed, and there is nothing to report. Should we send another SAR? Perhaps to either the local branch or maybe Edrupt? Any advice?
  3. UPDATE: My mother received a letter on 22.08.13, it was dated 16.08.13, from C. K. Edrupt. There is a heading of 'NOTICE OF INTENDED ACTION'. It states that as they have received no reply to their last letter(s) they have assumed that she does not intend to repay her account. This is followed up by threats, which may happen, should she fail to contact them by 30.08.1,3 of lagal action or reffering the account to a DCA. This is insane as she is still repaying what she, and Provident agreed, to Provident, via their payment card, every month. The latest payment w
  4. Update: The SAR is going off today. Even though my mother is already in a 'repayment plan' with Provident, Edrupt still want either a) full payment of the outstanding balance by 09.08.13 or b) the return of their 'income and expenditure form' with a first payment by 09.08.13 She is going to keep on paying Provident (via their 'Payment Card') what she agreed. I doubt if Edrupt will take this into consideration so any advice on what is likely to happen if she does not supply/give them what they want?
  5. Sorry dx, call me thick, but what would the SAR be related to specifically? What would we be demanding or looking for?
  6. Sorry to pester but any advice with regard to what to write, or if it is covered by the irresponsible lending guidance from the OFT ( I have looked and think that it maybe), would be of great help.
  7. I have just spoken to the Provident Personal Credit to try and get some idea as to what guidelines they have with regard to lending money. The lady informed me that it is down to the' local offices' to set their own guidelines. I phoned the local office and stated that my mother had about £90 per week, about £10-15 left after deducting gas, electric, food etcetera and the lady I spoke to sated that perhaps she should not have been lent the money!!! She states that it is down to the 'agents on the ground' who dealt with my mother, both of whom are now not with
  8. Here is a brief overview of the situation: A few years ago my mother, who was suffering with just severe anxiety/depression, took out a loan with Provident Personal Credit Limited. She was in receipt of just ESA (WRAG component). Just over a year ago she was at our house and burst into tears. I asked her what was wrong and discovered to my horror that Provident had been taking over £172 per month from her in repayment of a now £3000+ loan. It meant that she was paying over 50% of her fornightly income, before the deduction of gas, electric, food etcetera. This ca
  9. Hello dx100uk. We have just checked with Experian and discovered that the debt has never been defaulted on, it just states 'satisfactory'. Further, after checking our filed letters from Droyds we noticed that on one occasion they have threatened court action and on two occasions they have threatened legal action. Didn't think that they could do this without a default? Strange, another letter does refer to a 'default plan'... Any ideas?
  10. We have been offered some help, as I stated in my first post, to clear some small debts. This is one, of three, of the smallest that we have.
  11. UPDATE: Just received a letter from Droyds and they have refused the offer of £23.70. They request that they want £177 as a F&F. Any advice?
  12. Thanks for the advice everyone. Will be sending off the offer by recorded delivery tomorrow. Will keep you updated.
  13. BRIGADIER2JCS, this might sound really stupid but what do you mean by '...you could offer the 10% - £23.70 in a very generous settlement'? Do you mean that we should just offer £23.70 as a 'full & final'? Also, what are the chances of them taking an offer that low?
  14. Reply to dx100uk: there are no charges or PPI and it is a catalogue debt (Redcats). Thanks BRIGADIER2JCS. I guess that you just negotiate from there on until you get a result?
  15. We have a debt with Droyds which is currently being paid via pro-rata payments. There is an enforceable credit agreeement and the debt is post April 2007. The total outstanding is about £237 and we may be able to get some help to pay it off as a 'full & final' payment. Any advice on what would be a reasonable offer to make?
  16. Here we go: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-22404562 Me thinks Mr.C must have some serious mental health problems. Yes, of course, everyone who turned their backs on the Tory's only did so because they are not persecuting welfare claimants hard enough. Surely none of us would vote against them just because they are a complete bunch of hate filled, spoilt, rich, deluded, misleading s#!+s who are out of touch with real world?!
  17. I was just wondering how long it will be before the ConDem' s begin a new propaganda campaign of 'welfare hate' following their losses at the local elections. You usually see 'welfare hate propaganda' in the headlines following a government hammering, just to appease the small minded, oh and course, the Tory voter. I think said stories act as some kind of analgesia for wounded pride
  18. Have a gander at this: http://welfarenewsservice.com/atos-in-2k-disability-discrimination-settlement/#.UWg2tzBwb3s Interesting
  19. Further to my last post, MP' s can claim upto £3750 if they have to come back from over seas for the 'Thatcher Agrandisement' in Parliament this week, it just keeps getting better for the 'strivers' out there!!! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-22086690
  20. £10,000,000 for a funeral!!! SAS guard, c'mon you're having a laugh. The crematorium near where I live would do it for under a grand!!! In fact, I'd do it for £500. I suppose a few more benefit cuts must be on the way to cover this unexpected cost to the taxpayer.
  21. I agree... but why not save the taxpayer some money and send her on her way without all the 'pomp and glory'!!! How much is this all going to cost? Surely something small and private would be enough?! What I remember most about the Thatcher years is the following example of insanity: Our neighbours had two kids who ran around without shoes on their feet most of the time. They didn't have a penny to scratch their a***s. Yet, when Thatcher was elected for the last time we could hear them shouting, 'YES!!! WE WON!!!'. Utter madness. Yes, let her rest and have a fun
  22. I don't understand why this thread has been moved. I don't see anything wrong with what has been posted, apart from when one of the site team wanted to completely ignore the headlines and context of Osborne' s statement and timing. By moving it you have taken away the right for legitimate discussion on a current and valid subject that effects the people. Conniff, you have still not given a reply as to why the Tory' s decided to debate the welfare issue again following the Philpott verdict and not within the prior period that they have been in power. You know, like everyone, that they
  23. Conniff. With respect, why did the Tory' s not take this stance, with regard to the welfare/Philpott issue prior to the court verdict? Philpott had been in receipt of benefits for years, it was on the telly etcetera, so none of it is a surprise. The Tory' s could have debated this at any point over the last couple of years, so why now!!! Allow me to have a stab at the reason... The Tory' s decided to act now, therefore riding the wave of public outrage against a, and let's get it right, child killer. Yes he was milking the system, but that was nothing new as I
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