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  1. Just noticed that the SAR states: SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST NOTES Complaint Case Logged: 09/07/2013 Senior Customer Relations Officer: Justin Hill and guess what the letter received yesterday states... Yours Sincerely Justin Hill Senior Customer Complaints Officer 0845 603 2588 I believe that they are full of the brown smelly stuff
  2. UPDATE: Mother received a letter from Provident yesterday: There were two missing repayments, which mother paid on time as part of her agreed repayment plan, this is what they state: 'I can confirm that two unexpected repayments were received'. These were not unexpected!!! Provident agreed to the repayment plan in March 2012!!! They have not provided us with a copy of their 'Irresponsible Lending Policy' as we requested though they state: 'Provident Personal Credit has comprehensive policies and procedures in place to maintain responsible lending standards'. Where
  3. UPDATE: We sent another letter to Provident and Edrupt. We have done the following: 1. Warned them under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. 2. Made a new offer of repayment at £17.50 per month. 3. Requested a copy of Provident's Policy with regard to Irresponsible Lending. 4. Informed them that we will be contacting the CAB to discuss completing the Debt and Mental Health Evidence Form (MALG). 5. Reminded Provident of their responbility with regard to Edrupt's behaviour. 6. Pointed out the 'maths' problems with the only financial details that they have on r
  4. Have a look at this:http://lcdtvbuyingguide.com/lcdtv/lcdtv-lifetime.shtml 100,000 hrs of usage!!! I wish!!!
  5. Doesn't the TV have to be 'up' for the purpose it is intended to be used for? Surely under the SOGA a TV should be expected to last longer than 16 months, considering the usage of 1-2 hrs per day? If not, what's the point in having a 6 year claim period? Also, how many hours should a TV like we purchased be able to be used in hours? Obviously more than 448-896 hrs I would have thought. If we had used the TV in the sitting room it would have gone down in 90 - 179 days, not even six months.
  6. It cost £89.97 and we paid by cash. I'm not going to buy anything else electrical from Tesco again.
  7. UPDATE: Received a reply to the email that I sent on Monday and this is what it stated: 'Everything that you have been informed of by my colleagues is correct. £30 is a reasonable amount of compensation when you take the price you paid and the amount of time you have had the TV'. What a bunch of s***s!!! I stated in my email that the TV is only used about 1-2 hrs per night as it was in our bedroom. Which in turn would mean that on average we would use our TV less in one month then some people use theirs in a week. Meaning that on average we have had about 16 weeks usag
  8. Have sent email to customer services and TL.
  9. Ignore the last post. TL is 'Terry Leahy'
  10. Call me stupid but what is 'TL'?
  11. I will do raydetinu. Thank you. And thank you all for the advice. Any ideas on what I should be quoting in said email? And what is the 'head office' email? Is it terry.leahy@tesco.com ?
  12. UPDATE: Just spoke to a muppet from Tesco and they want to offer me just compensation of £30 for the TV. They state that this is based upon the usage from May 2012 to September 2013. This makes no sense as we only use it at bedtime for about 1 - 2 hrs, if that. The muppet, and one of the managers, keep stating that they abide by the SOGA but that it is over twelve months. They reckon that I have to prove that I only used it for what I state and that I don't have a right to a replacement or refund. Any advice?
  13. Just spoke to a coupe of people from Tesco, one was a duty manager, and he states that I have to go through the 'helpline' in order to get a reference number so that I can then change it in store.
  14. I phoned the 'Tech Support Electrical Helpline' and that's what they stated. Just been and took a video of the TV and the picture will not even display now. Is it true that and we can just go to the local store where we bought it?
  15. UPDATE: Phoned Tesco and they want a couple of pictures of the TV screen emailed to them. They state that as it is over twelve months old it gets passed onto a specialist claims team who will call back in 48hrs.
  16. Hello. Just require a little bit of advice please. May 2012 we bought a LCD TV from Tesco. It is in the bedroom and only gets used about a. Hour to two hour per night. The picture has now gone really messed up, there are lines all over the place, the sound is fine but the image is virtually unwatchable. Tesco state that there is a 1year warranty. Does the 2year EU warranty with regard to electrical goods still stand? And would the 'Sales of goods act' be of use here? If so, how do you apply it? Regards The Lion
  17. UPDATE: Mother received a letter from Provident today with regard to the letter that we sent on 12.09.13 It states that they apologise for the agreement (the Modrice one) that was sent out by mistake due to a computer error. And they have assured that this will not happen again. They cannot provide any further information that we requested as they have provided everything that they hold on the system and it has been checked more than once. How did they miss the 'agreement' then? And no informaton will be comming from the local office as not all documents are recorded
  18. I'm not sure if anyone else has heard this but I recall a Provident Agent stating once to us that they are not allowed to lend if you have less than £30 left per week. If this is true then I have discovered another loan where the agent, a different one, has fiddled the figures: This loan is dated seven months prior to the one listed in my last post: Net weekly income Applicant/Spouse/Partner (a) £120 Total weekly income (a+b) = © £120 Net weekly outgoings All loan repayments (including HC) (e) £34 Other regular outgoings (f) £55 Total weekly outgoings (d+e+f) =(g) £89
  19. Thank you citizenB and davly. The help that you have provided is much appreciated. The phone calls stopped in July. This is only due to the fact that we changed mother's number. The loan agreement with the £390 weekly income states the following: Net Weekly Income Applicant/Spouse/Partner income (a) £170 Other income (b) £120 Total weekly income (a+b) = © £390 Net Weekly Outgoings Rent/mortgage (d) £80 All loan repayments (including HC) (e) £33.20 Other regular outgoings (f) £45 Total weekly outgoings (d+e+f) = (g) £158.20 Weekly disposable income (c-g
  20. ADDITION TO LAST POST: Mother received another letter today from Edrupt. They are stating that as she has ignored the previous letters they have now been instructed to take further steps to recover the debt. If she wants to avoid said steps then she must contact the 'litigation team' immediately. Also just noticed that they have not deducted the payment made in August 2013 from the outstanding balance!!!
  21. UPDATE: I have just discovered in the SAR something really odd with regard to two loans for which they have listed my mother's income. Note that there are more than two loans but only those below have any income related to them: In March 2011 they have listed my mother's weekly income as £120 per week. In October 2011 they have listed my mother's weekly income as £390 per week!!! At the time of these loans my mother was only reveiving ESA with WRAG component,with a deduction for her water rates coming out of it. This left her with about £84 per week. The two loan
  22. Letter done and going off tomorrow, recorded delivery of course
  23. UPDATE: Received a reply to the SAR today. They have left out the details of the phone call that my mother received this July. They have left out copies of the Pro-Rata and Budget Sheet that we sent them in March, which outlined my mothers health. And to top it off, they have sent us a copy of a loan agreemtn from Modrice in the Czech Republic. Now I have their address, referrence numbers etcetera. Any advice?
  24. The first SAR, like the latest one, was sent by recorded, signed for, delivery. I have checked several times with regard to delivery and the 'track & trace' states 'still being processed through the network'. Royal Mail believe that it could be lost and as of today no-one has cashed the postal order. I have had experiences in the past where the 'track & trace' states as above where the letter has been delivered because I have had a reply that directly relates to it. Not sure what has happened really. It could be lost, it could have been delivered with no signiture bein
  25. Bearing in mind Mr. Cameron's failed attempt to take military action against Syria, I was wondering what he would do if another country decided that they should take action against us for, as the article posted by 'sadone' states, seventy-three deaths on average per week. How many thousands of innocents have the Coalition killed up to today I wonder? A bit off topic I know, but I wonder how many of the Coalition supporting taxpayers, who hate the fact that they are helping to keep the 'work-shy' where they are via their taxation, have considered how said proposed military action, 'miss
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