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  1. Perhaps we should not be too hasty. We will send a letter, not a complaint just yet, as they still have some time left to complete the SAR. Thank you ims21
  2. No we did not send a CCA Request as well. We know that they received the SAR because they state, 'thank you for your letter, which we received on 7th February 2014'. It is the only letter we have sent to them since 2010. We started the forty day SAR limit from the 7th as that is when they received it.
  3. No, as of today they have not cashed the cheque. The letter they sent also states, 'your request for a copy of your credit agreement'. It also includes a very brief summary; start date, current balance, acount status, total arrears, next payment due, payments to be made to and Droyds contact number. Very, very brief. I think that BRIGADIER2JCS has the right idea so I will send the letter and extend the date from seven working days to the 18th March 2014 when the SAR expires.
  4. UPDATE: Received leter from Redcats today and they have completely ignored the SAR and just sent us a copy of the credit agreement They are even stating that this is what we asked for This is what we sent: Dear Sir/Madam, Subject Access Request - S.7 Data Protection Act 1998. Please supply me with a copy of all information your company hold on me including a list of accounts and details of payments along with copies of statements. Under the Data Protection Act 1984 and 1998, and including the right of subject access under these acts, I hereby request that yo
  5. Thank you once again dx. Will kelp you updated when they reply to the SAR.
  6. SAR is done and sending off tomorrow to the Data Protection Compliance Officer at Redcats (UK) PLC as they are the OC. What interest rate do we use if there are charges, which there obviously are, is it the 26.8%APR or the Annual Interest Rate of 24%?
  7. Thank you dx. Can I find the 'spreadsheet' on this site? We have noticed that there is no mention of charges in the credit agreement but it does state that they charge fifteen pounds for a payment reminder letter. Also, do you not use the interest rate that a court would award? We have claimed some charges back from Capital One many moons ago and that is what we used then. Is it different for catalogue debts?
  8. Can anyone help with the following: 1. Do we send a SAR specifically requesting details of any charges, or do we request everything? 2. Can you still reclaim charges of £12? 3. Can you still claim interest on any charges?
  9. Havinastella, we have been paying it monthly via pro-rata that we set up. Think that it might be worth doing a SAR to them to check what dx is stating. Any idea why there is no default notice? They did state at one period that papers were being prepared for court. Can they do this without a default notice?
  10. Just checked the credit file and there is no date with regard to any default listed for this debt. Also, none of the payments show as red, just continuously three months behind.
  11. Thank you for replying dx. Have not sent a SAR as we cannot recall any charges being put on to the account. We don't even have a default notice for it but will check the credit file if it is supposed to be on there. What can they do if it has no defaulted? Not going to accept the 'partially satisfied' statement as you have suggested. Will reply when we have checked the credit file.
  12. Just received a letter from Droyds within which they are stating that if we pay about two-thirds of the debt off, as a f&f, they will update the credit file as 'partially satisfied'. What exactly does that term mean?
  13. Thank you for the link Conniff, I will have a look at it. I doubt very much that UKIP will get in to be realistic, unless they form a coalition, and look what that has done for the Lib' Dem's. It's a shame that true democracy appears to be dead in this country. As for fear, I try to remember the following: That there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Anyway, enough politics. Merry Xmas and all the best for the New Year.
  14. Conniff my friend, this is the age of fear. Day after day the government and media try to force their lies upon us; we must fear the unemployed for they are scroungers, we must fear the disabled and sick for they are liars etcetera. Do you really believe that rubbish? Or do you just refuse to ask questions and instead follow blindly? As for the 'natives' of this country, to whom are you referring? This country has been a part of the Europen mainland for far longer than it has been an island. And you only have to look back through history to see that the majority of us are immigrant
  15. There is also a saying that those with the most to lose have the most to fear. It's nothing new, it happened during the reign of the Roman Empire. The rich senatorial aristocractic minority drained the wealth from the poor majority in the countryside, sound familiar! And Conniff please don't believe that I think that you are fit, well and rich. I know of two families who for some unknown reason vote Tory. The first were unemployed and could not afford to put shoes on their children's feet yet they believed that they were better off under Thatcher. The second were unemployed, now pe
  16. Charges have already been removed and there are no further ones to remove.
  17. Any advice with regard to what sort of offer would be needed clear this debt, or to start the negotiation process? Bearing in mind the state of the credit agreement above and that there is about £316 outstanding.
  18. I'm sorry Conniff but with respect to your opinion I think that you are confusing the point of this thread. I don't believe that tommy456 wanted to highlight how much guts IDS has, although I would like you to clarify said meaning, as in has he got a large gut due to the taxpayer filling it with 'posh-nosh' or is it because he likes hammering the less fortunate in this country? I don't know, but I've served my country and I now suffer with a disability plus other health conditions. I also hold down a part-time job because I'd rather 'soldier on' than battle ATOS again and probably top mysel
  19. An interesting situation; would they have actually opened fire? I doubt it very much for they do not want to create martyrs. Another interesting story was printed in the Mirror today:http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/food-banks-debate-video-iain-2941100 If they get in again in 2015 then this country should be ashamed of themselves. To this day I don't know how a Tory got in in my area. There were loads of Labour, Lib Dem and Independent posters, billboards etcetera up everywhere but just two Tory billboards. Are the Tory voters really that afraid to show open support? I be
  20. I noticed on the epetition that the 'relevant government department' has responded by stating with reference to the 1998-2012 loans: "The Sale of Student Loans Act 2008 places a requirement on Government to ensure that borrowers whose loans have been sold are not in a worse position than would have been the case had the loans not been sold. " Now I would presume that if you are below the repayment threshold then a DCA will not be able to force repayment.
  21. Couple of questions as I have a student loan dating to the mid noughties and have never been in receipt of enough earned income to pay anything back yet. I have a disability that limits me to part-time work, minimum wage, and other health conditions: 1. Can the DCA change the 'terms & agreement' of your loan? 2. Can they make you repay said loan even though your income, benefits excluded, is below the repayment threshold? 3. Will said loan be written off when you reach fifty, I think, correct me if I am wrong? 4. Can they make you provide proof of income even when at pr
  22. Have a look at this:http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/11/24/student-loans-sell-off_n_4333887.html I wonder what DCA will have this lot? And will they try and force people who are not earning enough for loan repayments to kick in to start repaying no matter what they are earning?
  23. UPDATE: Mother has just received a letter from Edrupt requesting that she complete the enclosed forms (the same forms as Provident sent with regard to consent so that they can record her mental/physical health conditions and details of how said health conditions effect her, does anyone help her and who are they, how her conditions effect her in dealing with them etcetera) or they may initiate 'statutory recovery action'. They also want her to pay out for a medical report as evidence. As you can guess this has really shook mother up. She is afraid that they are going to send
  24. Thank you citizenB. I checked the local office and can find no email. You can't even go there unless you have an appointment. Guess I will just have to try again on Monday to get through.
  25. I thought that it is about time that I got the CAB involved. Is there another way of contacting them apart from the phone, as I have phoned about twenty times today without getting to speak to anyone?
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