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  1. Just received a reply to our Stage Two complaint and it just repeats what they stated in their last reply. They have provided none of the evidence that we have requested or answered any of our questions. Though they did state that we will be getting a leter from their solicitor's... The letter was just as I though it would be, a complete waste of paper. It just repeats what they are stating and once agin provides no evidence to back anything up. They even make reference to a number of changes to contractual rights within the tenant's agreements in 1998 but fail to provide any proof wh
  2. Our HA has now agreed that our complaint will be looked at at Stage Two of their complaints procedure. Just means that due to the delay they have had longer than the alloted ten working days to reply. Delaying tactic?
  3. Will do stu007. It's really frustrating when they can't even follow it themselves. Though all of their incompetence will only make us look better in the long run.
  4. Sounds good. I've already drafted another complaint about this issue which is going in on Monday and it has already been emailed to the County Councillor. Our HA has a board. I'll send it to the head and see if it helps.
  5. Just received a letter from our idiot HA. It states that they are dealing with our Stage One complaint!!! We have already completed Stage One and the letter we handed in this week escalated it to Stage Two. I've just reread the reply to our Stage One complaint and the person who wrote it states that it is a reply to our 'query'!!! Our letter stated three times on it that it is a 'formal complaint' and they have just ignored that fact. To top things off, the senior manager who dealt with our Stage One, or 'query' as their callling it, is dealing with this one also. Talk
  6. Thank you all for your replies. The debt is still being repaid on a monthly basis. Will have to check back through the paperwork to ensure that any charges have been dealt with.
  7. Just a quick question. Old debt with Studio nearly repaid but removed from Experian as it's been over six years. Studio decided to sell this to Cabot in March, they've just infromed us of this decision. Will this now re-show on Experian? Regards TheLion.
  8. Rceived a reply to the first complaint made. They state: Tenancies created after 1998 by Housing Associations are assured tenancies and that the Right to Buy does not apply to them. The original tenant, my mother, was informed that the Right to Buy was personal to her and not transferable. As we were not 'secure tenants' we cannot gain the Right to Buy. Which seems at odd with ss4(aa) below. They have provided no copies of any evidence to support the above. And this seems to ignore the following, of which I have highlighted as it applies directly to us:
  9. Thank you ericsbrother. That's the intention. Exhaust the complaints procedure with them first. I've contacted the local County Councillor and provided him with details of what's happened. I've also contacted the Housing Ombudsman and received a reference number. They stated that a County Councillor (they say 'County Ward') or and MP can push a case to them earlier. It does seem odd that our Housing Association can state what they have with regard to the law. There are two parts of s171B that apply to us and both would mean that we have the Right to Buy. Also, how can they
  10. Hello. Apologies if this is in the wrong place so feel free to move it. We gained the Right to Buy 16 years ago via a Deed of Assignment with my mother. She was informed that she would lose the Right to Buy and that we would gain it. We have the Deed of Assignment, the tenancy 'General Terms and Conditions' that confrim the above and in 2004 we began the process of buying our house. We received a from from the landlord confirming that we had the Right to Buy and they even evaulated the property. Although at the time we discovered that we could not get a mortgage so everyth
  11. UPDATE: I know that this is a bit off the primary topic that I posted but the local council are being a right pain in the rear end. I work part-time due to disability and other health problems including PTSD from military service. My wife has recently started a part-time course, no student finance etcetera, and she is required to do six hours unpaid in a placement for said course. While at the placement she was offered some 'bank staff' work. We informed the local council over the phone, kept a log of all details, of what she would be earning and that she would not know wha
  12. We were informed awhile ago that this cannot be doen as we are under a 'social housing' landlord. Would this stp the system link that they have? Personally, we would like to stop them sending information to them.
  13. As far as we are aware they receive copies of all the leters we get. Which if they are exact contain income details. They also know what is going on before us as they have a 'system link'. The other day we were owed money due to us overpayng rent and they were weary of refunding it until they checked with the local council. We just want to take control of the situation as they are no different than a normal landlord. I have read that you can stop this from happening if you request it. I think that I read that it is under the DPA 1989 but I just wanted to check.
  14. Hello all. I want to stop my local council sharing our data with our social housing landlord. Is this under the DPA 1998 or 1989? Or does it mater which one?
  15. UPDATE: The account has now been settled. Thank you for all of the advice that everyone has provided.
  16. Hello. We live in social housing and our next door neighbour has about six aerials in his garden for his CB hobby. Recently we have been getting some real problems with our freeview, can't watch any channel at all at certain times of the day, and we have just noticed that he has put up another aerial. The housing authority don't seem to care that his garden looks like a relay station. Is there any way to find out if it is his equipment that is effecting our signal? Bearing in mind that he is not very approachable.
  17. Sorry if this is a post that has been discussed already. Don't know if this has anything to do with the fake solicitor lark that Wonga etcetera have employed but Provident and Greenwood have taken our debts with them back from C. K. Edrupt & Co. I also know of one other person who has had the same thing happen to them within the last two months. Any idea why?
  18. I think that we have resolved the issue. Took a lengthy phone call but it looks like it is now sorted. Thank you to everyone who viewed, especially to Emmzzi who replied. Best wishes TheLion.
  19. Hello all. My wife is going to be starting a course at college soon and will be required to do one day per week at a local preschool. She has to do a DBS check with Capita for the placement but it has been a nightmare. The preschool has only just been registered with Capita and they don't appear to know how the checks work. So far she has applied herself, via online application, and was told to take in the relevant ID to the preschool along with an ID verification sheet with regard to OFSTED. Trouble is the role that she will be doing is not on the OFSTED sheet and the C
  20. UPDATE: Received reply today: They are still stating that there are only three £12 charges withing the last six years. This is rubbish as the first was on 29.09.08 which would mean that the sixth year is not up until 29.09.14 They state that the charge cost covers handling default payments (including postage and stationary costs; costs associated with employing staff to administer accounts and cost of maintaining premises and IT costs to administer defaults). Any idead on the next move?
  21. Question with regard to what interest rate to use for the charges: Should we use the 8% non-compounded interest rate that a court would grant if we won or should we use the APR 26.8% that Redcats use? Have claiments had much success via the APR path?
  22. UPDATE: Received the SAR from Redcats today: 1. They have not included everything that we requested. 2. They state that there are only three charges of £12 that have been applied in the last six years when there are infact four that have ben applied. The 'account record' does not match the statements. 3. They state very defensively, even though we have not mentioned anything about claiming back the charges, that the charges are fair and that in their eyes there is no basis for any claim of repayment. The interest rate stated on the statements is: Monthly Interest Char
  23. Sorry citizenB there is no reference to the SAR on the letter. The only reference to the SAR is that they have received a leter from us.
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