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  1. as they claim on their website? Anyone had any experiences (in addition to the long thread where they are taking someone to court)? If they do, do they win? From reading the threads some private comps seem to be worse than others for actually going through with it?
  2. Hi all! I just had another letter from Excel for another alleged overstay (21 minutes this time) on another date on the same 3 hours free car park (see my earlier 16 minutes overstay post). Just wanted to ask you if you think they are more likely to start court proceedings if they have two outstanding demand notices. Thanks!
  3. Hi! I had this notice from Excel today for allegedly overstaying for 16 mins in June on a three hours free car park. I cannot find details of their appeals procedure on their website. I have been reading a number of of posts and it seems that writing reasonably to the company is no good, some people advise ignoring the letters, some say to write that the driver should be approached by the company, not the keeper. Some of these posts are quite old, so legally the situation may have changed. I would be grateful for any advice as to what is best to do now, I simply do not have the 60 pounds (going up to 100 if not paid within 14 days), they demand. Thanks!
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