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  1. hi micky, i have had dealings with lowlifes portfolio which i have just won the battle with them. i will explain how i did it. 1. make sure you send all letters by signed-for postage. 2. always start any letters by I DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE ANY DEBT WHATSOEVER TO YOUR COMPANY. 3. send cca request with the £1 postal order(write on the p/o its the standard fee for your cca request)so they dont put it on your account as a payment. 4. make sure you add the rule for not adding anymore information to the credit reference agencies while the account is in dispute,(have you checked your credit file online yet?). you will probly get more letters threatning court action and fees and interest letters(they are not allowed to send you these when the account is in dispute 12+2 working days after your cca request). i know you say as far as i can recollect paying the balance(when did you start littlewoods ,and when did you pay it up?).is it more than 6yrs ago ?. anyway i had 2 letters off them demanding payment while in dispute which i pointed that out to them and they had updated my credit file aswell,they couldn't provide me with a cca or a default notice,so i gave them 7working days to produce them or i would goto my local county court and start legal procedings,i got a letter afew days later saying "there wasn't or couldn't produce a cca" and the case is now closed, but if in the future they get a cca they will be in touch".meanwhile EXPERIAN gave them 21 days to confirm lowlifes have no cca so they can remove lowlifes default notice from my credit file. so to sum up your situation ,dont worry about the leeds losers until they produce hard evidence(and then check it carefully becouse they produce their own so called documents), and if you are sure you paid littlewoods then take the lowlifes to court,i would definatley pay £10 for a SAR to littlewoods(it may be worth every penny of £10).
  2. hi all, I had a right result from lowlifes portfolio, got letter today off them saying due to not being able to obtain my cca they have closed their file and will not make any further contact unless the copy is received at some point in the future from crapital one. well the first part of the letter says "crapital one has not got my cca" and the last part of the letter saying "we will be in touch if/when they get my cca". how do these people make sence of life !!!. anyway to sum up the situation , the only way i got this result i think is to call their bluff and threaten THEM with court action.I have been on the phone with experian and equifax to ask them to remove the default but they cannot do it without lowells informing them first, but they did ask me to send them a copy of the letter from lowells so i think it will speed up the default removal. It feels so good to have beaten these lowlifes:D.
  3. hi, my girlfriend used to have a flat which she never stayed at because she was staying with me but she kept it as a place to go if our relationship ended.now she has moved in with me and today she got a letter from the bailiffs saying they are going to come and take everything in MY house. nothing in my house belongs to her as she left her flat with everything in it because her brother took it over.can anybody give any usefull advice please.
  4. hi all ,i got my claim in with the fos for alliance&leicester and they are still charging me £5 aday capped at £100 for 20days @£5 aday.and now they are adding £5 for UNDER-FUNDING FEE. what the hell is this ?.has anybody else encountered this fee?.
  5. i checked out the other thread and i just sent this by email to experian,i am also gonna print it out and send it by signed-for in the morning. Reference Number: Date 11th October 2009 The Data Controller EXPERIAN CREDIT "Dear Sirs, This is a formal notice, served under the provisions of Chapter 29 of the Data Protection Act 1998 in requesting that you conform to my demand for a change in the manner in which you hold and process subject data about me. As you are no doubt aware, Schedule II, Section 12 (1) of the said Act allows all data subjects the right to insist on the removal of any and all data from automated processes in repsect of matters relating to them. I have reproduced that clause for your information, in case you do not have a copy to hand: You will note the exact language of the Act, in that such a request may be made in relation to a number of different reference checks "which significantly affects that individual", and the Acts specifically cites
  6. Yes i always send them signed-for post,the thing that annoyed me about this is i tried to pay capital 1 the £200.in 2006 but they wouldn't accept it becouse it was with the debt collectors and now the lowell lowlifes want £470 in full.one thing i cannot get lowells to tell me is if they own the debt or just collecting it on behalf of capital 1. But i will keep you posted on what (if anything) i get back from them in the post ,hopefully they will accept they got no case in a county court and remove the default. And after reading all the bullying tactics by "the leeds losers" i really hate this company and it's about time they realize they cannot demand and bully people...
  7. hi access, yes thats probly my next course of action,i have been reading an awfull lot of posts on here that lowells try and collect unenforceable/barred debts and their underhanded ways, I think it's a disgrace to see the governing bodies let them get away with it. This is the last letter i sent them : Dear Miss Barnard, Despite my previous letters, you have ignored all my requests to remove the DEFAULTS your company has placed on my credit files. May I point out that: I DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE ANY DEBT WHATSOEVER TO YOUR COMPANY. STATUTORY NOTICE UNDER S10 DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 At NO time have I given my written permission for you or your company to process my data Therefore Take Notice that I require that you to cease from processing immediately by your company any personal data of which I am the subject insofar as that processing involves the communication or passing of personal data of which I am the subject to any third party and insofar as the said data relates wholly or in part to the implementation by you of charges which have been applied to my account in respect of defaults or contractual breaches and where the said charges which have been levied at a rate which is in excess of the administrative costs incurred by you as a consequence of the said defaults or breaches contrary to The Common Law. This Notice is given on the grounds that the processing or continued processing by you of the said data has effected my credit rating and my reputation and has caused substantial damage and substantial distress to me in addition to that which may already have been caused and that as the processing of the said data in the way referred to in this notice would violate the fourth, first and sixth principles of The Data Protection Act 1998 to do so would be unwarranted. Failure to remove ALL my data from your databases AND ALL credit reference agencies immediately will result in a formal complaint to the Information Commissioners’ Office. And my only other option is to take county court action for your breach of the OFT collection guidelines and also of the Information Commissioner own guidelines in entering a default on a disputed account and also reporting you to the trading standards agency. I will also report you to trading standards and I am very aware that trading standards are aware of your incompetence as a business and you have breached many guidelines and have a total disregard for the law. May I also point out that: 1. You have done nothing to prove that this alleged debt has been legally assigned to your company. 2. You have not provided an enforceable Consumer Credit Act. 3. You have not provided me with a valid default notice. 4. You have sent 2 further letters threatening me with court costs and interest after this alleged debt was placed in default. This will be my defense in court. (SO PLEASE REMOVE ALL DEFAULTS FROM ALL MY CREDIT FILES IMMEDIATLY). If you do not understand the content of this letter, please refer to your legal department in order that, you can obtain professional advice. As with all my other letters sent to you this one has been sent by signed-for next day delivery with proof of postage and receipt. THIS MATTER WILL NOT GO AWAY AND YOU HAVE 7 WORKING DAYS TO COMPLY, IF AFTER THE 7TH WORKING DAY THE DEFAULT NOTICE STILL REMAINS ON ANY OF MY CREDIT FILES (Experian/Equifax etc) I WILL COMMENCE COURT PROCCEDINGS AND THIS WILL INCURE COURT COSTS AND EXPENCES. Yours sincerely Hopefully that will trigger a positive responce. They gotta realize that we can send negative letters to them aswell.
  8. hi all, does anybody know how OR have any advice on getting a default notice removed from your credit file ?. i had a cc from crapital one back in 2004 and to cut a long story short ,i have got lowell portfolio 1 after me now,i have sent a £1.00 postal order for my cca but they cannot produce my cca after the 21+2 working days notice,lowells Then sent me 2 more letters demanding i pay in full or court costs and interest will be added,I sent them a notice saying while the alledged debt is in default they cannot pursue any recovery and cannot send threatning and intimidating letters to me,i have also sent them 2 letters by signed-for post asking them to remove the default from my credit files as they have not produced a default notice and cannot produce a cca,I have told them it is a unsubstanciated debt,I have telephoned experian but they just told me to contact lowells because it is lowells who is providing them with the data,so i sent another letter dated 8oct 2009 demanding them to remove the default or i will commence court action(is this wise ?. does anyone think i have a case in my favour?.).
  9. hi, yes i would recommend the papers,the sun would love this story. hope you get it sorted.
  10. hi robbie, yes you made the right decision to wait it out.not long till jan then march, one bit of advice and it is never admit any debt to any dca as that could start the 6 years again. if the dca's do get to heavy on you send them a letter requesting a true copy of your cca and pay the £1 fee by postal order and write on it that it is for the statory fee,because debt collectors have been taking it off your debt and saying you admited the debt and paid £1. once you have sent a letter asking for your cca,you have then put the account in dispute so they have to stop ALL activity collecting the debt until they provide you with an enforceable cca.template letters are available on this site to send the dca's
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