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  1. Hi Last week my payments suddenly stopped. I knew it was around the time limit for renewal but hadn't been sent any forms or letters and intended to query it. Obviously when the payment wasn't in the bank I phoned up to be told that I hadn't done my renewal. During the first call when they were going through security they asked if I had changed my address (which I haven't) he just asked an additional security question instead. I never thought much of this, until the second call when the staff member queried my address again and then just moved to the next security question. The
  2. Hi Have had all bolt ons for last 13months refunded (as a credit) and restriction lifted and am now on a lower tariff and recieving the free unlimited text bolt on..
  3. thanks, thats great. my advisor is making offers to the creditors at the moment although one of them has refused it and asked for more. he has told me to stick to whats on my plan cos thats what i can afford at the moment. so we'll see what happens..
  4. Hi and thanks. I have since received a reply after much pestering and apparently under my old contract I had an unlimited text bolt on which I paid for on top of my then lower tariff. When I upgraded last year to a higher tariff which included promotional unlimited texts for free -they didn't bother removing the old bolt on (and didn't tell me this)- even though I didn't need it. I have queried this and they say because I didn't specifically ask for it to be removed that it would have remained forever or until I cancelled it despite changing to an upgraded contract, and expecting
  5. Hi, I have sent the email below to CW today and wonder if anyone has any advice as to how I should proceed with this complaint?? EMAIL: I have been a Carphone Warehouse / O2 customer for a number of years and I upgraded my mobile phone contract on 1 July 2008 and believe that my deal included a Nokia 6500s with unlimited texts and 600 minutes for £35 per month. I had noticed an unacceptable rise in the level of my bills and so have contacted customer services on numerous occasions to find out why. To avoid my bills rising I was advised to have an unlimited text bolt on added at a
  6. Thanks. I have an appointment soon but wanted a bit more information while I get my figures in order. So should I be including the arrestment money when calculating what I can afford? It's only one creditor (HFC Bank) would they then become part of the DAS and be paid pro rata like everyone else? Sorry for all the questions, just trying to get my head round how it works. Thnx
  7. Hi Does anyone have experience of an approved debt arrangement scheme and if/how this affects a current wage arrestment? Any advice on how this works in practice? Thnx
  8. Hi Am I too late to challenge the amount they are quoting ?
  9. Hi I have had a wages arrestment since december 2008 by HFC Bank for a loan. At the time I wasn't opening my mail and thought the money was for council tax (stupid, i know). I have now got a copy of the arrestment schedule from my employer. I am also requesting the original loan agreement thru a cca request. I previously had requested the PPi to stop since I told them when I took out the loan that my employer provides full sick pay and I didn't need or want it but was fobbed off. How do I find out how the balance has been calculated or obtain a statement of payments etc. from them ??
  10. Hi My friend has recently went bankrupt due to the breakdown of her marriage. She took out a car on finance 2 years ago with RCI Finance and has never missed or been late with any of the monthly payments. Her debt adviser told her before the bankruptcy that since the car was HP the payments/car would not be included as part of it but that she had to advise the finance company. She has done this and the company have served a notice of termination on the agreement based on a clause which states "we may terminate the agreement if you become bankrupt". They are demanding that she h
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