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  1. Yes you are right asm76. Just wanted to make doubly sure. Pru
  2. Loan 6400 Premium 1792 (+Disbursal of Interest Charges is over £3000)
  3. Yes I did SAR them, I will get out the data and have another look at it. Thans IMS
  4. Thank you. Do I work out t he percentage of the loan without interest?
  5. Thanks IMS (see above as well please) The Disbursal is 195.00 and the fees range £5 / £10 / £20 / £25 / £50 / £240
  6. Sorry, meant to add, would the fees and PPI go on the same calculation sheet? It seems the PPI was a one off fee added to the loan.
  7. Hi, I have found a statement for the life of the account suplied by WF a few years back. Can you please tell me which of these charges I can claim? "Disbursal of Fees" "Fees" (they don't elaborate) Thank you Pru
  8. Wishing you well for today HTH - you can do it! Pru I'm sure someone will come along to answer your queries above soon
  9. Hi, I have an email address for Link below: [email protected] but just wondering if anyone can confirm this is correct? Many thanks Pru
  10. Thanks Andy as ever. Will do. And looking up Tomlin now.... every day and in every way I'm learning more and more on CAG!!! (that's a little mantra!)
  11. Thanks Brig Shelley - sent the request to: Data Controller Southern Pacific Mortgages Ltd St Johns Place Easton Street High Wycombe HP11 1NL About another ten days to go for the 40 days to be up.
  12. Andy, just had a thought, the amount of counterclaim is about £700 less than the amount claimed (without calculating the 8% on the top). Is my claim for balance of PPI settlement or is there that and some other element that can be quoted as to the make up of the claim? Sorry if I'm rambling.
  13. Thanks Andy and I certainly will. Reading as much as I can. Have learned so much already. This site is wonderful and you & the other guys here are angels (or knights in shining armour - take your pick!) Pru
  14. Hi Andy, spoke to Northampton and as they already have my Defence and Counterclaim submitted online, it's OK just to pop the actual N9B form in the post. Just checked online and AQ etc all received. Now to wait for the next stage. Is there anything I need to do in the meantime?
  15. As far as things to do, it all starts to hot up after the set aside with bundles, disclosures, stays and things! But that was just my experience, the other Caggers have a lot more experience than me!
  16. Hi Sick, have just read through your thread and can't believe what has being going on! (or actually I can!) Very good luck to you. Surely a Set Aside should be straightforward in this case! On the other hand you are very wise to prepare well for it and well done for all your research and keeping all correspondence. We had a Set Aside granted in a case with Welcome Finance one year after the CCJ then the other side Discontinued at the last minute, which is I suspect what will happen here (if they've got any sense!). One thing I would add and more experienced Caggers will I'm sure comment, is that when you do go for your Set Aside and give your reasons make sure you have note of the relevant Sections/Acts to back up your statements, to show you know exactly what you're talking about. I'm sure you already are aware of this but just wanted to mention in case it helps!
  17. No can't find a section with that header. Have "Type of card or product"
  18. Hi Sick, sorry just seen your message. I'll have a look thorugh my data now. Pru
  19. Hi All I have received the Subject Access Request data from Barclaycard. It is in the form of a huge print out with copies of half a dozen letters. The print out is not straightforward in that many of the instances where there should be figures there are just "£0.00". My account started in 1996 and was passed for recovery in 2001. Where it says "Associated Cardholder Account Details" it says "Associated ACcount Type G1" then "G1 = Card Prot" (opening date 1998). However later on it says "Insurance Indiactor" "payment protection insurance cover" and "N" for "no cover". As regards fees, this info is extremely thin on the ground too - all I can see is "date last out of order fee - 2000" "£40.00" and "last fee amount" "£30.00" It also mentions "rested debt" somewhere, can anyone tell me what that means exactly? To me it implies "just lying dormant for a while... but could be reignited at any time".
  20. Thank you Andy. I sent it all off but did not enclose the N9b form! Can I fax that to them on Monday? In my envelope I put the AQ, an EX160 form and evidence, a copy of the PPI schedule (together with fax report as proof that I tried to fax it to them but was bouncing back for some reason). Hope I can get the N9b to them on Monday as that's the deadline!
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