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  1. Yes of course Andy tho will have to look into it myself. First I was challenged on the Statute Barred aspect which of course cannot be claimed due to mbna paying out to me only last year. Then the Default Notice aspect saying that by law they weren't required to issue one where the whole balance is due. I of course came back to say that the full balance was in arrears and that is why MBNA sold it to them so if they bought a live account they would have to issue a DN to terminate it and enforce it. They then came back with the HSBC/Brophy case saying it failed at appeal and was a standard credit agreement and the case mirrors mine so I will have to look into it. Thanks Andy for all your help, you've been brilliant.
  2. Thanks for all your help Andy, IMS and everyone.! Mediation failed. The other side siting HSBC v Brophy as a case that mirrors mine. What do you think? Do you know about this one? Lots of work to do!!!! Trial in cpl months.
  3. Haha! but it didn't DAMPEN his enthusiasm at all! Thank you, got it, will do, I'm ready for them! Pru
  4. Hi Andy, have a feeling you were enjoying the tennis like me today! Thanks again you are a shining star Pru
  5. Hi Andy, I'm back whenever you are around. I'll be here till late tonite! Have PM'd you. Pru
  6. I have to go for a medical appointment in five minutes so will pick up any replies when I'm back around 2.30pm. Many thanks, Pru
  7. Sorry Andy am backwards and forward today. Yes early next week.
  8. Thank you Andy and no problem. Nite nite Pru
  9. I know CB! Can they be serious? Thanks Andy, tho in my opinion they are not entitled to a penny! Will do,many thanks
  10. Hi Andy, if you don't mind I have some queries: In their AQ they say that my claim leaves a balance (c300)not challenged for which judgment should be entered with balance allocated to SCT. What would be my response to that? If my CC is accepted does that mean I would get a CCJ for the c£300 ? Re the defence, they say that they accept para 4 in current form namely that the documentation relied upon an application form containing within it a credit agreement, contains the prescribed terms required by the CCA Regs 83 ??? They say they accept my para 6 - though the agreement contains each of the prescribed terms as is conceded at para 4 of Defence (in other words, they agree it must be signed by both parties - and it is not, it only bears my signature - is my interpretation correct?) Re para 7 - they say this is disingenuous, that I accept the Agreement contains the prescribed terms. I have lots of queries but don't want to bombard you with them! Many thanks
  11. Thanks IMS, much appreciated. I will write and remind CSL and do the LBA to LLoyds re the SAR. Will report back.
  12. Would be grateful for any advice re above post. CSL came to my door today (even tho I requested copy of agreement last year and they replied they had requested the same from their clients & would forward.... and never did). I know our accounts although way back incorporated loads of charges, they were ruthless at the time I remember.
  13. Thanks DX tho I really would like to go after them for their enormous charges and, I suspect PPI, but they have not sent meany info to go on in the SAR, claiming it's too long ago. 3 accounts.
  14. Thanks cub. No problem. My affairs are a bit confusing!!! Yes correct re Iqor - I'm assuming it's them that turned up (the person just said they were from Lloyds tsb). Ok will send both letters to them. Wescott - yes doorstep letter went to them. They are also chasing a Lloyds TSB debt.. (Both these debts are under £600 by the way but I know are made up substantially of charges). Wescott have been CCA'd some time ago and wrote to say they could not produce a copy of the agreement. I would really like to pursue charges from Lloyds tsb but have so much else going on at the moment.
  15. Hi cub, thanks for your help. I was foolishly paying DCA's for years until I came across CAG. Stopped a couple of years ago when they couldn't produce agreements.
  16. DX, cub4bear, zydeco - thank you No, it doesn't show on my credit file.... goes back to around 1998/2000. Last year I sent Lloyds a DSAR and they responded - lots of info missing, no statements or anything. I know there were loads of charges added (3 accounts). I complained to their Data Controller but she came back adamant that as it went back to 1998 they no longer held the data. IMS advised to send them a lba giving them 14 days to fully comply with the SAR request and then issue in court for non compliance if necessary. Or to complain to ICO (was reluctant as have not found them helpful in the past). I didn't send the lba, just so many other things to deal with. Is it too late to follow IMS's advice now?
  17. Hi Andy, in my response to slink attaching spreadsheet, in explanation of the interest rate used (it is on the agreement) shall I also mention that I have used this rate even though I could justifiably apply for interest in restitution?
  18. Oh thanks IMS. I only need print & scan the first sheet for them right?
  19. Well yes that would certainly express my opinion of them......
  20. Just noticed the recommended 'doorstep' letter in the CAG templates does not quote the Protection from Harrassment Act ?
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