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  1. Just to add, my friend is happy to arrange to pay a fair amount but this was six years ago and he doesn't have details of the make of the amount demanded. He thinks he may have had PPI tho this is not indicated as being requested on the app form they have sent him.
  2. Hi, any further help on this would be appreciated. My friend went to mediation but nothing was resolved and he advised Mediator that he had still not received agreement, statement etc. He has now received from Arrow (Carter not involved now - Arrow now representing themselves) are: RBS Sumary stating 'Balance from previous statement' then underneath that a little table showing Purchases - (figure for outstanding balance) and Cash - (figure for outstanding balane). Also enclosed was a copy of his original app form from 2002 (PPI box not ticked) which looked like a one-sheet you folded & mailed in, and a separate 5 pages of Terms & Conditions. There is no indication of any charges or PPI (if any) that have been included. His case comes up in a week and not sure how to advise him to proceed. Many thanks, Pru
  3. Just wondering if you have any thoughts on their WS?
  4. Thanks Andy. Did you get a chance to look at my pm's?
  5. Hi Andy, Do I need to complete that form? On the notice it just said "the parties must file at the Court and serve on the other party not later than 14 days before the hearing the following: (a) copies of all documetns upon which they wish to rely (b) statements of all witnesses (this includes both the Claimant and the Defendant) upon whose evidence you wish to rely. The statements shall be typed dated and signed by the witness and stating that he/she believes that the facts stated in teh witness statement are true." etc etc How should I set out my witness statement? Many thanks, Pru
  6. Mike, CB, thank you very much to responding to my distress call! Yes, I have PM'd Andy so I know he will reply as soon as he is able. I don't know how you all do it, you give so much of your time to people, it is really heartwarming to see how many people you have helped. And you obviously have your own lives/ issues to deal with. OK, I will put together the documents. Good point re the extra set. No they do not mention the word "Disclosure" - what is the difference between 'sending documents' and a 'disclosure list' ? Many, many thanks, Pru
  7. Hi, does anyone know if Andy is around? I need to send to the Claimant and the Court "documents upon which" I wish to rely, statements of all witnesses etc. Could someone please help me sort out what I need to send here. I was thinking of sending a copy of the SAR documents I received fromLink. I have already sent the PPI calculation spreadsheet with my counterclaim. Can anyone advise please, as I have to send them off tomorrow? Many thanks. Oh, and as for witness statement - there is only myself. Do I need to send one and if so how will it differ from my Defence document?
  8. Hi, to save anyone reading back over this long thread! Basically we had a CCJ set aside 3 years ago when Cohen's 'Discontinued'. Now had a Notice of intended legal action from Keynes Coll. I know after a discontinuance it is difficult for them to bring a case back to court but wanted to know your view please? Many thanks, Pru
  9. Thanks Andy that's what I suspected.... and....no chance!
  10. If you are around Andy, would be very grateful for your views on the letter I have just received above. Many thanks, Pru
  11. Thanks again IMS and sorry, thought I should address enquiries about the figures to you. I will wait for Andy to have a look at it. Kind regards, Pru
  12. Many thanks... We must confirm that such is not an acceptable explanation as to how you have arrived at the sums in your CC. Whilst we note your claim that the spreadsheet used is a pure compound interest calculator we have no way of verifying the accuracy of the same and have no faith within the same given there is no calculation of the daily rate and the only interest rate entered within the spreadsheet is the APR, which is a comparative rate and not such that should be utilised when it comes to actually calculating charging rates, be that annually, monthly or daily. Further the element of compound interest sought (which is denied and averred to be statute barred) should be in line with that actually charged under the terms and conditions of hte Credit Agreement ie charged upon an amount daily but levied monthly, whereas your calculation appears to charge an unexplained an unqualified 'daily rate' exponentially against the number of days elapsed. Shold you wish to pursue..... it is for you to qualify your calculatons..... would expect a complete explanation of your calculations and all rates utilised within your evdience. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated!
  13. Many thanks IMS. I have now had a long and complicated response following my letter (which detailed the info in post 288 from you IMS) and attached the spreadsheet showing the calcs. Can I pm to you?
  14. Thanks a lot Andy, tho still confused as to what to do.
  15. Thanks Andy. Yes, that's why I'm querying how to go about it. The late/OL charges will amount to around £5000. Excuse my ignorance once again(!) but when you say claim, do you mean Court Claim? In other words, couldn't I just send in my spreadsheet to Slink with the request? Or is it because I am involved in a court case with them, that it would have to be another Court matter for the late/OL charges? I'm confused!! Help please! Pru
  16. Hi, while waiting for trial in a month, is this a good time to submit my spreadsheet for the late and over limit charges, which amounts to several thousands. And if so, am I correct in thinking it should now be sent to Link and not mbna (as Slink are taking me to Court)?
  17. Hi SM, I sympathise fully as have been through the mill with them myself. The SAR should go direct to Welcome. I'm sure someone with more knowledge will come along and advise shortly. Hang on in there and good luck.
  18. Can anyone point me to the 2 template letters to send Welscum re claiming back the PPI and separately the Charges. Had a look in the Library but can't find. Or do I just send the spreadsheets with simple covering letters? Many thanks in advance! Pru (Apologies for jumping in on the other thread!!! Was a bit disorientated!!)
  19. Ooops! Sorry to hijack this thread which was by accident!! I have several threads open which I've been reading!!
  20. Can anyone point me to the 2 template letters to send Welscum re claiming back the PPI and separately the Charges. Had a look in the Library but can't find. Or do I just send the spreadsheets with simple covering letters? Many thanks in advance! Pru
  21. Thanks Andy It seems this case only refers to the app form/agreement but that's about the only similarity! It certainly doesn't MIRROR my case!
  22. By the way Andy, checked witht the Court Office and my application for fee remission re CC stands is accepted, my Counterclaim stands.
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