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  1. Hi, I SPML forwarded my PPI complaint to the broker MD Nationwide over a month ago. I have not heard a thing. I tried to phone the number SPML gave me for MD but it is discontinued. What shall I do now? Who is now responsible if MD Nationwide are no longer in business? Many thanks, Pru
  2. Actually it seems we had a broker to a broker!! As our broker (who has gone out of business) put us onto SPML through MD Nationwide. Hopefully they are still going. How long shall I give them?
  3. We have heard from SPML - to say they have forwarded our complaint on to MD Nationwide. Is that normal? And does anyone have any experience in dealing with MD Nationwide? How long shall I give them to reply? Many thanks, Pru
  4. Thank you very much, Pru. I believe we originally took this mortgage through a Broker (who has since gone out of business). Will SPML/Ascenden deal with the claim?
  5. Thanks IMS, have completed the spreadsheet but there's one thing I don't understand unless I'm missing something glaringly obvious (which is quite likely!). I have entered all the repayments made so far and applied the percentage I worked out to calculate the portion for PPI. But that doesn't give us back the full PPI premium - what about the PPI element in future payments?
  6. Oh what a shame, did you have to spoil the fun IMS, I had a very nice total! I'll try again! For the start date - is it completion date, or date of first payment?
  7. Hi IMS, thanks for the links, it was very helpful.. I worked out the interest which came out as 4.48%. I could only see the spreadsheet for the 8% statutory interest on there so I used the spreadsheet CIS v101.xls and put in every payment since the start of the mortgage. Is this correct? Also, should the Start Date be the Completion Date or the date of the first payment? I understand I should send this spreadsheet off with a completed questionnaire. Many thanks, Pru
  8. Many thanks IMS to my rescue again! (And Ta to Cerberus for retitling)
  9. Hi All I have the SAR from Ascenden and the PPI was paid as single premium over £4000 when we took out the mortgage about 8 years ago. I have filled out a PPI calculation sheet before but that was for monthly payments. How do I go about claiming for a single premium? Do I just send them a simple letter? (we still have our mortgage with them) Many thanks Pru
  10. Hi guys, just to update, don't want to say too much but my case was adjourned (my request) for me to seek further legal advice, which I am. I need proper legal representation as nothing was accepted from me, which I will now be seeking. Even when there was doubt it was 'assumed' the other side were correct. It was quick shocking actually. Pru
  11. Aw thanks very much underdog! I will report back here tomorrow xx
  12. I will, a big and even huge THANK YOU Andy
  13. Thank you very much again Andy for coming to the rescue P
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