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  1. Please can someone help me out with this urgently so i can withdraw my claim, thanks.
  2. Can anyone advise what to put in the letter so i can send it to the Court? Also will i have to pay any costs?
  3. Also Paypal stated that my money would be released on 30 November, If they don't release it then I presume I would have a very strong case If I were to start Court Proceedings against them again in future?
  4. How do i discontinue? Also if i discontinue will i incur any charges?
  5. I need some help on this and need to decide what to do next, What do people think of the defendant's defence which is above? I have received an Allocation Questionnaire but i really don't know what to do, Do Paypal have a good defence? I like the way they try to worm their way out of it just because they are based in Luxembourg.
  6. *****UPDATE***** Paypal filed their defence on day 27, 1 day before they would have run out of the time. I have received a copy of their defence from the Court and from Paypal themselves and it is very long and lots and lots of pages but basically this is what it says:- Paypal admits that the paypal case blah blah blah relates to the account limitation on the Paypal account. Paypal admits that a balance of £185.78 was in the Paypal account on the date proceedings were issued. Paypal admits it has received various letter and emails from the claimant. LINKED PAYPAL
  7. So Buzby, You would be happy paying over £400 for a phone that seemingly or it looks like it has been used as a demo phone or at least been used to take pictures. Would that be acceptable to you? **EDITED** Also i never got the chance to inspect and look at the phone the person who served me got it out from the back got the phone out then went out the back came back out and the phone was in the box and that was it.
  8. Buzby you are not very helpful at all being honest. Would you personally be happy if you paid out hundreds of pounds for a sim free phone only to find out that it had basically been used as a demo phone or had been used even though it was supposed to have been a brand new phone?
  9. Could i ask for a discount off the amount i paid seeming though it would be classed as second hand rather than new? Just trying to think how much to ask for as it is obviously not brand new.
  10. Yes i was definitely misled. Regarding the photos, the datestamp says 01/01/207 which is just the default time on the phone but i did not even touch the phone instore when i was buying it and i had someone with me too.
  11. I agree with what you have said Gyzmo, They should not sell a phone as brand new when it has obviously been used for demo purposes to show people the phone. I should write to head office and demand a full refund and inform them that i am considering contacting trading standards.
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