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  1. Update a month on from my last post: still no further correspondence from PPS or their "debt collectors", so hopefully this has blown over. I'll report back if not. Thanks to all for your support!
  2. Well, without a CCJ there's no debt, just a dispute, so I'm not concerned about debt collection agencies!
  3. Latest update: I received a threatogram a month ago, which was two weeks after the previous notice had upped the penalty to £130 (i.e. dated 17/11/14). This time, PPS threatened to "pass this debt to our legal department for consideration to bring proceedings in the County Court. We regularly use this county court process as can be seen on our website www.pps.uk.com". I ignored the letter (and the previous one), as I would be interested in seeing how this plays out in court, if it ever got that far. It's now a month since the letter, and there's been no follow-up so far.
  4. Apparently they wrote to me with a POPLA code earlier on, but the letter that they sent to me with the code and POPLA form didn't arrive (see my earlier post about this). I only found this out when they sent me a pdf copy of the letter and the POPLA form, but by then the period for POPLA had expired. I asked for a new POPLA code but they didn't provide one.
  5. No, but I wasn't expecting them to come back with an argument that defended the penalty charge in terms of realistic liquidated damages. I could imagine being in court and they present a long and realistic-looking spreadsheet showing all their ticket-checking and penalty-collecting costs, compared to the sum of all fines collected. Anyway, as I say, I am sitting tight for now and will let you know if it comes to the court. Based on previous experience, I am expecting threatograms from "debt collection" agencies now, which I will rebuff.
  6. Update: I received a letter rejecting the points of my dispute. They went to some pains to say that the penalty fee was actually a realistic estimate of liquidated damages, and that they could provide numbers to back this up. I ignored this letter. They have now sent another letter, in which they have increased the penalty to £130, which "represents their increasing costs". I am ignoring this letter too. I am somewhat nervous, because I cannot prove that I attempted to make the payment with their app, and they may be able to produce paperwork in court that shows how their "liquidated dama
  7. Thanks for the input. I am pretty sure it is not owned by the station, which has two proper car parks nearby. This is just some rough ground opposite the station. So I should sit tight and wait to see what comes through the door. Threatograms, presumably?
  8. Ok thanks for the advice. Should I send a final denial? or a cease-and-desist letter? I am not familiar with PoFA and how it might affect this. Thanks, Richard
  9. Hi all, PPS has responded quite aggressively to my communication. They did not issue a new POPLA code as requested, but instead reiterated their demand for payment. They have not given me a breakdown of their pre-estimate of loss, as requested, and have not provided computer records from RingGo as I requested. I followed the link they provided to see more information about the pre-estimate of loss, and this had scanned copies of POPLA adjudications saying, "the operator has provided a breakdown of their losses and I am satisfied that this loss is justified and flows from the appellant's b
  10. Yes, this is the station car part opposite the station, not the Apcoa one. I'll ask PPS for a code and for the information about RingGo and their authority to collect parking charges. Let's see how they respond. Thanks again, Richard
  11. Hi, thanks for the quick replies. I've checked the code checker and it's valid. They just didn't sent it to me (at least, it didn't arrive - and I am not in the habit of igoring post). OK I will ask them for proof of postage and a new POPLA code. I was also thinking of asking for the following evidence from them in preparation of a POPLA appeal: - Records from the RingGo system to prove that they did not receive a request from my phone. - A copy of their contract with the landowner indicating that they have the authority to give motorists the right to park. - Accounting reco
  12. Hi, I have received a PCN from PPS for parking in Didcot station car park, and I am hoping I can get some help from the forum. I have previously used the advice here to avoid penalty fees, but things seem to have changed with the introduction of POPLA and I'm now not sure of the best approach. Here's the situation: I parked, as I often have done, in Didcot station car park on 3rd July and paid using the RingGo app as usual. Or at least, it appeared to have successfully my booking. However, apparently it didn't work on this occasion and I received a PCN on my car. When I saw this, I
  13. Hi, my wife parked in a railway car park and received a parking notice from Apcoa back on 18th May. She has received no correspondance from Apcoa at all but has now received a letter from Roxburghe Debt Collectors! From reading the information on this forum, I gather that Debt Collectors cannot take action whilst a dispute is in progress, and until a settlement has been set by a court - is this correct? Or can Apcoa appoint Roxburghe as their agent to pursue the claim (rather than collect the debt)? The amount of the "ticket amount due" is stated as £115, whereas on the ticket
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