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  1. Hi all Received this email from the OFT today, has anyone else had one?? Dear ********** Our records show you submitted a complaint to the Office of Fair Trading on 5 May 2012 in relation to Toothfairy Finance. There are some serious issues in your complaint we would like further information on in the form of a witness statement. Complaints such as yours are vital in helping us to evidence business practices that might cast doubt upon the trader's fitness to hold a consumer credit license. I have attached an information sheet on providing a witness statement to the
  2. Hi guys Have been following advice and complaint made to OFT. Also had some advice from CCCS who are willing to help me if I send back the paperwork - still trying to sort them out myself though. Anyhoo, just got this from Marshall Hoares: PRE-VISIT Notice Client: Speed Credit - Speed Credit Pay Day Loan* Client Ref: ****** Amount: 639 Date: 07/05/2012 You have failed to make suitable repayment arrangements concerning the above arrears which remain outstanding. Our recovery Agents will now visit your premises to arrange payment . This will involve
  3. Yes I saw that and thought she portrayed the anguish, worry and desperation these companies cause, very well. I hope by bringing the terrible issues with these PDL companies to prime-time TV will help in getting these loan sharks shut down.
  4. Hi all An update: as predicted I am now receiveing texts and this email from Marshall Hoares: Dear ****** Client ref: ******* We are fully compliant with all necessary laws, legislation and the Office of Fair Trade (OFT) Guidelines. Our company registration number is 06871092 and our Consumer Credit License Number is 631168 details of which can be verified on the Office of Fair Trade website. According to our records you took out a 14 – 28 day SHORT TERM loan on 21.02.12 for £100. You currently owe £605. You agreed to repay your short term loan within 14 days. Payda
  5. Just about to switch off pc and this pings up on my email: Debt Management You have confirmed that you have instructed a debt management company / advisory body to act on your behalf. IMPORTANT NOTICE: As per the Office of Fair Trading Guidelines on debt management: 1. We are not obliged to accept reduced repayments or to freeze interest as suggested by your debt management advisor. 2. Repaying the same debt over a longer period of time will lead to an increase in the total amount you have to pay. 3. We are obliged to deal with such third parties only
  6. Well I've had a text everyday from them saying "in 4 days Bailiffs will contact you etc etc" then "in 3 days bailiffs will contact you etc" and so on... I can't believe they can attempt to be so menacing! I have saved them all and will be letting OFT know. Good news: Swift Sterling have agreed to my payment plan - out of the blue email after being silent for ages, odd. Renegadeimp: Should I write to the Toothfairy bullies, if so what shall I say? (I know what I'd like to say )
  7. Thankyou Renegadeimp, yes please to a letter - I'm so bloomin cross with them but not very good at letter writing I'm so grateful for the support I've received thusfar - its made me feel able to take the blighters on... and smile for the first time in ages, thankyou xxx
  8. Thankyou guys. I got this text message today at 11.19am: YOUR FILE IS WITH BAILIFFS. DOOR VISITS AND COURT ACTION IS IMMINENT. WE HAVE NOT OTHER OPTION AS YOU WILL NOT SPEAK TO US CALL ***** Total rubbish as they will not communicate with me! Then at 12.02: YOU COMMITTED TO A REPAYMENT PLAN TO SETTLE YOUR TOOTHFAIRY LOAN. A PAYMENT OF £96 IS DUE TOMORROW. FAILURE TO HONOUR THIS WILL LEAD TO EXTRA FEES. ?? Eh? I haven't 'committed' to anything! No replies from them whatsoever! Until... tonight I receive the following: Thank you for your message. You current
  9. *deep breath* o.k I understand and will chill out. I know what you mean - I can see how there ghastly tactics would work - but I have no spare money whatsoever to pay them off so they can stamp their feet as much as they like, I'll still have zip in the bank! There's a reason I have benefit help with rent!! Thankyou renegadeimp and sillygirl - your advice is helping more then you can know - I hope I can come out of this the other end and offer advice to others xxxxx
  10. Can I just ask, what happens if they do take me to court? Do I have to actually attend a court? I feel sick
  11. I guess thats what NDR have as as soon as I emailed asking for a repayment plan via their own website the following pinged back within 5 seconds, no way anyone could have read what I wrote: Dear ***** Thank you for emailing us. Payment Plans It is always advisable to stay in contact with your creditors to avoid additional penalty charges. Loans are meant to be repaid in full at the end of the initial loan term. This is made very clear in the terms and conditions you agreed to when you took out the loan. We cannot accept a payment plan. Please confirm
  12. Thankyou sillygirl - I can't believe the orginal amount of £100 has escalated to over £500!! Is it worth emailing Speedcredit again (even though they just ignore me anyway) Thanks again xxxx
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