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  1. Think I have spotted where my calculation possibly goes wrong - I paid off my credit card balance in month 30. According to the FOS:- http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/technical_notes/ppi/redress.html#redresscc see section "consumers who clear their credit card balance in full each month" It seems that when I paid off the balance this will be treated as an over payment of £1,147.72 (the difference between what my card balance was on the statement and what it would have been if I didn't have PPI) and attracts the simple interest rate of 8%. as does my next months payment of £100 (I think !!). I think then my PPI balance should be reset to zero in month 30 as I had paid of my card and the PPI calculation 'starts' again I get much closer to their figures doing this and it possibly explains why their 8% simple interest figure is much higher than mine Anybody with thoughts on this?
  2. Thanks for your reply. But are my spreadsheet figures correct? dx100uk said (in post #2) that Coop rarely get it wrong. The offered amout is a tidy sum but I don't want to accept something that's way off the mark
  3. The spreadsheet I used is a copy of FosRunningPPI v102 available on this forum. However I modified it so that I could enter the actual card interest rate applicable each month and also so it continued working out interest after PPI premiums were stopped several years ago. Not all the columns are shown. Just need someone to check the the running total of PPI and the accrued card interest applied each month. The Coop offered less than half the card interest on the premiums than what spreadsheet gives.
  4. Hi, Received an offer from the coop bank to settle my PPI claim but their interest calculation seems way out from what I think it should be. They've offered a refund as follows:- PPI premiums paid = £2,098.70 Card Interest on premiums = £1,478 8% interest on notional credit balances = £1,068 Link to my calculation sheet (extract) is below; can someone check if the coop are being fair and my calculation is wrong, or is my calculation correct http://jmp.sh/v/fjUmMLllLhjN1syQzm9S
  5. I took out a Lloyds loan late 2005 for 25K with PPI. Still have another 18 payments or so to go. Reason for taking out the PPI was to protect payments should I ever be made redundant from my main (Employed) job which is responsible for about 85% of my income.. However, I was also Self Employed (from 2004 and still am) in a part time business I run in the evenings / weekends. I still work in my main job, but if I had been made redundant or if I am before the loan is repaid, I dont think the PPI will pay out because I'm still self employerd. This defeats the reason I took out the PPI Have I been mis-sold the PPI?
  6. Anyone know what effect the wrong account number on a Notice of Assignemt has - does it make it invalid?
  7. Well just looking at the documents supplied again:- The sample application/agreement is the same quality of print and colour contrast as the Financial and Related Conditions. Hence I think it would be reasonable to presume these two go together. However the signed copy application/agreement is different in quality and contrast (being much darker); hence reasonable to presume this document is 'on its own' so to speak. Can someone confirm what prescribed terms must be on the signature document?
  8. All the documents supplied were separate sheets so the Financial and Related Conditions sheet they sent could belong to the copy of the signed application or the sample application/agreement. Would the statement at the bottom of the signed application (just above "Post Your Application Today") tie the application/agreement and the Financial and Related Conditions sheets together? Also this document was signed in May 2004 (if this is relevant)
  9. Background: Cabot took over Barclays/Littlewoods credit card A/C 2008 Other half initially made some monthly paytments that we couldnt really afford so eventually had to stop paying. Sent CCA to Cabots mid 2009. After all these months have just received copy of agreement from Cabots together with a sample agreement (presumably because this is more readable), Financial and Related Conditions, and some copy statements. Documents:- http://i495.photobucket.com/albums/rr311/meanbean_27/Agreement.jpg http://i495.photobucket.com/albums/rr311/meanbean_27/Sample.jpg http://i495.photobucket.com/albums/rr311/meanbean_27/FandRC.jpg Would be grateful if someone could take a look at the above and see if the agreement is really an agreement (it states application form?) and/or is it valid?
  10. I had a council parking ticket early last year. It was paid direct to the council in June 09 (£110) sometime after receiveing a court order. That I thought was the last of it. However at the beginning of August I received a letter (put through the door by a bailiff) demanding payment of £122.88 and threatening removal of goods. I wrote to Excel at the time stating that £110 had been paid direct to the council in June which they then later acknowledged but stated that they had a warrent of execution for £12.88 I wrote again to Excel requesting that they send me a copy of the warrent to prove that they were entitled to the £12.88 and then I would pay it. There response did not send a copy of the warrant only a letter stating that they were entitled to the £12.88 as I'd only paid the fine to the council after it had been passed on to them and therefore requested payment. Since they had not sent me any proof I ignored the further request for payment. Yesterday, after almost 6 months from their last letter above, a bailiff called at the house and again and delivered one of their Removal Notices this time demanding £152!!! On phoning their office to explain I was sinply told that it would now be £185 Now this is causing me a lot of stress. How can £12.88 (if it was due) turn into £152 and then £185 like this?
  11. My OH had the same blank agreement from Next in response to a CCA request last year. OH replied with a letter almost identical to scotts letter given above and eventually received a reply from Next confirming that they did not hold a signed agreement. However they reiterated the fact that a default entry would be entered with credit reference agency. My OH has not checked credit file but I dare say Next would have put a default on it - reading other threads it seems the norm despite the fact they should not - no signed ageement = no authority to enter data on file. Next then sold account to Cabot even though it was in dispute. OH advised Cabot that account was in dispute prior to being sold to them and that Next had confirmed there was no signed agreement. Cabot being Cabot responded by saying they would get hold of a copyof the CCA. The next letter from said they were returning the file to Next. Have not heared anything from Next or Cabot since (or any other DCA). The fact that you may or may not had goods is irrelevant - Next supplied goods under a regulated agreement but unless they can produce a copy of that agreement with all the prescribed terms and signed by you the agreement in unenforceable. Extract from PT2537 on another Next thread:-
  12. As the Lloyds suervisor said - it may be to do with the banks credit cruch. I've had a Lloyds TSB Platinum card for appox 6 years with a 15k limit - might have been late paying once or twice over the years by a few days but nothing recently. I also receieved notification this week of my credit limit being reduced to a little above my current balance. I use this card a lot - I basically buy everything on it during the month and pay off at the end of the month - sometimes more and sometimes less than I've spent in the month. My balance has gone up the last two months - but it always has done in the summer with holidays ect Again no real explanation in their letter but they advise that they can reconsider the decision provided I write to them and provide the following:- 1) Credit Card Number 2) New financial information you would like us to consider that would not have been considered in our initial review 3) Your last three months bank statements and your credit reference agency file 4) If you bank with us, your sort coded and account number. Now what they have asked for seems very peculiar:- Re: 2) above - how do I know what financial information they considered during their review - I was not party to that review nor have I been advised what they considered - hence how do I know what would be new information that I would like then to consider? Re: 4) I am a Lloyds bank account customer and have been since they bought TSB back in the mid 90's. Why do they need to know my bank account number and sort code - they must surly have access to this information cross referenced againt my card number. Re: 3) again they would have access to this info already as I bank with them. I certaily intent to complain in writing this weekend mainly because thay have not given any clear reason why they have done what they have. Regards the info they have requested - to hell with that - they already have access to this and need to get off their lazy backsides.
  13. The following post may also be of some use:- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/173201-why-you-shouldnt-use.html
  14. Copy of T&C's supplied by claimant so far is illegible (agreement dated 1999). I have now found a set of T&C's that was sent to me around May 2005 (headed "we are making changes to your T&C's etc etc). I assume the original T&C's would have allowed for this. The important point with 2005 T&C's is that they clearly state "Summary of Amendments .......Expenses and Charges: We have amended the charges you will have to pay us in the event of a breach of the agreement. We will charge you a fixed amount in relation to each specified breach". Then in the detailed T&C's.... 16) Expenses and Charges... 16.2 ..... fee for exceeding credit limit £20, fee for late payment £20 ..... Can I amend or add to a witness statement FILED with court on time but NOT SERVED (still waiting for other side to exchange) to take account of these 2005 T&C's? My reasoning is that in my argument re penalty charges these 2005 T&C's clearly refer to the Late Payment Fee and Over Limit Fee as consequences of breach of contract. This would prevent any argument by the claimant that they are service charges.
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