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  1. Cheque still not recieved,was promised it by today,and still nothing
  2. Hi Spamalot thanks again for all the help,couldnt have done it without ya,do i just contact a mod and ask them to move it?if so who is the best mod to contact? I have accepted the offer,i know i will have to shell out more money to get compensation,and it could take ages,they said the cheque should be with me by this weekend,and i really need it,my comapny has almost no work on at present,so this will do nicely. Cheers Smiffer
  3. Here is the final update. I spoke to Howard Cohen solicitors today,welcome finance have agreed to pay me the money i paid to them via the attachment of earnings order which is £720,and they have agreed to pay me for one days lost wages because i had a day of for court,and the £75 i paid to get it to court,and also the £65 i paid a few weeks back to make the counterclaim,all in all they have agreed to pay me back £1000. The ccj has also been set aside,and the balance is now zero,she said it would take about a month for that to show on my credit file. I have accepted the refund,but have
  4. I managed to fill it in on me own,wasn't to bad,took it to the court and they said I have to pay a further £65 to open the counterclaim,which I wasn't aware of,they said they send me and welcome a questionaire which we both have to fill in,then there will be another hearing,so much for it taking 5 minutes,at moment I don't have £65 to do the counterclaim,and it has to be in by next Friday,it's not looking good,I still can't get hold of postggj,his inbox is still full.
  5. Hi Spamalot I recieved a letter from the court today it reads as follows Before (judges name) sitting at (courts name) Upon hearing the defendant in person and the claimant not attending IT IS ORDERED THAT Judgement be set aside on the condition that the defendant do file a Defence by (date) and in default the judgement stands If a defence is filed,Allocation Questionnaires be issued what does the last line mean?? thanks Smiffer
  6. Hi Spamalot I cant send the letter as i dont have a scanner so cant put it on my pc,also the time between that,and the default was plenty,as i was not living at the address they sent it to,that was my mothers house,its where i used to live,i moved away before that,but never redirected mail,just used to pop back now and again to collect it. I will pm you the letter of defence i wrote for you to look at. i have got a form,its say "Defence and Counterclaim (specified amount)" on the right it has boxes-name of court,claim number,claimant including ref,and defendant.its this one here
  7. HI Spamalot I have a letter that says "without prejudice" at the top,and its three pages long after that.Second page at the top it says "important you should read this carefully,Default Notice" served under section 87(1) of the consumer credit act 1974. and i found another which is single sheet says "withough prejudice" failure to read this letter may result in legal proceedings. Is it either of these two?? The judge did say he wants a proper statement of defence,with everything that happened start to finish,i have written one,can i send it to you via pm to take a look at,it d
  8. Spamalot check your inbox for messages Right well it looks like i will be doing this part on my own,not really got any idea what i am doing,i have done my statement of defence,on a seperate piece of paper,and i have a form to fill out,called "defence and counterclaim (specified amount)" no idea what,or how much iam supposed to claim,if anyone would like to help me,it would be much appreciated,dont wanna ruin it now i am so close.
  9. Update for those interested It was just one other person in the room and me,he read through the paper work that i sent in to northampton court,just to get up to speed,then he asked me a few questions,he said "had i ever owned the car" i said no,i told him i had a letter from DVLA,i said he could see it,he didnt want to,he said "why didnt you make a defence back when i got the letter" i replied i was trying to find out why i had the judgement,what loan they were refering to,and that i had made a subject access request,and it took them a while to reply,and i was seeking advice on what to do
  10. postggj If you read this,you have exceeded your message quota,i tried to send you a private message but it wont send until you clear some messages. thanks Spamalot,i am a bit nervous,been reading some of the paperwork,and it seems i have 2 account numbers but have no idea why,only thing i can think of is that one is the original,and when they amended the loan they done another account number,just trying to figure it all out.
  11. postggj was hoping you could help me with this over the weekend,but i guess you havent been online,not really sure what to take,or expect when i get there,i know you said you had some pointers for me,hope you will be able to help me before tomorrow,i have to be at court at 2 so will be online till 12 ish. Anyone else got any advice they could give me,would be most welcome. thanks Smiffer
  12. i hope so,bloody ccj is realling screwing me up,i will be online all weekend at some point,if not message me and i will reply soon as i can.thanks again for the help cheers smiffer
  13. Thanks sarnie Postggj,i am expecting some questions,the thing is the only real proof i have is that on the SAR,where in the telephone conversations they made notes on my account,and its says oc (our customer) is not to be follwed for remainder,as short settlement has been agreed.The first paperwork they sent was for a different car to the one i bought from them,but with the right account number of the car i did buy,written in pen,basically i had a car on finance,had it 4 years,then i went to a garage to get another car,the finance company that accepted in principal was the one i was with,
  14. i will be about all weekend postggj could use some help,not sure what else i can take with me,going to dig through all me paperwork i have got from them,and try to find that piece of paper i got to say it it was finished,i am sure i kept it.In the paperwork i got for the SAR it does say several times "our client is not to be persued for the remainder of the balance"or words to that effect,surely that should be enough?
  15. Quick update for anyone still following I recieved a letter today to say that there will be a court hearing at my local court,next tuesday for "the defendants application for judgement to be set aside"so it looks as though things are moving ahead,not really sure what to expect,but hope to be able to put my side of things across,so looking forward to it,thanks for all that have given me advice,and support on this,hopefully it will all be sorted soon,all your effort has been very much appreciated Thanks Smiffer P.S will keep you updated
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