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  1. So, right. I've never posted anything like this on a forum before, but here goes.. I bought a refurbished laptop from Dixons for £300, which I sent away for repair after 9 months of use, about two weeks past and I phoned Dixons and I was told no one had touched my laptop, but it will be sent in for repair on the next day and I should expect to have my laptop back within a week, so another fortnight passes and still no laptop, so I phoned up Dixons and I'm told that my laptop has been lost by the courier company. Now I can phone back in a few days to see if they found it, but if they haven't I am entitled to a laptop to the same spec or better. So, I phoned back 3-4 days later...No laptop so new laptop apparently, I was told by Dixons to go into a store (Currys) and pick up a laptop, but when I went to pickup this laptop I could only find one £100 dearer (which I cant not entitled too because of the price difference but this one was the same spec as my original) OR one £50 dearer, but not nearly upto the same standard as my original, but I'm told I need to take his laptop because that's all their offering me, even though I was PROMISED I would get a laptop to the same spec or better. Now Dixons are ignoring me e-mails, telling me it's my own problem and I would need to talk this over with the people (currys) who gave me this awful laptop, so in short Dixons lost my laptop and gave me a sub standard one and are refusing to do anything about it. Does anyone know what I can do?
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