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  1. Thank you.Your advice and expertise is refreshing and appreciated.
  2. So would it be better for me from what you've seen for them to sell it or,Should I block this by putting it into dispute?
  3. i know this. By law they are allowed to phone you up to 8 times a day between 9-5. you really should change your number.it's the easiest way.if you ever have to contact them by phone (not recommended) then with-hold your new number.If they ask for your new phone number don't give them one.
  4. will complaining actually do any good though? secondly if they can't work out between them who I'm meant to be paying how can anyone else including me? i'll go to court quite happily on this mess they've created. Is there a letter for me to send to RBS. thanks
  5. I got a reply to my last letter telling them the account was in dispute. As with previous times i sent it to triton. the letter I received said they didn't recognise my reference number!! also could i sign i future,the best of all was i added that i wanted to know who i meant to be dealing as there are now 3 creditors involved all asking for the money and guess what..... the reply came from RBS who I've NEVER dealt directly with EVER. that's why they don't recognise my ref number so Triton are now passing my information everywhere!! they returned my letter also. so now there's 4 companies 'apparently' involved all of whom have sent me correspondence to me within the last month. Nat west Triton AIC RBS And no-one has yet provided a CCA.
  6. Totally right in your question "I am right in that you did send them a CCA request and they failed to provide one?" - they did reply but it came from Cap 1 NOT Debitas and it was just a terms & conditions leaflet. They have ignored all my other recorded letters. I will send the letter you kindly posted for me: http://www.consumeractiongroup.c o.uk/resources/templates-library/86-debt-collectors/571-failiure-to-provide-a-copy-of-the-agreement-within-the-prescribed-timescale I will complain to OFT first thing tomorrow morning. Thank you.
  7. Thanks Bazooka Boo - really thinking now NOT to enter into any agreement as stated over the phone today - just feel really really bullied. Alarm bells rang instantly when they offered 50% over the phone. They will only receive the money at the end of the month and then say they never received it again just like they said last time. They also want my debit card details ONLY to do this. If I hadn't have lost my job in January this wouldn't have been an issue, I always have paid my debts. This is just nasty.
  8. Thanks Bazooka Boo for doing some research. They did try ringing up a few months ago and we used similar dialogue. But now they dont ring as we have changed phone numbers as we were getting 12 calls a day - 7 days a week at all times of day/night from them. Very distressing.
  9. Thanks for your replies. I'm really livid with these thugs . From where we are at the moment, we're left with a couple of options I can either: 1) start up this new payment plan - however bearing in mind they breached the last payment plan 3/4 months ago and said they never received the payment by giro slip - well it's not in my account THEY HAVE IT, and they have ignored my letters bar one which I sent all mine recorded and have the slips to prove it. 2) Not do the payment plan as discussed on the phone this afternoon - however, they told me on the phone that if I do not make a payment by the end of August they will pass the account to someone else. My quandry is whether to allow them (Debitas) to pass it on to someone else - as Cap 1 wouldn't even speak to me. And then go through the whole thing again with someone else, ie: requesting CCA etc. Or: To put the account into dispute with Debitas to force their hand even further, as they haven't provided the CCA - but bearing in mind they have not responded to any of my previous recorded letters - they just sent thugs round today. Advice please? Thanks for replies.
  10. kids are 10 years old. Who do i complain to regarding the kids? I've agreed a payment plan over the phone now but am concerned as they still haven't produced the CCA. They also offered me a 50% off final settlement on the phone!
  11. not bailiffs but looked and acted like them. i have no CCJ. apprently debitas sent them round to see if we lived here as they' couldnt make contact with us even though they're responed half assed to my CCA request which is now out of date by the way. They're Called 'power to contact'. they even went round the side of the house and spoke to my kids through the gate?!!
  12. This is linked to this thread.. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/213310-cap-one-debitas-ccad.html#post2343997 Basically i've CCA'd Debitas and got back a fluffy reply with no CCA. They said they be in touch. Well today they got back in touch alright.Nearly took the door of the hinges!! They sent round 2 bailiffs. I didn't answer the door,didn't dare too but they made enough noise for all the neighbours to hear. I rang debitas up and stated that they were in breach as they hadn't replied right and they informed me that they were well within their rights and as long as I pay them on an agreement plan at the end of the month that everything willbe fine?!a threat? They also told me that they had no control of the people who came to see me and they may call again in the next day or so.(they have no warrant of execution as this hasn't gone to court yet) yet this has turned really nasty. any advice?
  13. It's not an agreement that they've sent just the stuff I've already posted but on a standard capital one letterhead. therefore it's nothing like has been signed in the past at all.it's just a letter with another letter attached to it.On the back is just more T and C's.
  14. Hi, got a debt with cap one that have been unable to pay due to being out of work for 6 months.I've got work now but I'm actually worse off than if i was claiming benefit!!(Go figure). Anyway told Cap one couldn't pay card debt off(only around #250-definately no more).Anyway I've been slammed with default notices, offered them #1 per month which they accepted then said they didn't!! Now they passed the debt onto debitas (which is just themselves-why do companies do that?) and are being very threatening. I've CCA Debitas as they were the last ones to get in touch with me, then right on the nose of the CCA expiring Capital one send me the terms and conditions with my account number on it saying... 'please find enclosed a copy of your CCA as requested.Im accordance with section78 of the consumer credit act 1974 and the consumer credit regs 1983, this is your original agreement, and if any terms have been varied then the copy agreement will include the updated terms,in addition your personal details,the signature box, and date of signature have been omitted under regulation 3 of the consumer credit(cancellation and copy doucmunts)regs 1983. pay now or die blah blah blah you now owe double your original debt in charges etc.and we want it now. Then their actual CCA was attached!!!and reads on normal capital one letter headed paper(didn't i request this from debitas?!!)And I quote... .. original account cedit limit-XXX Accpount number-XXXX Terms of your capital one Credit Card Agreement. thank you for your recent request.please see overleaf the current terms of your agreement with us. for the rest of your terms and conditions,please see the leaflet enclosed(information about your capital one card) . if you have any further queries about your account please call our customer services department on the number below. now correct me if i'm wrong but that don't like a CCA to me! Am i right in thinking that I should now send the other letter saying they've failed to send it and if so who to send it to debitas or cap one?
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