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  1. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond Armadillo, very informative - please may I enquire though - at the crux of the matter, has she committed an offence for which she quite rightly owes them money - there is NO charge for the 2 hr parking, so I am wondering what her liability could be under the law - I am willing to pay a reasonable amount if that is the law?
  2. Hi there all, In brief; mother in law (77 yrs old, disabled) parked at parade of shops to do shopping Unaware there was a 2 hr max time, overstayed by 56mins Started getting letters from vehiclecontrol claiming charges After reading up on these matters, decided to ignore them (a little knowledge is a dangerous thing..?) Now getting monthly letters from Zenith threatening further action Mum-in-law quite perturbed, never had so much as a red reminder bill in all her adult life I've asked her to leave it with me, she needs no worries
  3. Mine took ~10 days from accepting the offer, however the cheque that arrived was a couple of hundred less than i had accepted. I cashed it (thank you welcome) and then immediately sent them a copy of their original offer that i signed, with the letter that accompanied the cheque, stating i accept the cheque as part payment only and want the balance - NB; Being pessimistic about welcome, i thought there was a chance the cheque may not be honoured, so took it to a cashing place who took £30 for cashing £700 - they had to ring welcome for an authorisation code and could not get through - after
  4. Thank you dx for your response, they state i have 14 days only to accept this offer, presumably this is bunkum to cause people to act in haste and repent at leisure?
  5. Hi, Just received letter from Welcome Compliance Dept stating that they had found in my favour in my claim for refunds of PPI! As it's Welcome it seems too good to be true and I am not counting my chickens, wonder if anyone out there with similar experiences can advise on the following please? The usual timescale between me accepting their offer (not done yet) and receiving the actual cheque(s) I have paid off two loans and a car finance with them over the past year or so, but have a further loan that am in arrears with. Am i correct in stating that they cannot 'offset' t
  6. Thank you for the advice earlier this week, have just spoke to the manager at my local branch and he states the £100 charge is an 'option to buy' clause - surely the ~£150 that i have paid monthly for 3 years is an indication i thought i was buying the blooming car! lol Please may i ask has anyone come across this 'option to buy' clause before?
  7. Hi, The last statement i got from them was end Oct - outstanding balance £664, since then have paid £462 with another payment due this week, i made the outstanding balance then ~£50, i have the agreement at work wjich i can try and upload tomorrow, but just wondered if there were precedents of this? Many thanks
  8. Hi, please can anyone help? Had car finance for 3 years with Welcome, last full payment due this week, rang to confirm only a few quid outstanding, and to my surprise a £100 charge has been put on my account in the last month or so. Welcome state that as the loan is 2 months over the original 3 year term (rang them on a couple of occasions when things really tight and they gave me a month hiatus each time from payment) I have paid this religiously (albeit over 38-39 months instead of 36) nothing in my contract about this £100. They state it's in 'terms and conditions' which i cannot r
  9. Just to update, ShopDirect yesterday sent my neighbour a letter stating they will not be pursuing the 'debt' anymore, although they consider their 'charges' 'reasonable' If these fools had accepted a tenner a month from a single unemployed mum, this debt of £60 would have been paid off by now. Instead, 9 months later, they are giving up the ghost. This is incredible, these people must have the intelligence of a bicycle. Another person, via ma, helped by the good folks on CAG - many thanks!
  10. Thank you for all your advice, i will not be paying by card, but will advise them that i want a standing order, Majorplayer, if they try and sell me the line that they don't 'do' standing orders, can i pre-empt this by you confirming it as a fallacy? Cheers
  11. Hi, Cancelled my d.debit last month due to unforseen expense, wrote to Welcome and asked them to reinstate for this month, they haven't done so successfully. Branch asked me to pay by d.card, perhaps as month end and if they take 2 weeks to set up new d.debit, will not show on their 'figures' for this month? My question? - after all i read about Welcome on here, i wonder if i should give them my card details, was assured it gets entered into a once only system and then not retrievable by them, but dont want them having facility to misuse. Can majorplayer or anyone advise please? Ma
  12. Will pass the message and options to my neighbour - thanks once again to both - as usual great, sound advice Thank you!
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