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  1. Hi All Newbie here after some good advice if possible In May 2008 I bought a 55 plate Hyundai Coupe from The Car People. The car was sold to me as still being under Hyundai's 5 year warranty and apparently had the usual 100-and-something point check The Car People carry out on all cars. However, there have been a few things since which I am not at all happy with... ...about 2 months after buying the car the rear offside tyre started losing pressure quite quickly. I kept going to the local forecourt and pumping it up but when it eventually became as flat as a pancake, and no amount of air would make any difference, I took it to my local garage who took the tyre off and there was a massive tear round the inside (I'm talking 1/2 the tyre wall!). I put it down to something on the road causing the tear and had the tyre replaced. Unfortunately, 10 months on the same tyre is now doing exactly the same thing and I'm beginning to wonder if it is a problem with the wheel. I have noticed a loss of power since buying the car, something which has not been rectified with a service. The brakes in the wet can occasionally shudder and I have nearly rear-ended 3 or 4 people as a result. Combined with the loss of power, I wonder if there is a fault with the car (but cannot afford the cost of getting it checked out by Hyundai as it is out of warranty - see below for reason why!) I also recently had to book in the annual service for the car. Upon getting my log book out, I find that the last service was done more than 2 years ago - over 12 months before I bought the car - and under Hyundai's policy, as the servicing has not been kept up to date the car is no longer covered by the warranty. My question is: given the wheel issue (which should have been checked under The Car People's checks) the brakes and power issue, and given that I was sold a warrantied car which clearly isn't, do you think a) I have a case to go back to them and make them swap the car for another, and b) should this swap be at the value of the car when I bought it, or now? I would also appreciate any advice anyone can give as to how to approach them - just tell them the problems and hope they are in a helpful mood, or will I have to hit them with legalese? Thanks
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