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  1. How can these people expect to be treated professionally, #priceless Nick [ATTACH=CONFIG]59852[/ATTACH]
  2. Hi All, This is now at court threatening stage giving me 14 days before action, if it was my account I would just say come on then but as it's in the mother in laws. From day one they have not behaved correctly?, They did not make any contact with us before appointing Burlington and they have admitted that is how they do things. Any help Nick
  3. Thanks for that, As I have paid off the Credit Agreement can they still affect my credit file?. Nick
  4. A few years Ago a phone contract was purchased through one of A1 Comms online companies, The contract we where told was after a credit check and an agreement to sign a 2 year contract with O2. Now after 14 months my son wanted to change network so we called the service provider and they said to end our contract we had to pay an outstanding amount which we did. Over a year went past and all was good until my wife got a call from Burlington saying we owed them over £350 we told them to send us a copy of any paperwork and I was told by an "English Person" in some weird tongue that
  5. Would it also be possible for me to challenge the CCJ's then if successful get the Charges removed? The grounds would be that despite me giving them my new address (a have an acknowledgement from there solicitors via email date and time stamped ) and I also sent a change of address form through the branch. Nick
  6. Hi, The solicitors have given me a copy of the completion statement but I cannot get hold of the person at RCJ to get a copy of the repossession order as they never answer or return my calls.Is there a form I can download and put in an official request?. Any Ideas Nick
  7. Hi, Thanks again, I have left a voice mail with the person I need to speak too at the RCJ, so will obtain the relevant information and post. Nick
  8. Hi, I have a copy of the letter from the court to Santanders solicitor. The house was repossessed and Santander was paid 100% what they where owed.There solicitors have been holding on to the surplus funds trying to get the information from Nationwide. The solicitors lodged the funds in to the court using a CFO108 form and the reason is quoted as "Surplus proceeds of sale of property". I spoke to the court funds office (Glasgow) and they put my on to the Royal Court of Justice Chancery Division. The only thing I can find out is that the original order for repossession was granted
  9. Hi, Thanks for your reply, There was no court order authorising the payment to the court. From what I understand Santanders solicitors who where holding the surplus funds had NO luck with Nationwide so decided the lodge the funds with the court to get it off there hands. Nationwide have been shocking in all this and I dont want to contact them in case it ruins my claim (hence advice needed). The charges that where placed on the property it seems Nationwide are having a problem finding the paperwork so I was thinking about making an application to the court for the funds based on the ti
  10. This is a problem that I cannot find an answer to. We bought a property by cash in 2007 and then we took out a "Mortgage" on the property with Abbey National (aka Santander) then I took out an unsecured loan, and credit card with Nationwide and all was good. My business went bust with the collapse of an airline and all went belly up with my house being reposessed(bySantander asMortgagee) and charges put on the property by Nationwide to cover debt (I never challenged the charges as my wife had a breakdown and could not cope).They reposessed the property in 2010 and put it up for sale. La
  11. After a failed business in 2009 I had unsecured debts attached to my property then in August 2011 the property was repossessed. Now I have got my head out of my backside after the divorce (yes kicked me when I was down) I find some strange things are in place. We had equity of about £35K and this is still held by the banks solicitor because although someone has moved into the house the debts have NOT been paid and as of 10:10am today I’m still with my wife the registered owner of the property. Now the debts in my name where about £20k and the ones in my ex-wife’s where about £7k (inc an in
  12. Due to loss of job and other unfortunate circumstances I have found myself at the mercy of the banks and what crooks they appear to be. The bank is Nationwide and I have been keeping in touch with there recovery arm KPR and Nationwide themselves,last December I got three weeks work in London so I informed them that I would be staying at an address for the three weeks and they updated there records. I carried on dialogue with Nationwide and even had a home visit from an area manager to confirm I was at my property and I have been keeping in touch with KPR since. Last Thursday I g
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