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  1. Right, I only got back two of the five agreements ? Anyway, this last few weeks I have been speaking to payplan and they have been very helpful . They are now putting it to my creditors that I can afford to pay £165 per month, They told me to stop making payment and pay each one £5 or £10 as a token payment, However, this last week or so I have been recieving letters from the creditors asking me to pay the min payments _ but they are now double on each one. I am expecting a call from payplan tomorrow so they can run through the do's and don'ts with the creditors. any a
  2. That was the third page, the other two was just terms.... that page I think should of been signed but wasn't
  3. Hope you can see the above ok, as I said - it was only printed, which I have cut out where do I stand with this one?
  4. Got the first cca letter back today, from paypal . The agreement seems ok ,(not that I am expert) But it is not signed by me? Just my name is printed? any advice peeps? Chris
  5. Right, I have sent them all a cca request - unsigned, recored with a pound postal order . will keep you updated how I get on thanks chris
  6. Is it better to send cca requests on there own first? thanks
  7. Hi Andy, Yes the income&expenditure is also included in the letter, I did contact sterling green but after seeing some comments on here about I wasn't to sure
  8. I am looking for some advice please. I have massive credit card and loans bills, 56k in total These have build up since I was 17 , and I now 28. I have always juggled the cards about, balance transfers etc and have had a good engineering job - where I have always, since I left school had plently of overtime and have been able to pay them. Most months I have always paid over the min payment until recently when overtime has stopped and my wages have halfed . I have been reading through the forums past few nights and really need to try and sort something out now as even min pa
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