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  1. Thank you both for your responses. I fully appreciate the point regarding "knowing the area well", and will ensure that this isnt put into the appeal letter. I will keep you updated with the LAs response... Thanks
  2. Knowing Central London, and knowing this particular street are 2 very different things. In addition, even if one said they "know the area well", does that mean you should be able to identify where every bus lane is???
  3. I do not know the area, however using a map it wasnt difficult to work out!
  4. Bernie - thanks for your help. I will send off a letter today (recorded delivery of course), with all asssociated evidence. I will let you know how I get on.
  5. Exactly!! The bus being in the other lane confused me, especially as the bus lane had been on the other side of the road the whole way down Bloomsbury Street. What exactly do you mean by 'deflection arrows'? I have had a look on TfLs website, but have been unable to find a clear example...
  6. Yes there is a bus lane after Bedford Square. I was caught just after Great Russell Street, which is where the bus lane suddenly switches over to the other side of the road! I will check today to see if it is sign-posted properly. It probably is, but anyone who has driven in this area on a Saturday night, will know how manic it is, and how slow the traffic moves. Its literally bumper-to-bumper with every vehicle imaginable, which makes it even more difficult. It was a genuine mistake!
  7. There was no sign when you immediately entered the bus lane, it was placed approximately 5-8 meters later. Thanks
  8. Hi All I received the attached PCN for driving in a bus lane last week. The signage wasn't initially clear, and as soon as I realised I was in a bus lane (after about 10 meters) I exited (as evidenced by the photographs). Is there any realistic way one can find a way of getting off? Thanks very much property_boy PCN Camden.pdf
  9. Great! I thought that was the case from reading other messages throughout the forum. Out of interest then, how are NCP allowed to get away with it??
  10. Btw...there is no discount period offered. Its a £50 flat charge which must be paid within 28 days.
  11. Hi All! I have been browsing this forum for quite a while, and today I fell victim to a PCN at Stanmore Underground Station Car Park - which is operated by NCP. I have attached a photo of each side of the ticket for you all to look at... Basically, is the ticket valid and do I need to pay the £50 fine issued?? Would love to hear your advice... Thanks Propertyboy
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