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  1. ok cool i will have to tell my transport manager that, we will see what happens
  2. it was public road and was a council street sign just said permit holders.
  3. no union avalible i get the impression the company thinks i will let it drop, but they have made me so angry, money is tight as it is and to take £60 quid has taken the p~~s
  4. cheers thanks i think its going to take some doing, but i will not back down
  5. hi i hope someone can help, i was sent to do a job for my company, delivering goods to a customer, due to the fact i was driving a hgv i had to park next to the customers site. the only space avalible was a private parking box oppisite the customer, the customer unloaded my trailer one side and then i have to move over to the over side of the road for the customer to unload the rest, while i was being unloaded i was given a parking ticket, which i was told dont worry the customer will pay it as we get them all the time. i phoned my boss and told them and was told to hand it in. turns out the customer has refused to pay the 60 quid fine, so my company has taken it out of my wages, which i consider to be out of order as it was them that sent me to do the job. i have argued this with the boss and have got lots of support from other drivers and so called manager but its now got to the point i am going to have to take legal action, i think its fair enough to pay a fine if im stupid enough to stop and run into a shop while on yelow lines but not when im told to go to that customer. if i had refused to do the job i would be facing diserplinery action. so im stuck in a limbo, Any help would be most appreciated thankyou.
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