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  1. Thank you for your advice on this matter. I think I have been much more than reasonable in what I am claiming considering what I have experienced. My claim was acknowledged, then a defence was filed but I am not aware of what their arguments are. I will doubt hear from TalkTalks solicitors. I hope this matter doesn't drag on, all I want is to see an end to it and never hear from the damn company again.
  2. Here is my long winded saga with Talk Talk. I ended my minimum term contract with Talk Talk as I was moving to another broadband and telephone provider, BT. I paid all what was owed to Talk Talk, and my contract ended - so I thought. I then received a letter from Talk Talk chasing £20 or therabouts, so I called them and they said this was a mistake and they credited my account and said I will hear no more about. I then receieved another letter chasing the money, so I ignored it and thought it crossed in the post with my phone call to customer services. However, a month
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