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  1. Does any one have the address I should send my sar request to the Ulster Bank? Many thanks in advance
  2. ooft:( years lol. I've moved house twice since then, there's no chance. Thanks for the reply any way
  3. Can you request DN's from DCA's? I read a lot of posts here about DN's being incorrect. Can I request a copy fron the DCA to check it?
  4. Bearing in mind that one almost always ticks a box on a credit agreement, can payday loan companies even enforce these loans without a signature?
  5. Should I send the subject acess request to the bank or the DCA?
  6. I have started receiving correspondence and phone calls from this company trying to collect on an Ulster Bank account I had with my ex partner. She and I split in 2005. When I left the home, there was plenty of money in the account, eventually it went overdrawn and they are chasing me for £1500 or therabouts. This account was her current account and after she had it a few years, we had my name put on it so it was a joint account. I don't see why I should pay this. Do I send a CCA request? Do the same things apply to current accounts as credit cards etc?
  7. I believe it is from the date of the default.
  8. I have defaulted on a couple of payday loans. I have tried to come to arrangements with them to no avail. They are demanding full repayment or nothing. Today I got a call from my mother saying that a Nancy Jones from PTP had called and asked her to pass on a message. I never gave them my mum's number and she is ex directory, I don't live at her house. I called PTP in a rage and the guy said that they would not call that number again. Is there anything I can do or threaten them with to stop this happening??
  9. I have recently been checking my credit files. I had a card with Aqua which shows on my file as Halifax card services. My probelem is that on credit expert this agreement shows twice. Once with Halifax and once with Lowell potfolio. The start date is the same on both entries. Equifax sent me an alert saying that a new agreement had been added to my file, and there the Lowell financial one is, although Aqua or HAlifax card services do not show. Surely the same thing should not show on my creditexpert file twice???
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