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  1. I had a policy with Ford Insure. As it came to renewal time I phoned around and found a policy much cheaper. I phone Ford Insure to get them to match the offer - they declined. I renewed with the new company. A few months later - yes I was a little slack checking my bank statements - I noticed that Ford Insure had debited my account (£750.00) for the policy renewal. Thinking a simple clerical error I phoned them. I was promptly told that there was an automatic renewal clause on my policy and that if I did not write to cancel it would automatically renew. Further, they would not make a fu
  2. Well I have now recieved the Notice of allocation. Set for the Woolwich court for March 2007. Just a wait now, it is going to be a long 4 months. If any further offer is to be made I think it will be at the eleventh hour, as this seems to be Cobbets methods. Interesting notes. Judge Backhouse in reviewing the papers issued the following directions: "(1) CPR18 does not apply to small claims. The court nothing that the Claimant has provided to the defendant his account details and a schedule of charges claimed, the court does not think it appropiate to order the Claimant to provide fu
  3. matter settled in full. Donation made to site.
  4. Well, time marches on. Settlement offer received and rejected. I have reached the point now where I would really like to take them on in court because I am confident that I could make an educated and coherent argument for my position. I have worked out that my maximum over limit was £250.00. So if they had not taken the first 5 charges I would never have gone over limit later in the account history. The reality is that 95% of the charges were made because of 5% of the charges having an effect on my account. I was tempted to ask them for more to settle but thought better of it and would be happ
  5. Have now completed the Allocation questionaire 149 (Small claims) .... It came with a notice of transfer to the closest court to me (Woolwich) which is good news, just in case. I have also replied to Cobbetts giving them the basics od account number and complete schedule of my claim. I did not respond to the CPR part 18 request. See what happen next. The costs are now up to £220.00 so when they do settle they have gone backwards by this amount and Cobbetts cost. Strange how sometimes they settle and others they make you jump through the hoops. Seems they test the water every now a
  6. Thank you. Will do the search straight away. Mark
  7. I am also dealing with Cobbetts and have recieved their defence papers with an attached questionaire. I am stuggling to understand the legalese. They seem to be saying that they want me to show were they have broken the contract with them by showing the contract between RBOS and me. I do not have that ... from years ago. I am wondering what I show do. Any suggestions? See my post under my thread for full drtails.
  8. I have followed the procedures to the letter. RBS has entered a defence. I have received from Corbets (their solicitor) and extensive document asking very detailed and in some instances in my view almost impossible questions for me to answer. I have 10 days to respond. Has anyone reach this point that could help? The document is nine pages, bit too much to reproduce here ... and the questions range from .. The one that worries me is .. 2.3 In relation to each charge please clarify 9A) is it the case of the claimant that same should not have been charged? (b) if yes: please
  9. Sorry posted in wrong place - shifted the post
  10. I am up to the stage of filing the claim. All correspondance to date has been with the Senior Business Manager at my local branch. Question: Should I file the claim citing that adress or use another address? Thanks for everyones help Mark
  11. Thye have responded - nope to my first letter and ignored my LBA ... so on to action .... any advice?
  12. Well have not ahd a reply to my LBA ,,, so on to the next stage. Any advice? mark
  13. Well there you go. I have noted that RBS and NatWest (really the same comapny) apply different charges in some months for the same offence. Not sure how they work - seem to be very objective rather than applying a set fee. Guess HSBC is the same.
  14. mark.wall

    Interest rates

    I wrote a spread sheet designed to calculated all this automaticly. It is reasonabley user friendly if you understand the basics of spread sheets. It works by calculating the number of days from the dtae of the charge to the current date. Then it applies the interest rate which you get from your statements (because they change from time to time) and manually insert them. It does not charge interest on interest but I was happy with the result I got and not prepared to go deeper into the calculation. PM your email address and I will send a copy to you.
  15. mark.wall

    Interest rates

    The interest rate is the rate you were charged on the account - that is if they charge you 1.5% per month (18%pa) then that is what you claim. So a charge of £20 put on your account 100 days ago would be £20 x 0.0493% (daily rate) x 100 days. You need to do this for each charge - excel spread sheet will work it for you quickly. The 8% comes later if it goes to court and you get a judgement.
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