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  1. Well, where to start really. I have found myself without any fixed address. The past year I had been living at my parents (not ideal, being 37!) due to financial and work problems. Well in a nutshell it didn't work out and they asked me to leave so now I'm temporarily staying at a friends house, but I can't stay here for ever. I've just had some mail forwarded with plenty of DC letters threatening allsorts. Obvously I am finding this really stressful (yes, I know, I did this to myself) but can anyone give me advice on what I should do? I can't give my friends address and I am no longer lving a
  2. Well I've had no Deed of assignment, never heard from Fairfax so I'm just going to continue to pay the original Op. They can take me to court, as I don't actually have a bean.
  3. No I haven't anything from them at all. I haven't even gotten their 'We're not Eversheds' letter either. I haven't a clue who i should be paying despite repeated letters on my half.
  4. Just in regard to the banks reclaiming their losses from the taxman therefore incurring higher tax for other people: the same argument to go towards the fact that I don't have children and will never have them so why should I pay for other peoples kids education? I'm not complaining about this but just using it as an example when people bleat on about 'increasing their tax/insurance bill.' It is just one example of many also. People fall on bad times, through their own fault or maybe someone elses, it doesn't matter, this is no reason to slaughter them.
  5. I'm probably wrong about this but isn't it illegal to not tell them you've moved house? I thought i read somewhere on here it was but, like I say, I may have dreamnt it.
  6. Hi, Just a quick question. I've had these DCA types going on at me for years now, threatening court this and court that but they've never actually done anything. Its coming up to 4 years now. I don't actually own a bean let alone a house so I'm guessing that there wouldn't be much in it for them. My question is, if I did own a house or were seen to have more assets would that make them more likely to take me to court? I'm not getting a house or anything I'm just wondering why they haven't taken things further? (not that I'm complaining.)
  7. If these are solicitors, who should i be paying? Them or the original OC? I've had a payment plan in place with the OC for ages should i now be paying the solicitors? Sorry if this a stupid question but Im a little confused...
  8. I've had this same letter also and I am confused as to what to do. I was initially paying the original creditor an agreed amount every month. Then Evershed were after me for the money. I was chasing them for a deed of assignment which never appeared. I wasn't sure who I should be paying before but know its even worse! Any ideas?
  9. This happened to a friend of mine. I may be being stupid but why do DCA's instigate court cases and not follow them through?
  10. When someone else looks at your credit file does it show on it and does it make any difference? Mine is a complete joke and have long since caring about it tbh. Thanks
  11. Just to put in my two pence worth. I remember getting a loan from A & L and, like you, did it over the phone and was pretty much told that if I didn't take out the PPI then I wouldn't get the loan.
  12. I requested a CCA from a alleged Sainsburys credit card and they sent me back 7 pages with all the usual terms and interest etc. However there are no dates on it nor does my signature appear anywhere on it. The only reference to me on it is where they have typed my name and address on the first page saying who this aggrement is valid for. No signature or date, that can't be right can it?
  13. Hi, I had a payment plan in place for a loan with the original lender (Northern Rock) and I've just received a statement detailing all the payments etc. In May however theres one item that says 'Bad debt write off' for the entire amount of the debt. I'm guessing that means that it has been sold on to a DCA? The letter also says the usual 'your account has fallen into arrears etc' does that mean I should stop the payments to the original lender? I have also received a letter from Eversh*ts offering me 35% reduction of the outstanding balance. What would be the best course of action? (
  14. Does any1 know why these companies send out application forms instead of CCA's?
  15. "We are not here to judge the morals, just the facts" when you use the facts you will get justice just as I did. Had I given in to the pressure and relied upon the moral I would not have kept my home..where's the morals in that? The banks and DCA's don't use morals - They were wrong and I was right so why should I or anyone else use them? Well said! If something isn't lawful then it isn't lawful, end of story.
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