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  1. As executor I made a SAR request and CCA request to cabot for the credit card agreement of the deceased. They have replied that for the SAR request I should contact the original lender and as regards the 77/78 CCA request they have said that there is no requirement under 77/78 to provide this information as the credit card holder has passed away. My question is are they right to refuse my CCA request as I am the excecutor and secondly should I have to contact the original lender to obtain the agreement. Incidentally on the SAR request I asked for a deed of assignment which has not been provided.
  2. Hi all I made a sar request on behalf of a deceased relative and got a load of statements which go back to July 2005. Included in Capital one's letter was this " Please find enclosed a copy of Mr X's current credit agreement as varied and a copy of the document Mr X signed when applying for his Capital One credit card. This signature part of Mr X's credit agreement does not constitute the full terms and conditions , and these can be found on Mr X's current credit agreement" They have included a leaflet "Important information about your Capital One Credit card" which include a load of terms and conditions and a blank credit card agrreement.which appear to be the same as reply received by capital punishmnet thread 14 August(.Index of /capone/) THey seem to be saying that the agreement is the leaflet with the terms and conditions whilst the unsigned form is the original agreement but does not have all the terms and conditions but are on a later agreement! Also in the SAR I requested the full details of any payment insurance which they say they have enclosed but have not. The SAR sent to CAP 1 specifically requested the signed agreement as per the pro forma letters on this site. Have they satisfied the request and what next. I am in the mind to write to them and say that as they cannot prove the debt against the estate despite my request ,then it is unenforceable. Any thoughts?
  3. cheers for that david but is it worth putting in a cca request to cabot for the original agreements
  4. As executor, I made a SAR request to Cabot re the deceased's credit card bills.They have written back stating that they will supply me with what they hold but not all original credit card agreements or statements may be held by them and recommend that I contact the original lenders for these. Are they correct in what they are saying as Cabot are chasing the alleged debts or should I contact the orginal lenders with a SAR. It seems to me if Cabot are chasing the debt they should provided all proof of the debt. Any thoughts
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