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  1. Hi, I have actually successfully had help from this forum before regarding a credit card, but now its First Direct's turn. Basically I was short one month after Christmas in 2008 and I was fined about £150, but as money is so tight for me, I literally couldnt cover it after food etc, so they then took the payment from me about 3 days before all my direct debits came out and this then happened again, so I opened a new bank account and started using that and cancelled my direct debits, but what then happened is they basically fined me roughly £100 to £150 a month and as there was no money t
  2. I hope so, they do a good job. ha ha..
  3. Well they have got back to me now, and I think I am beginning to annoy them. This is the letter I got this morning. 28/9/2009 Dear Mr XXXXXXX Following your recent request to be provided with a copy of the original credit agreement in respect of the Consumer Credit Act Ican confirm our client MBNA Europe Bank Ltd has requested that your credit agreement be retrieved from archive. Once your agreement is retrieved you will be required to repay the outstanding balance in full. If deemed necessary, we may initiate legal proceedings which could eventually see your outstanding ba
  4. I got this reply from Lowells today, it is kind of them getting more time to reply to me but shouldnt they have had the agreement in the first place in order to chase me for the money? here is the letter from them... Dear Mr XXXX our Ref: 000000 Original Creditor : MBNA Europe Bank Ltd Balance Outstanding : £999 We are in receipt of your request for a copy of your credit agreement in accordance with section 78(1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 We are requesting a copy of the agreement from the Original Lender with whom you originally entered into the agreement.
  5. Hi, I feel pretty embarrased saying this, but I kind of initially contacted them as I owed £1000 and the bank offered me to clear it for £350, and I eventually got that sum and they sold it 2 days earlier, so I contacted Lowells to see if the offer still stood, where they told me no and to pay the full amount. I am sick of all these parasites phoning me day in day out, with their idle threats that I wanted to get them off my back with the offer. But now as someone mentioned that If I challenge them then eventually the offer could come around again and in the meantime I can try and bank the mon
  6. Also I am in trouble because of the only credit card I had.... their debt.
  7. It's funny you should say that about taking out more debt, as I got a random text message over the summer, sayin hello (my actual name) and offering me the chance to apply for some loans. Now this was on my mobile again. I was sure it was linked with one of the company's trying to get money from me. They frequently asked me to apply for loans etc to clear their balance.
  8. Hi Sam, Weirdly they have not taken payment yet, they just keep phoning me and sending me letters for payment, I can only assume they have lost my card details. I have yet to cancel it, I should do it today actually. I need to take some money out first to cover the time without a card as I am in college full time. But I have printed off the CCA and will post it in an hour or so. Lets see what they say! kind of annoyed about the Moorcroft lot... don't even know what they want. I have a feeling I paid them a mobile debt in January, for something like £60 and cleared it. The only othe
  9. HI, I was asked before to post the letter I originally recieved regarding my debt being transferred. the first one is from MBNA July 28, 2009 Dear Mr XXXXX Account - 0000 0000 0000 0000 YOUR OUTSTANDING BALANCE DUE UNDER THE ABOVE ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SOLD TO THE LOWELL GROUP. The Lowell Group's address is: Enterprise House 1 Apex View Leeds LS1 19BH tel: 0845 3009410 All enquiries regarding this account including accurate balance information, together with future payments should be made directly to this company. Yours sincerely Pau
  10. hmm, I wonder what the hell they want then. They know my first name and mobile number? Thanks.
  11. Sorry I havent been in touch, just started college and been laden down with work, off to send the CSA form today, but weirdly enough I am now being contacted over telephone by a number which I googled and its Moorcroft? is this another trading name for Lowells? they just leave messages saying to contact them as it's an emergency. yeah right....
  12. I'm not sure, I had money coming in to my account but its possible it wasn't in on time. My "online" bank takes forever to update, so I'm still waiting to see all the transactions on my account.
  13. thanks, I will dig out all correspondence from them and post it here!
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